Gym Giggles and Protein Review

Hey friends! Open-mouthed smile How are my lovely readers today? I am so happy to hear that you all loved the oat bake recipe I shared last night Smile I am even more enthused to hear that some of you tested it out already too! Amazing! Thanks friends! Open-mouthed smile That makes me feel pretty special! Winking smile
The recipe for the oat bake is not only a wonderful breakfast, but it also serves as a convenient portable protein containing snack Open-mouthed smile I incorporate protein into all of my 6 –7 meals throughout the day and this is a perfect snack that will do just that! Open-mouthed smile 


Even though I had my midterm today, I was able to schedule time for the gym into my day. I went at my usual time; 8:00 – 9:00. It was a quick chest and triceps workout, but it was a good one! The workout contained all of the same exercises as I shared in this routine, but I made some slight changes (more variation in numbers of sets and reps) to keep my muscles guessing (a suggestion made by the lovely, Tara – thanks girl!)

I increased my weights for my barbell presses by doing floor presses today, so that was nice, but I still wish I had someone to spot for me because I know I could lift much heavier than I am while at the gym alone. I am careful when lifting heavy; I would never want to hurt myself.

Chest day is probably my least favourite out of all days. The only part I really look forward to during my chest and triceps training days are the triceps portion. I am quite proud of the triceps I have developed over the year Winking smile 


(that little muscle wasn’t there last year!)

But today’s chest training day was more entertaining that usual…

Entertaining in the sense that there was some pretty strange training techniques occurring this morning… so strange that I even checked if tonight was going to be a full moon. But nope, not tonight. I guess it was just one of those days…

I seriously wish all of you guys were there with me to observe what I had the chance to see this morning because I couldn’t even contain my laughter. I know, rude, but I just couldn’t help myself! I was letting out quite a few giggles throughout my routine…

I noticed this woman at the beginning of my workout because she was wearing jean shorts and carrying around her purse. No, she wasn’t a visitor. She was using the machines. Why the employees of the gym didn’t confront her about her apparel? I have no idea, but they didn’t despite all of the signs around the gym warning people about the dress code.

The said woman was using the seated row machine and was literally being flung into the chest pads when returning to the start position. I wasn’t laughing at this point, I was just really concerned that this woman was seriously going to hurt herself! “Lower the weight woman” is what I wanted to say!

Next, she moved to the cable crossover, but seemed displeased with the cable available for her to use, so she asked me if she could use the cable that I was currently using. I probably (most definitely) looked at her as though she was totally nuts, but replied (very politely I assure you) that I was almost done and then she could use it after me. She seemed confused to my reply and began to use the other cable.

Now this is when the giggles started.

I seriously considered doing a vlog so I could appropriately describe what this woman was doing with the cable, but lets just say I was concerned that she was going to strangle herself. Her limbs were flying every which way and she seriously smacked herself in the face at one point in time. No lie.

The last bit of excitement that this women provided me with was when she was using the fixed last pull down. Now picture this woman (she was quite a small woman; I am 5 ft. 3 and she was shorter than me, so go with that). Ok picture this woman pulling the bar of the machine down (as she is supposed to), but then being pulled off of the floor when extending her arms into the start position. SERIOUSLY PEOPLE, this woman was off the floor! It was insane! Now why didn’t the trainer who was working with a client near by help this poor woman!?

So that was my entertaining workout. It was quite humorous and entertaining Smile I had to share it with you all. I don’t like talking about others, but I just needed to share what put a smile on my face today…

Something else that makes me smile? Cleaning. Oh, and Justin Timberlake.



I came home from my exam today feeling quite upset about the outcome (it wasn’t all bad, but the case study kicked me in the butt. HARD); however, I was delighted to see Justin Timberlake on Ellen Smile Ellen can always make me smile, but Justin and Ellen!? Suddenly, Meg was happy Smile

I have been pretty obsessed with Justin ever since I watched Friends with Benefits…



Oh how I wish I was Mila Kunis (or maybe I just fell in love with her character in the movie and the fact that Justin loved her?) Still, Mila Kunis is one of my all time favourite celebs. She seems so natural and confident with who she is Smile Very inspiring.

