WIAW: On the Road

Before we get into all of the excitement involving WIAW, I first have to thank all of you for the wonderful replies after yesterdays post. Seriously, you guys are amazing!
Thank you x 1,000,000,000! Open-mouthed smile

Today my parents, uncle, and I took a day trip into Regina, so we were all up early to be on the road for 8:00 am Smile

Breakfast consisted off a 6 egg white omelette with mushrooms, bell peppers, and greek seasoning!

wiaw on the road 037

The omelette turned out perfectly and was absolutely delicious! I usually make my omelettes like this, more like a frittata, rather than an egg folded over with vegetables on the inside. Just how I prefer things I guess? Winking smile

Along with my omelette creation, I had steel cut oats topped with berries

wiaw on the road 006

My all time favourite way to cook steel cut oats is in almond milk! The oats become so creamy and wonderful it will change your life. I promise! Try switching from cooking your oats in water to almond milk (or any milk of your choice) and you’ll never go back to water! Winking smile

We were on the road at exactly 8:00 just like planned! When does that ever happen!?
I think Cuddles thought it was a bit too early, though! Lucky girl – we always come prepared and bring blankets for her Smile

wiaw on the road 063

Regina is a 2 hour drive from my hometown, Yorkton, so I snacked on a chicken breast and veg along the way!

wiaw on the road 065

wiaw on the road 064

I knew I would be on the road today, so I baked chicken breasts in the oven last night Smile They are so quick and easy; chicken breasts are definitely a go to snack of mine! Last night I chose to season mine with a combination of chili powder and no-salt lemon pepper Smile (A combo I have never done before, but the chili powder smelt very tempting and I have a thing for lemon pepper Winking smile)

Once we got to Regina, we did some stuff in the city before going out for lunch. Usually, we go to Earls or Moxie’s when we are in Regina, but this time we chose to go to a Greek restaurant called Cravings.

I ordered the grilled chicken breast entree (I seriously could never get sick of chicken breasts!)
It came with a tossed salad to start…

wiaw on the road 066

and I used olive oil, vinegar, and pepper as a dressing

wiaw on the road 067

I much prefer oil-based salad dressings than creamy ones Smile

My entree came with a rice medley, vegetables, and garlic bread

wiaw on the road 068

The chicken had an awesome seasoning on it and I thoroughly enjoyed it!

The rest of my afternoon was spent with my Mom and Grandma Smile It was a pretty perfect afternoon. I was happy to be able to spend the day with the two of them seeing as how I am heading back to London this weekend…

We obviously went to the only mall in Regina with a DAVIDsTEA to satisfy my craving Winking smile

I ordered the Secret Weapon flavoured white tea which contains white tea, goji berries, almond slices, orange peel, liquorice, and cocoa nibs! So delicious! I loved the subtle nuttiness of this tea!

wiaw on the road 069

Check out the huge almond slices!

wiaw on the road 072

Yum ❤

My afternoon snack was pretty much the exact same as my morning snack, but I had different types of veg and some almonds, too!

wiaw on the road 073

(more chicken! I totally forgot to take a picture of my afternoon snack until I was about to eat my very last piece of chicken, haha! So that’s all you get from me – a picture of one measly piece of chicken!)

I carried my snack throughout the mall in my trusty Lulu bag Smile

wiaw on the road 074

I love recycling Lulu bags! I quite frequently use them as a lunch or snack bag, but I have been using it as a gym bag this week, too! Haha! (I really need to get myself a real gym bag…)


I’m loving the DTB Duffel

Throughout our time spent at the mall, I got tea (pictured above), a tea pot from DAVIDsTEA which was 50% off (!), and MAC studio sculpt concealer. It was a nice little shopping trip with the girls Smile

Dinner was at Grandma’s house! I was lucky enough to cook the entire meal for my family Smile
The menu included:

Baked salmon with montreal steak spice

Steamed green beans

Sprouted brown rice

wiaw on the road 076

A super healthy meal and it only took 20 minutes! Smile

My Grandma loved the meal I made for her and the rest of my family which made me super happy. I love cooking for my family Smile

After dinner and doing the dishes, we sat around the table and chatted Smile I, of course, had a tea during this time Smile I was pumped to see that my Grandma had TAZO Zen green tea in her cupboard!

wiaw on the road 077

After a cup of tea and some family bonding, we were on the road again for another two hours! We made it home safely and now I am home enjoying some eggies before I head to bed Smile

wiaw on the road 079

Most often I have casein fudge before bedtime, but lately I have been wanting eggs Smile Tonight I spiced them up with chili powder. Again, the chili powder just smelt so good to me.
Maybe I need to make a Mexican meal sometime soon!?

