It’s a Student Thing

Happy Happy Friday beautiful friends of mine!! Open-mouthed smile Who agrees with me that this week flew by!? I don’t know where it went! But, the weekend it here and I am incredibly thankful nonetheless Smile

I have been waiting all day to write my post Smile My day has been fabulous and just seemed to get better and better Open-mouthed smile What a perfect way to end the week and kick start the weekend, don’t you think!? Open-mouthed smile

Every morning I wake up extremely happy and thankful for a new day Open-mouthed smile Mornings are my favourite part of the day Open-mouthed smile I am always so happy and ready to start a new day Smile I think that’s one of the reasons I am up so early no matter which day of the week it is Smile 

However, I wasn’t smiling when I went outside and I realized that I had to scrape frost off of my windows!


Last night was the first night of the year that the temperature dropped below zero, but there are many more to come! All I could think of was how I wish my Daddy was here, so I could be sitting in a warm car while he did the scraping Winking smile haha… perhaps my dreams will come true two weeks from now when he comes for his visit? Winking smile haha!

I was even more saddened when I realized that I should have brought mittens with me…
Those darn steering wheels get so cold!


It was so hard to take notes in class because my poor little fingies were frozen like ice Sad smile (Let’s just say, not many notes were taken…)

However, the day took a turn for the best Open-mouthed smile

I walked out of my exam with a smile on my face Open-mouthed smile Much better than having disappointment written all over it… (seems like that’s how it’s been going lately, but today was a change! yay!)

I walked outside to a sky clear of clouds and the sun beating down on me Open-mouthed smile


Now that’s quite the change from what the weather was like two hours prior! Loving it!

If it was possible, my day got even better when I was driving past the grocery store (ok, I was driving to the grocery store) and noticed this sign


(Sorry about the horrible cell phone picture, but just so we are all clear, it says “SUPER SAVINGS EVENT!”)

Could you imagine my excitement? Open-mouthed smile How did they know I was coming today and love deals!? Winking smile 
Ever since I have moved away to go to university, I have become quite the thrifty shopper. I actually scout out the sales when I go shopping now. This is totally opposite from how I was prior to moving away! I would purchase whatever whenever and have no clue on how much I spent upon leaving the store. That was the Meg prior to being a student.
Having said that, I need to clarify that I am not your typical student trying to make ends meet. My parents support me in everything I do, but I guess it’s just a student thing that I picked up on. So now, I have started shopping a little bit more (ok, much more) consciously since I have been going to university Winking smile 

Well let’s see what I bought today seeing as how I have been waiting all day to share this excitement with all of you Open-mouthed smile

The protein (notice: NO protein powders! haha!)

groceryspree 015

I managed to get deals on all of the items shown in this picture! Smile Go Meg! I saved more than $5.00/bag of shrimp! They are usually $12.99/bag, but not today! Definitely couldn’t pass up such a steal! I love my shrimpies Smile
I always go down the canned meat and fish aisle in search of a sale on the tunez (tuna) and today I lucked out Open-mouthed smile Not only did I luck out on the glorious low-sodium tunez, but it was the Clover Leaf brand (favourite) and under a dolla Open-mouthed smile Awesomeness!? Definitely.
Ever since my evening date with the fresh fillet of black cod, I haven’t been able to get the thought out of my mind. Fresh fish is so much better than canned or frozen. When I am at home, all we have is fresh fish, but being the thrifty gal I grew into being, I haven’t bought my self fresh fish once up until the amazing day with the black cod! Crazy! So, when I saw that these fresh tilapia fillets were on sale and that the weather was amazing I put two and two together and bought the fillets, so I could do some BBQing on my deck tonight Winking smile WIN! So pumped!

The veg

groceryspree 016

(coleslaw, organic baby spinach, a lonely tomato, beets, brussel sprouts, zukes, and a cuke)

Sometimes I go into a grocery store with a plan or a list, but sometimes I don’t. Sometimes I know which recipes I will being making throughout the week, but sometimes I don’t. Today, I had no list nor did I have a plan or any idea of which recipes to make this up coming week. So, the veg that I bought today are just what I was feelin’ at the moment while I was shopping away Smile We’ll see what recipes I come up with. Maybe some new ones for you all Winking smile I have some ideas for the coleslaw mix…

The fruit

groceryspree 017

(dates, raspberries, blackberries, b-nanz, mango, local apple, and local pear)

Again, I just kind of bought whatever fruit appealed to me today. However, I must always have bananas on hand. They are just so convenient and I usually have them PWO. Also, raspberries are my all-time favourite berry, so I snagged those as well.


groceryspree 018

Even though I have tea coming out of my ying-yang, seriously I should take you all on a tour of my pantry (remember, I am a DavidsTea addict!), I couldn’t resist this flavour. I have had chocolate chai spice tea before (Presidents Choice brand), but I had never tested this one out yet! It definitely had me after a single glance. I tested it out as soon as I got home and love it Open-mouthed smile Much better than the President’s Choice variety. More chocolatey, less spice Winking smile Definitely a new obsession of mine Open-mouthed smile

wowtilapia 003

(I have consumed more than one of these today by the way. It’s that good.)

So, as you can see my day was incredible and full of smiles Open-mouthed smile I still can’t believe my day went from a frost covered ground in the morning to a night beautiful enough to BBQ on my deck…

groceryspree 022

The tilapia turned out fab

wowtilapia 016

(Observe the perfection of the flake Winking smile)

Oh, fish is so much better fresh than frozen Open-mouthed smile

I also threw some veg on the BBQ for a change in flavour

wowtilapia 007

Gotta love that BBQ taste! Open-mouthed smile

See you all tomorrow with a simple recipe that I am totally pumped to share with you all! Restaurant worthy for sure!! Smile

Love you all!

