Leg Training: Thoughts & Changes

Hey loves Smile How’s everyone’s day going so far? (I totally just typed “fart” instead of “far” hehe!)

Mine’s been quite lovely Smile I just got back from working my legs at the gym, so I am all fired up to talk about leg training today! Smile

If you have been following along with me, you already know that I am somewhat following the LiveFit trainer; I say somewhat, because I have adapted the program so it is more suitable for ME!

Remember, everyone is different, so do what works for YOU! Smile

*Quick recap: The changes I have made to the trainer mainly have to do with cardio and portion sizes. The program introduces cardio after 4 weeks of a “building phase”; however, I have a lot of muscle that I want to build, so I have opted to continue doing NO cardio! Regarding portion sizes, I have increased my portion sizes seeing as how my body requires more food than what was being suggested in the trainer.

I have been loving the trainer and have actually seen some gains while following it Smile I have increased weights in many of my exercises and feel as though my shoulders are a bit larger(?) Larger or not, I am personally noticing changes which is definitely motivating, so I am choosing to stick with the trainer! However, I have been thinking a lot about the leg routine lately…

The trainer suggests to train the muscle group that you want to develop the most. For me, this is my legs. So, having said that, I have been training my legs two times per week. Before the trainer, I was also training my legs two times per week (for the same reasons), but I split my leg days up by focusing on hamstrings and glutes one day and quads on the other day. I liked this split. I found it very beneficial doing a hamstring/glutes focused workout and then a quad focused workout later on that week.

I was surprised when I saw that the LiveFit trainer used the same leg routine two times per week. I am no professional (I have learnt everything I know on my own, reading fitness articles, YOUR blogs, etc.), but from what I understand it is more common to focus on the two different leg muscle groups (hams vs. quads) when training legs twice per week.

Currently, I have been doing this workout two times per week:

Leg Press 3 x 10

Barbell Squat 3 x 10

Barbell Lunge 3 x 10

Barbell Deadlift 3 x 10

Lying Leg Curls 3 x 10

Seated Calf Raise 3 x 10

Standing Calf Raise 3 x 10

However, like I said, lately I have been contemplating whether I should do two different leg routines twice a week.

Decisions, decisions…

One of the main reasons I chose to do the LiveFit trainer was because I was focusing too much on my routines. Since I am not a trainer, I didn’t find it easy to throw together a proper routine for myself. I know the importance of including different exercises, so I found myself striving far too much to create a “perfect” program for myself. I know there is no “perfect” program, but that’s what was on my mind while trying to write out a routine for myself…

So, if I do switch up the leg routines, I would want to be confident in the routines I use. I don’t need to be worrying about finding a leg workout that focuses on quads and one on hamstrings and glutes – I am a student and put my studies first.

Despite having a slight dilemma regarding my leg training, I have been loving it throughout the trainer so far Smile I have made many increases in several exercises and gained confidence in many exercises, too!

In the past, I was having trouble with leg curls, but I recently came across this video!

Ironically, I found this video right before I left for the gym to do my leg workout on Monday, so I was able to try out her Erin’s suggestions! And they worked! Her suggestions and variations to the exercise are so helpful, but maybe I had the machine set differently, too!? I guess I just had to play around with it a bit more (but I am still positive that the SEATED leg curl machine is too big for me! Haha! I’ll just stick with the lying leg curl machine from now on…)

As I am focusing much more on increasing muscle mass, strength, etc. I have been incorporating NEW things into my routine Smile Such as…


peachesncream 013

This is MY foam roller and I love it so very much ❤ It is my favourite piece of fitness equipment and can’t wait to tell you all about it and why I love it so much! Smile More to come tomorrow!

How often do you train your legs?
What is your favourite leg exercise?
Do you foam roll?



About Meg (A Dash of Meg)

Hello, my name is Meg. I am a 20-year-old passionate Foods & Nutrition student on my way to becoming a Registered Dietitian who loves food, cooking, fitness, seafood, and a nice cup of tea.

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  1. I saw a girl at the gym with that same foam roller this morning and it looks awesome! She also had a bag full of other goodies that I wanted to try 😛

  2. I was thinking the same thing about legs but DON’T worry!! It changes in Phase two!! The two leg workouts are completely different!! I am also doing legs twice a week because that is probably the area that needs the most “work”. I love deadlifts!! That’s probably my favourite leg exercise and lunges are my least favourite!

