I read a lot of blogs. Many of the blogs listed below are the ones I read daily (or nearly daily). I do most of my blog reading while eating my breakfast, before bed, or while taking a break from reading… oh let’s say… a textbook!? 😉

Even though I am a new blogger I already have an idea of how fantastic the blogging community is! I am looking forward to making blogger friends and maybe even meeting a few some day! (Leanne, the outstanding blogger of Healthful Pursuit, one of my daily reads, is a fellow Canadian!) 🙂

Here is a lengthy list of blogs I truly find inspiring. I couldn’t stop! And I won’t stop! This page will constantly be updated with new blogs I find 🙂

The Fitnessista – I go to Gina for a smile, fitness advice and ideas, delicious recipes, and cute photos! I am totally addicted to her blog 🙂

Healthful Pursuit – Leanne is an amazing writer which is definitely one of the reasons I keep going back to her blog day after day! Her stories about health and believing in yourself are so inspirational! I also have to mention that this girl can develop amazingly nutritious recipes!

The New Healthy – Stefanie is such a sweetheart. This blog is actually the first blog I started to read daily! I love reading about Stefanie’s adventures, recipes, and healthy lifestyle. She can always put a smile on my face 🙂

One Fit Foodie – Naomi is such an inspiration! She posts fantastic workouts and recipes! I can relate to Naomi through many of her posts – we are both addicted to iced coffee!

Foods of April – April is so knowledgeable about weight lifting; she is an inspiration of mine and motivates me to work harder at the gym. I love her blog because it has so much information about anything and everything regarding fitness/weight lifting and she shares what has worked for her which I find incredibly helpful 🙂

Sunshine ‘n Spice – Maybe I love Meg’s blog cause we have the same name? 😉 Just kidding, her blog is great and always makes me smile! She is such an upbeat and funny girl. I never miss a post!

Peanut Butter Fingers – Julie’s blog is one of my new daily reads. I love her posts because she is such a great writer! I go to Julie for fun posts, yummy recipes, and a lot of useful blogging information.

What Runs Lori – I’ll just say it simply, I love Lori. She has a great blog; especially the “Food Porn” page 😉

Eat, Learn, Discover – Rachel is a great writer. I keep going back to her blog because it’s fun, she takes great pictures of the foods she eats throughout the day, and I can relate to her because we both go to college and absolutely love food!

Choosing Raw – Although I do not eat a totally raw diet, I love raw food. This summer I made many raw meals and loved them all. One of my favourites? Gena’s buckwheaties! I can’t get enough 😉

Oh She Glows – Angela’s blog is the very first blog I ever read. She writes beautifully about life and shares amazing recipes that have never failed me!

My Little Part in Something Big – I just found Diana’s blog! I can’t believe I have been missing out on all of her fun-filled posts this whole time! She can always make me smile through her writing 🙂

Aubriefit – Aubrie is a fitness model and has a great blog that not only shares great workouts, but she also discusses some really good thought-provoking topics. One of my favourites? Hard On Ourselves

Clean Eating Chelsey – Chelsey has a great blog with fantastic recipes! I am so happy I found her blog 🙂 We have very similar philosophies regarding food.

Blogilates – Cassey gives me a workout every single week! I am so blessed that I found her blog because I am a pilates enthusiast, but like to do them from the comfort of my own home if possible.

Protein Pow(d)er – Coolest blog ever. You will never find another like this one. I am hooked. The recipes are fantastic too 😉

I Love Feta Cheese – I love reading about Christina! We both are very passionate about health and fitness 🙂

JillFit – I go to Jill every day for inspiration, motivation, and workouts!

Body Rock TV – I have to do a Body Rock sweat sesh at least once or twice a week 😉 Once you do your first Body Rock workout you’ll be hooked. I was.

Namaste Gurl – Emilia is such a sweet girl and I love all of her posts. I also love her because she wants to help others with their diet and lifestyle someday – sounds like me! 😉

Running with Spoons – a new-to-me read that I can’t get enough of! Great recipes and fitness talk. I love how Amanda writes 🙂

Healthy Diva Eats – Katie is awesome. That’s all I need to say, but she is a sweetheart too! I go to her for recipes, fashion, and fitness!

Eating Bird Food

The Great Balancing Act – CANADIAN! ❤

Callieflower Kitchen

Meals & Moves

The Lady Lifts

Zoe & The Beatles

The Edible Perspective

The Active Foodie

Your Lighter Side

The Doctorate Diaries

Texas Gunslinger

A Foodie Stays Fit

A Fresh Dille

Abby Normally

Carrots ‘N’ Cake

Daily Garnish

Emily Eats Clean

Fitness NYC

Girl Meets Life

Healthy Ashley

Healthy Tipping Point

Heather Eats Almond Butter

Heather’s Dish

I’m An Okie

Iowa Girl Eats

Nutrition Nut on the Run


Casey Lorraine

Peas and Thank You

The Life & Lessons of Rachel Wilkerson 


The Food Illusion

The Runner’s Plate

The Healthy Everythingtarian

Yes, I Want Cake

A Nutritionist Eats

Bran Appetit

Eat, Live, Run

Eating for England

Green Kitchen Stories

Hungry Hungry Hippie

Joy the Baker


Mama’s Weeds

My Year of Food

Runner’s Kitchen

Ali on the Run

The Wannabe Chef

Skinny “Fatkids”

Peace Love Nutrition

  1. Why have I never checked out this page?! Thanks for the shout out Meg – YOU are a sweetheart!!! 🙂

  2. I tried my FIRST Bodyrock workout yesterday and I am totally hooked. I did one last night and another one this morning. They take such little time so there is absolutely no excuse for not fitting it in to a busy schedule. Although they are super intense!

    You can read about my Bodyrock “discovery” here…

    I wonder which Bodyrock routine I will do tomorrow! Any suggestions? What one is your favourite?

    • ooooooooo!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing 😀 My all time favourite is the “grab your balls” 🙂 I have done this one multiple times – not sure why, but there is something I love about it 😀 which ones did you do? I applaud you for doing them twice in a row! I couldn’t do that!

      • That sounds like a fun one! Maybe I’ll try that one out tomorrow?

        The only two I have tried are “Fierce Friday” and “Run the World”. They were both really good and super tough! Neither required any equipment, so I found them a good place to start.

  3. I NEED to add some of these to my blogroll Meg 🙂 thanks for a shout out to the Skinny “Fatkids”!

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