Remember that you are all beautiful just the way you are!


What was the highlight of your day?
For the students out there, did you get to be a “thriftier” shopper after moving away from home?
Do you look for deals when you shop at a grocery store or is that just something you do when it comes to clothes?
Plans for the weekend?

Something to do tonight:

Laying leg raises x 15
Leg hover (lay on back with legs hovering ground and arms reaching for the ceiling) hold for 30 seconds
Bicycle crunches x 15 each side
Scissor kicks x 20
(Repeat 2 – 3 times)


About Meg (A Dash of Meg)

Hello, my name is Meg. I am a 20-year-old passionate Foods & Nutrition student on my way to becoming a Registered Dietitian who loves food, cooking, fitness, seafood, and a nice cup of tea.

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  1. Those are some yuimmy foods great steal 🙂

  2. Awesome deals! Gotta love those sales 😉 Highlight of my day was aceing my history exam woohoo!
    Happy weekend girl!

  3. It’s nice that you acknowledge you have parental support. It burns me when people have that support and dont even acknowledge it or are not grateful for it. when I did my 2 university degrees, I definitely did not have a car! You are quite fortunate. You look very pretty in your photos!

    Totally jealous of your 5 tubs of protein powder though. Holy moly! 🙂
    Wow….I went to the store and only managed to get a can of sardines and rice and chocolate. I have to believe I’ll reach financial security some day…I’m’ struggling so bad right now. But I’m addicted to weird things (like chocolate every night…rice cakes constantly. Weird!

    Do you live in an apartment? I live in a basement and its so noisy, I want to often cry 😦

    Do you eat grains with every meal Meg ? Or just some ? I notice a lot of people won’t eat carbs/starches for dinner or bedtime snacks, but I get out of control. Yipes.

    (p.s. you should buy sardines..You can get them in spring water so their not “bad”).

  4. the highlight of my day was having dinner with my mum, dad, phil and his parents 🙂 And the owl that’s making a twit-twoo outside my bedroom window right now 🙂

  5. i kinda love going to the store without a list 🙂

  6. Ahh–the days of dad scraping my windshield=the best! 🙂 I miss that. The highlight of my day was going to class on Friday for the last time ever in my undergraduate career! Tonight I am just lounging around. Tomorrow I plan to study all day then get together with a friend to carve pumpkins and have dinner!

  7. I know this is unrelated to everything, but I love your winter coat!! So cute 🙂

  8. Aw, I’m glad you had such an amazing day! Your positivity always makes reading your blog so much fun. And congrats on doing so well on your exam- all your hard work is paying off!
    Prior to college I was the same way, I spent money like nobody’s business and didn’t think twice- but, that changed when I moved away. Now I’m super thrifty and I love it! Finding good deals is oddly exhilarating and it looks like you hit the jackpot today! 🙂
    The most exciting part of my day was receiving a package from the people at Larabar with bars for me to review on my blog! I’m so excited to try them all.

  9. A question Meg: what is your bedtime snack? I keep waking up at 3 am with a weird I eat (but I’m gassy, so I don’t know if its hunger or not). I eat way too much chocolate and cereal, etc at night. And then 3 am at it again.
    Is casein really any good? I’ve heard it can be funky with your tummy — and I only like powders that are all-natural. How big of a scoop do you have at night? 30 g? Sorry to be so annoying.

  10. wow looks like you got some great stuff!!! I should really be more thrifty then i am.. its kinda hard when there is a pet store right outside my gym so i land up buying my dog toys and treats he doesn;t need pretty much every day.
    when i used to work in the gym and start at 5am ( eeek) my daddy used to get the frost off my car for me too! ( he has always been a ridiculously early riser). glad you had an awesome day!!!

  11. OOOOHHH my goodness I love sales. And fresh brussels sprouts. And grilled fish! So many good things in this post!!

    Thanks for sharing your positive attitude..happiness is always contagious! 🙂

  12. Your casein post is interesting. Im still worried that it might be hard on my stomach – I eat a lot of dairy as it is. (and whey).
    But how do you use the casein? 1 full scoop at night with yogurt? anything else?

  13. Woo look at all of that great stuff you got! And for a good prices? yes to that!
    We had snow and frost here the other morning too.. not sure how I feel about this, it’s too early!

  14. Yum, looks like you picked up some great groceries! And way to go on finding all the deals! We haven’t woken up to frost on our cars just yet. There was a bit yesterday morning but I didn’t have to scrape, thank goodness. I’m not ready for that!

  15. woooo grocery shopping!! I actually kinda love grocery shopping to be honest, haha…sort of weird and foodie-nerdy but there you go 🙂 In college, I was TOTALLY a thrifty shopper – not a lot of fresh stuff, mostly canned and frozen – but I also had a meal plan, so I never really needed much. Just lots of PB and bread and luna bars! Now that I’m at home and the groceries I buy are fair game for the rest of the fam to eat, I just kinda buy whatever, without regard to price – and def always fresh.

    SO LUCKY you got to grill!! I feel like everything tastes better on the grill 🙂

  16. Yay for great grocery shopping buys! Especially that tub of dates. Those are my fave! 😀

    Even though my parents pay for my stuff too, I still try to be budget conscious as well. It always feels good to score some deals! Sometimes I like to bring out my inner senior and be a coupon clipper hahaha.

    So jealous you have a BBQ! I may have to come over and steal it sometime. 😉

    Hope you’re having a fab weekend girly!

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