As much as I love to cook and create tasty delights in my cute little kitchen (dorm room no more!), I also love to venture out and try new restaurants 🙂 I have written reviews, mainly for restaurants, but also for different products I have tried or had experience with such as protein powders, miscellaneous food items, workout gear, CD’s, and movies.


Bertoldi’s London, ON.
Blue Ginger London, ON.
Cafe One London, ON.
Gambrinus Bistro & Cafe London, ON
Nagano Sushi Cambridge, ON.
Gozen Bistro & Sushi Bar London, ON.
The Little Red Roaster London, ON.
McGinnis Landing London, ON.
Angelo’s London, ON.
Smoke ‘n’ Bones London, ON.
Waldo’s London, ON

Horrible Bosses (2.5/5)
Lion King 3D (5/5)
Breaking Dawn (5/5)

Garden Fresh Naturals All Natural Original Hummus (5/5)
JFC Shirataki Yam Noodle (5/5)
GOGO Quinoa Organic Quinoa Flakes (5/5)
Organic Traditions Sprouted Risotto Mix (5/5)

SciVation XTEND Refreshing Watermelon flavour (5/5)
About Time Protein Powder – Chocolate flavour (5/5)
About Time Protein Powder – Caramel Latte flavour (4/5)
About Time Protein Powder – Cinnamon Swirl flavour (5/5)
ON Gold Standard 100% Casein – Chocolate flavour (5/5)

  1. could we get some reviews on your favorite teas from davids tea 🙂 please 🙂

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