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Hey hey happy Friday everyone! Smile
Seeing as how I am still on winter break, every day is the same for me – pretty relaxing. I do what I want when I want and just enjoy my time off, so I haven’t been paying much attention as to what day of the week it is. I usually lose track of which day it is when I am on holidays anyway, but this time I think it was more self-induced than anything. I really don’t want to know that today is my last day at home.

Since it is my last day at home and I need to deal with the reality of it all, I really should start packing. I have an extra suitcase full of Christmas presents to take back to London with me. But, I really loathe packing, so I have done none of the sort today.

Instead of packing, I fixed myself a nice breakfast to warm me up on this cold winter day (oats with a side of scrambled eggs), worked up a sweat (I did chest and triceps on the Bowflex today – I am really starting to love the Bowflex now), cleaned the house after last night’s festivities (dishes, laundry, etc.), and met up with some friends for lunch Smile Yorkton really doesn’t have much to chose from as far as restaurants go, so we chose to go to Subway (seriously, Yorkton has no options that sounded more appealing). When I go to Subway, I usually order a salad with double meat, so that is exactly what I did today. Surprisingly, I, the picture taking queen, didn’t take a picture of my lovely salad, but trust me. It was fab. By far the best salad I have ever had from Subway. Why? Spinach! I was super pumped when I saw they were offering a choice between spinach and iceberg lettuce today. I rarely see spinach being offered, so yes – I became very excited Winking smile Along with my salad, I also had rice cakes. I make sure I am having those much needed carbs for my growing muscles Winking smile My body really sees a difference if I cut back, so when ordering salads or something without a carbs source at a restaurant I always make sure to take something along with me; like rice cakes or crackers!

I had a lovely lunch with my friends Smile They were on their lunch break from work, so our visit was only an hour.
Now I am home warming up to a cup of tea ❤

mugandtea 002

(green rooibos today!)

Last night, I shared a ton of pictures of the appetizers I served last night Smile Since all of my guests were raving about everything my Mom and I served, and requesting recipes, I decided to share them with you today! Smile

I made two entirely new appetizers last night and both recipes came straight from recipes I found online! I rarely follow recipes to a “T” (I seem incapable of doing so); however, yesterday I chose to follow each recipe exactly!

My family often does lettuce wraps as a meal for dinner, but last night I thought it would be fun to serve them as appetizers! I used this recipe and multiplied it by four to feed all of the guests Smile

appieparty 034

They turned out amazing and were loved by everyone! This was the most frequently requested recipe of the night Smile So, if you are thinking of entertaining some guests in the future, try this one out!

The other new recipe I tried last night were French Onion Soup Stuffed Mushrooms. I have never made a stuffed mushroom appetizer before, so this was a lot of fun! The reason I chose to do them is because we had the mushrooms on hand, so we didn’t even have to shop for any ingredients!
I made the mushrooms before the guests came and then cooked them when everyone was ready for the appetizers. The only alterations I made to the original recipe was substituting the cremini mushrooms for white mushrooms (because we had white mushrooms at home already) and butter for olive oil (I much prefer sautéing and cooking with olive oil than with butter).

appieparty 042

I forgot to mention, I also omitted salt in each of the recipes that I shared with you above. My family doesn’t cook with salt Smile (unless absolutely necessary for the function of the recipe).

Other than the two new recipes that I served last night, my Mom and I also made up some of our “classics” or “go-to’s”

Piggies in a blanket always seem to get devoured at parties. For our piggies, we use little pepperoni-type sausages (cut in half) and wrap them in 100% whole wheat tortillas which we cut into triangles. They are really easy to prepare and are held together with a tooth pick. Once each piggy is wrapped, we bake them at 375 degrees F until golden on the edges.

appieparty 041

We always serve our piggies with honey mustard sauce, but last night we gave our guests an option between honey mustard and BBQ sauce. The BBQ sauce seemed to go over well, so I’ll have to remember that!

My Mom was in charge of the devilled eggs. They are pretty much her specialty Smile She gives the “original” devilled eggs a run for their money with the addition of sweet Thai chili sauce.

appieparty 037

Devilled egg filling:
Egg yolk, greek yogurt, and sweet Thai chili sauce Smile (my Mom usually puts a TBSP of mayonnaise, but you can “clean up” the recipe with greek yogurt)

I also made crackers with cream cheese, smoked salmon and capers as well as crackers with cream cheese and pickled asparagus. These are always a hit, but the salmon definitely took the lead over the asparagus. There were no crackers with salmon left by the end of the night! Clearly my friends are my kind of people Winking smile (I love smoked salmon)

appieparty 035

The last recipe I have for you is my Mom’s meatloaf/meatball recipe! Last night my Mom made meatballs for the party, but uses the same recipe when making meatloaf. Even though it is the exact same recipe, I much prefer the meatloaf Winking smile Not sure why?
I don’t have a picture of the meatballs for you (oops!), but I do have a picture of the pretty lady who made them! Smile

appieparty 006

Mommy busy making the meatballs!

In my Mom’s delicious meatloaf she puts:
Onions (chopped), sweet chili sauce, onion powder, steak spice, and worchestershire sauce.