Anyways, a few minutes of watching Justin on Ellen cured my exam blues Open-mouthed smile Oh, and having a clean kitchen also helps me feel happy, too. I cook so much that my kitchen is a disaster 99% of the time which sucks because I cannot function in a mess (I am quite the neat freak!)


One last thing for you all today…

A protein powder review! Open-mouthed smile Surprise!

What? Yes. I bought more protein…

I felt pretty bad bum buying this big thing, but it was a steal of a deal Winking smile

casein 010

(The 4 lb. container was 50.00 while the 2 lb. container was 40.00! STEAL!)

My collection is growing…

casein 011

I have never purchased casein protein powder before, but I wanted to start taking it before bed instead of whey protein because the amino acids and peptides from whey move from your GI into your bloodstream much quicker (a matter of hours quicker) than casein protein which is slowly digested (think seven hours). The slow digestion of casein decreases protein breakdown which whey protein is not capable of doing. Therefore, consuming casein before bed is more beneficial than consuming whey (which is what I was doing up until now).

I will now be consuming casein protein before bed, but whey protein still has it’s place, too! Smile

Protein timing is very important…
Whey or other proteins that are digested quickly are essential to consume after the body has gone through a fast (in the morning when you wake up) and after training. In contrast, casein, milk proteins, and whole foods which are digested slower than whey should be consumed before bed and throughout the day.

I consume 6 – 7 “meals” throughout the day. The majority of the time, two of those meals contain protein powders, but the others contain whole foods Smile

For more information on proteins and related information check this article out! I found it helpful when first getting started Smile I also learn a lot of information in the courses that I am taking in school.

The ON Gold Standard 100% Casein I purchased yesterday tastes fantastic. I heard controversial comments on the flavour, but I thought I would give it a whirl anyway since it has a great nutritional profile (not a lot of added stuff!) I love this protein and will definitely be buying it again Smile

Do you take into consideration the type of protein/food you consume before bed?
What is you bed time snack?
What do you do to de-stress?
CLEAN Open-mouthed smile
Any other Justin Timberlake lovers out there? I wasn’t always a Justin lover, but now you could call me obsessed Winking smile He is such a cutie.

Good night lovely friends! I’m off to study for my next exam now! (P.s. it’s tomorrow!)




About Meg (A Dash of Meg)

Hello, my name is Meg. I am a 20-year-old passionate Foods & Nutrition student on my way to becoming a Registered Dietitian who loves food, cooking, fitness, seafood, and a nice cup of tea.

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  1. I bet you rocked that test, you’re so smart girl! 🙂 and that’s too funny about the gym incident, I would’ve been cracking up haha
    Dude isn’t ON casein THE BEST?!? I’ve never tried the chocolate, but the cookies and cream and vanilla flavors are delicious 😀 you gotta try it mixed in cottage cheese with nut butter, your tastebuds will be in heaven!

  2. Want to send some protein powder to me? 🙂
    I need to gain, but I can only afford one tub…but I want to use it daily 2-3 times, so that means it will be gone in like 3 weeks. I’m so discouraged by my money situation – I can’t afford anything and I really really look longingly at these awesome recipes people have. sucks.

    Do you do cardio? Suggestions on how to have 6-7 meals each with protein (what would your example be in a full day?). And mostly, how to exercise without a gym or equipment? I checked out Jamie Easons program you linked once before and it looks great, but I can’t figure out how to do half of them when I have no gym equipment! Not to mention that I;m bored out of my trees with my walks.

    (p.s.. your positivity is oustanding…you seem genuinely happy and that is a foreign concept to me!).

