Focusing on Relaxing & Some Progress Pictures!

Happy Hump Day everyone! Smile This week seems to be cruising by for me! I think it has a lot to do with having NO classes on Mondays! Winking smile 

However, on Wednesdays I DO have class; two of them in fact! My first class begins at 8:30 AM, so I was up and at the gym by 7:00 to get my sweat on!

Normally, I plan ahead of time. I usually schedule my days so I know what to do when; example: what time I plan on going to the gym on such and such a day; however today was different.

I have been taking a different approach on things lately and it’s working.

I found myself stressing and thinking too much about what and when I should do something. I would take forever to decide whether or not I should go to the gym before my morning class or after, when I should do my homework – between my breaks from class or later that night, etc. etc.

Too much time was being spent on unnecessary things! My mind was starting to go crazy and I would take forever to make the simplest little decision. How silly!

So, like I said, I have a new approach:

Going with the flow.

I need to be easier on myself and less of a perfectionist!

If I don’t wake up at 6:00 to get to the gym, WHO CARES!? I can go later!

If I don’t complete all of my homework one day, WHO CARES!? I can do it the next day!

If I don’t make my bed one morning, WHO CARES!? Not making your bed actually let’s it air out and dehydrates and kills dust mites! Winking smile (Gross, I know, but it’s a good excuse for not making your bed if you ask me! Who wants to be sleeping with dust mites?)

I think you get my point. As I have been focusing on “going with the flow” lately, I have been a lot more relaxed and my mind doesn’t race like it did anymore.

One example of relaxing and going with the flow happened last night. Since I had such a horrible sleep the other night, I didn’t know if I would be fully rested in the morning to make it to the gym before class, so I didn’t make a plan.

Like I said, usually I would have my entire day planned out, but this time I approached things in a more relaxed and laid back manner.

I went to bed without setting an alarm, doing any food prep, or packing my gym bag. I wanted to allow myself to sleep until I was well rested.

It just so happened that I was well rested by 6:30. I woke up on my own, without an alarm or any interruptions, so I knew I was ready to wake up and start my day! Smile

I whipped up a yummy breakfast of oats and strawberries with almond milk, and eggs (unpictured)

strawberries 001

Then I blended up a protein shake and headed out the door!

I had a heavy shoulder workout today and it felt so good. My last few shoulder workouts took place back home, so they weren’t quite the same as my “normal” shoulder workouts. The Bowflex was good, but I definitely missed my gym here in London over the break!

I took some pictures of my arms after my workout because I am noticing some changes!


(HAHA! I look cross-eyed!)

I had to get ready for school after my workout…
Let’s just say my eye liner was a little crooked today Winking smile My arms were feeling quite noodley after working so hard!

What is one unnecessary thing that you find yourself stressing or thinking too much about?
How was your WORKOUT WEDNESDAY? What did you do to get your sweat on today?
Do you take progress pictures?
I don’t do it often (nor have I ever done it at the gym before!), but I have been noticing some gains in my arms, so I thought I’d share Smile It’s pretty motivating for me.

Have a wonderful night friends! Tomorrow is all about legs!



About Meg (A Dash of Meg)

Hello, my name is Meg. I am a 20-year-old passionate Foods & Nutrition student on my way to becoming a Registered Dietitian who loves food, cooking, fitness, seafood, and a nice cup of tea.

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  1. Looking jacked, girl!

    I agree, sometimes I sit around and stress about how much I have to do, which in itself wastes time in which I could be getting stuff done! And that is just plain silly.

  2. You’re looking awesome, Meg! I love these progress pictures. It just goes to show what a huge difference strength training can make. Not to mention, I’m sure you feel like a rockstar!
    Not being such a perfectionist is something I’ve really been focusing on as well. I always feel like I need to be following a schedule, accomplishing something, etc. But going with the flow is important! And not letting the little things stress you out is so important. (:

  3. I’m headed out the door to the gym in a few minutes when Ryan gets home! It’s been hard to pull myself away from the new puppy 😛

  4. Congrats on the muscle gain! It’s so hard to gain muscle, especially for naturally lean women. I tend to gain muscle easily, but fat loss is suuuper difficult. Especially in my bootay! I don’t usually take progress pictures, but I took some Before shots last week because I just started Bodyrocking and I’m in the middle of a Bodyrock 30-Day Challenge. I don’t think I’ll see tremendous results in just one month, but maybe in two or three? Then I can take some After pictures! Hopefully there is a bit of change! :S

  5. Your arms look awesome! I can see your shoulders popping out 🙂 I haven’t taken progress pictures since October…. oops. You would think with having a blog and all I might do it more often! It’s easy following a schedule Monday to Friday because of my job, but on the weekends I really enjoy just going with the flow and fitting in my workouts when I can!

  6. Looking good girl! 🙂 RIght now I am feeling super stressed about finding a job. I just feel so stir crazy because I have no idea what I am doing with my life right now. I took progress pictures at week one of live fit trainer but I haven’t really taken any since!

  7. I definitely know where you’re coming from, with the tendency to be a perfectionist myself. I’m glad that you’ve been able to be more lax lately and go with the flow. Keep it up!

    Your shoulders/arms are lookin good! 🙂

  8. Your arms look great, girl!

  9. Your arms are looking amazing!! So much definition going on there! Um and that’s really gross about what happens when you don’t make a bed haha…but I guess that just means I’ll be even more okay with not making mine ;). I do find that I can get too stressed and worked up about things that I don’t need to- it’s always important for me to remind myself to take a deep breath and try not to worry so much. If I go more with the flow I tend to be happier!


  11. Your arms are looking great! I definitely stress over the same things. I find myself sometimes thinking way too much about it and it will keep me up at night.

  12. WOWZERS!!!!!! Your arms look fantastic!! Keep it up, Meg! Today was LEGS for me and they were shaking by the end!!

  13. Woooo nice arms! 😀

    I’m the exact same way about stressing out! My mind is always racing and planning – it never shuts off! It’s interesting that I was able to sleep til 7:30 am over the break when I had nothing to stress about… but now that I’m back at school I’m waking up early again!

  14. Well done girl. Get the sweat on and keep it going… I’m proud of the fact that you can admit that you needed to chillax a bit more and to go with the flow ;-). I make the effort everyday to just relax more and not to stress up about things.Happy Thursday.

  15. hello! why aren’t you a model? you are gorgeous!

  16. So how do you cook your oats Meg? what kind do you use?

  17. your arms are incredible!!! that is some serious progress right there for sure. So great that you’re relaxing too – I am usually the same way about having every second of my day planned out – sometimes its a good thing, but sometimes its just a waste of mental energy!

  18. Your arms are looking so toned! I love it. 🙂 And also, I am the SAME way! I’ll always been a bit of a perfectionist and a planner – but these days I’m more go with the flow and don’t stress. Seriously, I’m so much more laid back now and it’s just wonderful. Glad you’re trying to do the same – it makes life so much more enjoyable. ❤

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