I hope you enjoyed all of the recipes and would love to hear if you make any of them! Smile Before I go, I would like to link you up with some great posts I read so far today (much more reading to do):

Non-judgemental WIAW by Kasey at PowerCakes!
Kasey does a wonderful job of describing that you have to be happy with the lifestyle you chose to live. If you don’t like doing something don’t feel you have to do it just because everyone else is doing it! This can relate to many aspects in life!

Why You Need to do Tabatas by Tara at Sweat Like a Pig.
Tara will never fail you. Her posts are always incredibly informative, but since I love love love tabata training, I thought I would link you all up with this wonderfully written post of hers!

Healthy Forever: 7 Keys to Making it Stick by Jill Coleman

Now I am off! Time to go get my Mom from work and probably do some packing – I have a feeling my Mom will suggest doing so…


How many blogs do you read each day?
How do you keep up with your blog reading?
Do you have anything fun planned for the weekend?


About Meg (A Dash of Meg)

Hello, my name is Meg. I am a 20-year-old passionate Foods & Nutrition student on my way to becoming a Registered Dietitian who loves food, cooking, fitness, seafood, and a nice cup of tea.

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  1. oh man. those mushrooms look phenomenal. have a great weekend!

  2. All of these appetizers look amazing!! I will especially have to try the lettuce wraps, and the sweet Thai chili sauce in Deviled Eggs sounds delicious!

  3. haha oh subway….I haven’t eaten there in years!! Although to be honest I’ve never been disappointed – I love their grilled chicken breast sandwich with allllll the veggies on the hearty grains bread! 😀 And thanks for the recipes! I was trying to guess what was in the mushrooms haha – french onion is one of my fave soups :-D. and YES to smoked salmon!! SO GOOD! I love it on bagels and cream cheese. And blog reading….oh gosh. i’m so bad at it, because I want to read everything word-for-word…I just love you guys all so much! I don’t like to skim-read because every blogger puts thought into and works hard on every post…well I do at least hah. So it kind of limits the amount of reading I get to do but I read as much as I can! 😀 mostly in the morning while I”m drinking my coffee!

  4. Aww thanks for the shout out ❤ I looooove pigs in a blanket! It's been probably three years since I've had them though 😦 Your appetisers look amazing. So healthy! I hate going to parties where everything on offer is incredibly bad for you. I hate packing too, but I have a lot of that to do soon!

  5. Oh wow those appetizers all look so amazing (and so easy to do too I may add)! They would be perfect for a girl’s night in 🙂 Thanks for the recipes!

  6. French onion soup is one of my fav soups and mushrooms one of my fav veggies….you just made my day!!! YUM!

  7. How did you like the smoked salmon and cream cheese combo? Curious about that.

    I bring carby stuff too if I figure I won’t have any options. Rice cakes are yummy (I like them plain, but their amazing with coconut oil and jam).

  8. thank you for the shout out love!! :]

    these recipes look great! & I love the face that your mom is making because whenever I take pictures of my mom she is like “kaseyyy” with a smile, as much as she doesnt want her picture taken, I know deep down she loves it ;] haha but Good luck traveling back to LONDON! So jealous. My break is still 2 more weeks! So I’m def. enjoying being home :]

    have a good friday!! ❤

  9. I’m dreading my last day of break, too. I guess I should pack early so I can enjoy my last day haha.

    Thanks for sharing those links. I can’t wait to check them out. Your recipes look great also!

  10. So much great food! Thanks for sharing the recipes. 🙂 Not to mention the links – I’m off to go take a look right now.

  11. I love Subway! I’ve never tried their salads before but their turkey subs are the best! I actually meet my friends on campus once a week for Subway dates – we’ve been doing it since high school haha! 😛

    Those appetizers all look so good! You’ve had me majorly craving smoked salmon ever since you posted the picture of them two days ago!

    Are you headed back to London today? Text me so that we can plan our Jambalaya date! ❤

  12. Lately my Google reader has been filling up! Over winter break, I had a lot more time to read about everyone’s awesome breaks, holidays, and New Year’s resolutions, but since school started again time has been cut short… If only there was more time in the day!

  13. Awwww last day of holidays is a sad day honey!!

    I usually SQUEAL when I see spinach at Subway…I thought I was the only one who got excited about that!! 😉

    I love lettuce wraps! We went to CHILI’S of all places in Regina and I had their lettuce wraps…Loved them!!

  14. I was one of the lucky people that got to sample every last one of those beautiful appetizers and let me tell you…..they not only looked wonderful (Meg, you have beautiful presentation) but they tasted awesome!! Thank you Meg, for all the work you put into that evening but you forgot the most important ingredient…!!
    Travel safe my dear girl……love ya!!!

  15. those lettuce wraps…i need to make them now! it all looks so good 🙂

  16. Drooling over those lettuce wraps! 🙂 I have been HORRID about keeping up with blog reading lately. I have just had so much going on lately that I haven’t had a whole lot of time to stay caught up. Sometimes if I want to catch up quick I will just skim through posts in my Google Reader without commenting to save a bit of time.

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