Well, I’m off to bed now to snuggle with this girl! ❤

wiaw on the road 081

She’s waiting for me Smile

wiaw on the road 083

Goodnight ❤


Do you pack snacks when you travel? Always always! I have been doing so for years! Smile I need my snacks!
Do you love chicken breast as much as I do? I seriously don’t think I could ever get tired of eating chicken breast! Mmmmmm so good. I think I mastered the time and temp needed for baking them, too!
Do you like to cook for family and friends? I love it and I love when they request me too Winking smile It kind of makes me feel like I might be good at cooking!? SmileWinking smile


About Meg (A Dash of Meg)

Hello, my name is Meg. I am a 20-year-old passionate Foods & Nutrition student on my way to becoming a Registered Dietitian who loves food, cooking, fitness, seafood, and a nice cup of tea.

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  1. I LOVE chicken grilled, baked, fried, I don’t care! I could never get sick of it. Same with tilapia & salmon too. I rely on healthy packaged bars when I travel but I always bring a little cooler with some greek yogurt & hummus for some real food. Glad you had a fun & safe trip girl! 🙂

  2. That tea looks so delish!! I’m going to try cooking my steel cut with milk tomorrow. I’m always scared it will burn due to bad experiences in the past, but I’d much rather the creamy taste!

  3. First of all, Cuddles is the cutest thing ever. I know I’ve said that multiple times, but I can’t say it enough!
    I’m glad you had such a fun day with your family. I alwaaays pack snacks when I travel. Especially being vegan- I never know what options will be available. Chopped up veggies and dry cereal are my favorites.
    Your lunch and dinner both look delicious. Your family is lucky that you’re such a great cook!

  4. What a fun day! I always pack my snacks too. I get grumpy if I don’t eat an I hate being left in places with no healthy choices around me. It’s always good to have a backup! Now that I started eating chicken, I love it again too! It’s so easy and there are so many amazing things you can do with it!

  5. I use Lulu bags for everything! Haha! It’s funny because I actually have a proper Lulu gym bag, yet I still use the recyclable ones too 😉

    I’m *definitely* sick of chicken breasts! I had chicken four times a day for about a year, but I’ve only been having them with dinner for the past 2 months. Even now the thought of eating more chicken makes me gag!

  6. Chili powder on eggs sounds like a really delicious pre bed alternative, I’m drooling thinking about it. And finally someone else who understands my chicken obsession!!! I always love having cold chicken for a snack, it just never gets old haha 😉
    Glad you had a fun trip with your family to your grandma’s! 🙂

  7. Yummy. Last night I overindulged way too much (I’m pretty ashamed). But today I have to think it is a new day…it is a new day…and forgive myself for my bad eating habits…

    I love cooking hot cereals in almond milk or coconut milk. I agree! When I make “omlettes”..I’ve also put them in the oven, so it comes out like yours…but I use whole real eggs (after reading “The Fitnessista” and “KathEats” I realize egg whites are just empty diet mentality …I think anyway, others are different ! 🙂

    I love chicken too..but not their price. One thing I question though is ounces..I have a food scale…is that how you know how much one portion is? Cause that confuses me most. Like I think 6 oz = approx 170 grams…should I weigh them ? i don’t even know what is a proper serving size for just ONE meal. I hope you can give me your thoughts because that question puzzles me!

    Yipes…I need your willpower with the eggies are night (like I said I’m an emotional eater at night and its not good for my body or mind, but I seem to be stuck).

    I actually really like rice. Yummy garlic bread too…was it good? I love pouring olive oil and garlic powder on toast and browning it in the oven, but restaurant stuff is so lovely.

  8. A David’s tea teapot 50% off?! You just made me extremely jealous!!! Lucky girl 🙂

  9. Hahaha girl you love your chicken! I like it too, but I guess not as much as you because I don’t think I could eat it 3x in one day!

