University gets stressful at times (see picture below), but since I am absolutely loving what I am studying I can’t complain 😉

I have put together this page to share some of the most informative articles I have read. The articles are typically about nutrition, fitness, or positive living. I have categorized the articles for easy peasy browsing 🙂

Nutrition & School Related Topics
Anthocyanin and how to retain it’s red-purple colour
7 Reasons to Start Your Day with Water and Lemon
The Importance of Soaking Nuts
What Determines Health?
Chronic Disease Prevention
Diverticulosis, diverticulitis, and diverticula

Front Squats Made Easier
Squat Like You Mean It: Tips for a Deeper Squat
Barbell Walking Lunges, Front Squat Grip
Goblet Walking Lunges
Post Workout Meals
Eating Late at Night
Warm Ups Before Sprinting
Changing Your Workout Routine

Self-love and Positive Living

  1. Thanks for posting my article, Meg! Love your website! Hope you are having a wonderful holiday season 🙂

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