  3. What a great attitude you have towards the uniqueness of everyone! I love how you have tailored the program to your needs. It takes guts to veer on your own… way to go sweetie!
    Although I’ve been kinda lacking on the weight training lately, I use to train my legs once/week. I’m following the Jamie Eason fat burning workout plan, and that’s what she recommends as well. So that’s a surprise that her Livefit has the same leg routine twice :s
    My favorite leg exercise is barbell lunges. I’m always dead by the time I finish them, but I really enjoy doing them!

  4. Oh baby that’s no average roller either! You have a good one and I am jealous!

    I foam roll but as a triathlete I do not do it near enough! I am trying to stay on top of little aches and tightness with my roller and my tennis ball but this week i slacked. Coincidence that my hip is screaming at me and I’ve needed to nix running for a few days? I think not 😦

    My leg training is weak in terms of muscle building potential during training but I love love loved squats and deads and saw serious improvements when my workouts were focused on lifting heavy for these (12 to 15 reps range!). That’s just my body/personal training experience though! It is really more about eating enough in my experience….

    You are doing great with the routine! I’d stick with her suggestions. Most things work if you give em their full chance 😉

  5. i tend to do a heavy leg day and then a lighter one or plyometric focused one.. and i stay away completely from isolation exericses..never do ham curls/ extensions. i focus on lunges, squats, step ups and OF COURSE dealifts.. and all the wonderful variations of those exercises. the only isolation exercises i do are glute ones BEFORE my workout to encourage glute activation. LOVE your foam roller!! good call on the no cardio!!

  6. let me know how you go hun…! and feel free to mail me 🙂

  7. NICE post, Meg! I’m a huge fan of the leg training, nobody does it enough! (I’m currently using a split that includes a heavy lower body day each week and two full body days. I suppose that counts as 3 times a week!) I Favorite exercise is definitely deadlift and squat variations, but the best overall is probably the a ValSlide Reverse Lunge. Killer!

    Foam Rolling is like crack. You don’t realize what you’re missing until you try it. Once you do, you don’t stop. I’ll bust my black one out pre- and assessment post- workout, and whenever I’m feeling achey.

    I’m still waiting on that email about training!-

  8. I’ve never been a fan of splitting quads and hamstrings on separate days, personally. What I would recommend you doing is doing one heavy day, and one lighter/plyo day. I did legs twice a week for three months and that’s what I did. I begged my trainer to stop the twice-a-week workout though. My legs are seriously getting too big! They were already pretty big to begin with but when I did twice a week sessions, they just got outta control! Haha

    But doing the exact same workout twice a week is pretty pointless to me. The only exercise I would do on both days is squats, and I would usually vary it up by doing Smith machine squats on one done and ATG squats on the other day. I would definitely be wary of doing deadlifts twice a week. You can do lunges twice a week but, again, just mix up the style you’re doing. I hope that helps a bit!

  9. I have to start foam rolling mind are killing me today! What foam roller do you use?

  10. Your dedication to your leg workouts is making me feel like a slacker! I try to do them once a week, but that’s never the reality haha. 😛 I just hate feeling so sore the next day! I do love them while I’m doing the workout though. Over the break I fell in love with doing weighted hip thrusters!

    I can’t wait for your post on foam rolling! I’ve been meaning to get one but I have no idea where to buy it or even how to use it! 😛

  11. I LOVE foam rolling! Yours is intense, girl. Mine is so lame looking compared to yours. I definitely need to upgrade.
    Killer leg workout. Lower body strength training is my favorite. ❤

  12. Later on, the leg workouts aren’t the same for both of them during the week. I can’t remember when it changed but the last two leg workouts I have done have been different! 🙂 I train my legs twice a week. They are my trouble spot in my opinion. I haven’t ever foam rolled but I really wished I had one this morning when I woke up! lol.

  13. I love squats
    and HATE lunges, I hate them , hate hate hate. But squats and leg press are my favorite because I work a lot of muscles at once. I dont really like to isolate every muscle =)

  14. Barbell squats are my favorite now ❤ I never did them before I went to see a trainer. I was always scared of the bar and it being difficult to do. Not at all. I increased my weight a bit yesterday and man that feels great! I haven't ventured to barbell lunges yet though.. I still stick to the dumbbell lunges.. another thing that scares me.

    Cannot wait to hear all about foam rollers ❤

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