It’s incredibly hard living so far away from my family, but thankfully we live in a world thriving on connection. Long phone chats, all day texting, and late night Skype dates make it a lot easier for me to be away from home; however, my puppy is unable to text me or chat with me on the phone, but she does appear on Skype! šŸ™‚ To help out my aching heart while I am in London, my parents are constantly sending me pictures of my little pooch! This page is dedicated to my loveable puppy Cuddles! šŸ™‚

All cuddled up!

Cuddles in "her spot"



My baby got a haircut!

Skyping with my girls šŸ™‚

Skype Date! šŸ™‚

My baby on Skype

she licks my knees when she misses me

in mid-lick!

bath time!

my little frog ā¤

  1. i LOVE DOGS. totally feeling ya.. my beautiful boy lives far away from me with my parents ( not sure who i miss more..!!!) my mum also sends me pics all the time!! skype chats definitely help! I eventually got a doggy of my very own.. and now my two dogs woof to each other over skype its very cute.

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