  3. Good luck on the exam! I love protein powders I may have to try your workout too!

  4. Ok I am laughing and I didn’t even see this woman. There are people at my gym who wear jeans all the time. Oh, and dress shoes. Yes, DRESS SHOES. Like shiny black ones. Awesome.

    I am a big cleaner and organizer as well. I do it all the time, especially when I need to procrastinate! Cleaning is second best to exercise when it comes to clearing my mind and keeping busy!

    Thanks for more great protein tips!

  5. daaaannnng girl. nice muscles!!! i’m sure you rocked your case study! those can be tough though and i def know how you feel!

  6. You are a nut! but I still love you ❤ haha that is quite the collection of protein 🙂 Have a wonderful Friday if I don't talk to you before then.

  7. I’m so glad you bought the casein, and ON too! You do listen well 🙂 hehe your muscles look awesome girl!

    This lady at your gym sounds crazy! I see a lot of crazy things at my gym but this sounds funny 🙂

  8. Girl, I swear we are twins! I’m obsessed with Ellen and JT! I was sooo excited when I saw that he was on the show today. And your gym story literally made me laugh out loud. haha.
    Yay for finding new muscles that you didn’t have before! All of your workouts are awesome, so it’s no surprise. And you are gorgeous, by the way!

  9. I need to buy some casein! Thanks for the review. I think I may go with ON. I have heard great things about their casein on many blogs. Do you know if it cooks well?

  10. wow thats a lot of protein powder! 🙂
    I dont typically use a lot, but I always use it in some sort of protein cake or something like that. Sometimes it will make it into smoothies, it just depends if I’ve already put greek yogurt in there 🙂

  11. Dang girl! We might need to put you on Hoarders for protein powders! lol. TOTALLY KIDDING of course! 🙂 Unfortunately lately eating has been my go to stress coping mechanism which is a very unhealthy habit for me. I am working on it!

  12. JT lover. Unashamed. I’ve seen him in concert on the Future Sex Love Tour and it was amazing. I know he’s doing tons of movies and is a hotshot businessman now but I’d like another album one day!

  13. Woot woot look at those triceps girl! That gym woman seems like she wasn’t all there…

  14. That’s very interesting about which proteins to consume before bed and which proteins to consume upon waking. I always have a really high protein snack before going to bed like greek yogurt mixtures with protein powder, peanut flour and seeds. 🙂 Your protein powder collection is impressive!! 🙂

  15. I ❤ ❤ ❤ JT too! but I won't fight you for him 😉 and LOL to that woman at your gym….I sometimes witness things like that as well, and I can't ever decide whether to 1. go help 2. feel sorry for the person or 3. try not to die of laughter! Whenever I'm using a machine wrong, a trainer always shows up and helps me…so I'd feel really bad for anyone who was ignored!

    Thanks soo much for the protein powder review!! I'm still looking for powders that are good since I'm trying to up my protein intake I try to incorporate protein, carbs, and fats into every single meal and snack – and I'm kinda like you, I eat about 6 meals/snacks a day. I never gave much thought to the type of protein consumed at different times though, that's really cool! I guess it's good I always eat greek yogurt after my workouts! My favorite bedtime snack is whole-grain toast with a ton of peanut butter (love when it gets all melty on the toast) – and fruit. I guess I try to eat a lot of carbs before bed too since it's my workout fuel!

  16. Um, hello, supermodel.

    I love JT too. I also love that my boyfriend has a man crush on him! Hahaha. I especially love him on SNL.

    If you love cleaning, want to come clean my house? Puh-eeeeeease? 🙂

  17. I love JT! I became obsessed with him after seeing Friends with Benefits too, and I also adore Mila Kunis for the same reasons you said 😀

    I have sooooo many protein powders too but I honestly want to try a different brand than the one I have now because I’ve been using it for like 2 years! That’s the problem with buying the giant containers–if you get burned out on the flavor you still have to use it all up!

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