“Sweat Once a Day”

What a great statement 🙂 Don’t you agree?

I love fitness; especially weight lifting. I rarely do cardio (most of my cardio takes place while I shop ;)), but if I do any cardio I prefer it to be in the form of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) such as sprint intervals, a Body Rock workout, or Tabata. I prefer HIIT over extensively long, steady-state runs of the treadmill because cardio is just not my thing, it is not necessary for what I am trying to achieve (muscle gain), and HIIT is a quick, sweaty, challenging type of workout!

Here is a collection of my favourite workouts that will definitely get your heart a pumpin’ and sweat on your brow 😉

Full Body
Full Body Workout

Lower Body
No-Squat Leg Routine
Hamstrings & Glutes Workout
Legs with a Quad Focus
Hamstrings and Glutes with Plyos
Killer Quads
Butt Kicker Leg Workout
Squat Day
Quad Focused Leg Workout 11/24/11
Glute Focused Leg Workout 11/26/11

Upper Body
Heavy Shoulder Workout
Ab Exercises
Back & Biceps
Back & Biceps #2
Chest & Triceps

High Intensity Interval Training
High Knees & Abs
Tabata Intervals

  1. Can you give your weekly workout schedule? Can you suggest a weekly workout schedule for a very newbie at everything but desperately wanting weekly goals and a sense of productivity each day.

    Have you ever done a WIAW or suggestions on how daily meal plans might go? I actually like all the stuff you show on your blog. Similar tastes.

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