    I always pack snacks wherever I go too! It can be so hard to find healthy nut-free snack options while I’m out, so I’d rather be safe than sorry and just pack my own.

    That meal you cooked for your family looks soooo good. Come cook for me sometime? 😉

  10. I think I love chicken as much as you do actually. It’s so quick and easy and takes no time at all. I actually like cooking mine on a George Forman grill. I actually pack chicken as a snack sometimes when I travel too. 🙂

  11. You are impressive girly! Way to pack/plan ahead! I really like cooking for family and friends but I catch a lot of criticism from my family for some of the things I make. Lululemon bags make the best totes! 🙂 I have all of mine hoarded for that exact purpose!

  12. I find using all milk to cook oatmeal a bit too decadent for me, so I use half milk half water and it always turns out perfect! Chicken breasts are awesome. 😀 I’m so glad to hear that your cooking was enjoyed. I love it when others eat what I cook too, even if I don’t get to do it often.

  13. look at all of those awesome eats meg!! you are doing so great. i always pack food with me wherever i go, its second nature to me 🙂 its nice to see i’m not alone in my food prepping and cooler-packing ways. a lot of my friends don’t do the same, and i usually get comments about how much i eat and bring with me, so its comforting to connect with others that make me feel “normal” haha 🙂

  14. i love chicken breast!! My favorite way to cook it is on my george foreman grill 🙂 Do you just snack on cold chicken breast though? Or do you get a chance to heat it up somewhere?

  15. aw sounds like such a fun day!! your breakfast is EPIC – that’s how I cook my “omelettes” too, I just throw the veggies and egg whites all together in the pan haha. And I love chicken breasts too! I’ve never had them as a snack before – I usually go the homemade energy bar route – but I looooove me some grilled chicken for dinner! I feel like everything tastes better off the grill haha. And I love cooking for my family too! I’m actually making salmon and rice for my mom and I tonight woo! 😀

  16. OKAY, i totally lost my focus after viewing the cute photographs of cuddles and of your new lululemon bag (what did you buy?! the duffel and what else?). seriously, i think both of the aforementioned personify heaven!!! you are adorable! x


  17. Oh no…I was just wondering what the portion size for one meal is? And for one snack? I tend to either overeat or undereat things – so I’m trying to learn what the proper portion serving size of chicken or fish is for a meal? and for a snack? If you can offer a good idea, let me know. Like I said, I am trying to “relearn” things so I don’t overeat or undereat…its a process!

  18. Always carry some snacks if I know that I’m not gonna be home for a while… Fruit, protein bars, popcorn, nuts, and dry cereal are some of my faves 🙂 Def a chicken lover too- making chicken soup in the crock pot for dinner!

  19. Okay…so 6 ounces at each sitting….6 oz for lunch…6 oz for a snack…6 oz for supper….neat…i just wish the darned stuff weren’t so expensive. …cause that’s like 18 oz plus per day……i need a money tree 🙂

  20. I love chicken breast as a snack!! Looove.
    I also prefer my omelettes in round form. More surface area, FTW!

  21. I go through phases (and club packs) when it comes to chicken breasts. Every once in a while I realize that I took out a small farm of chickens and I slow down on my consumption…but then I get a craving and get going again.

    I always carry snacks. I’m a cooler kind of girl, or a cute lunchbox, or whatever. I also put my snacks (granola bars, bags of crackers or cookies, etc.) into tupperwares (still wrapped) because I cannot STAND it when they are crushed. I get some weird looks but WHATEVER!

    One of my resolutions is to share more meals with friends. When I was heavy into Ed, I isolated 100% of the time. Yucky. I still sometimes want to eat alone, but the food blog and new recipes and recovery has really changed how I feel about meal time! Bring on the quality time, I say. 🙂

  22. I LOVE your b-fast! Six egg whites and oats? You must have felt great after that! (Sorry, I’m kind of a breakfast nerd.) 😉

    I love cooking for my family, and packing snacks on the road is a must. I just have to try to not pack too many. 😉

  23. Chocolate Covered Sneakers

    I love snackin on some grilled chicken! My sister thinks I’m crazy. glad to know I’m not the only one who eats it as a snack!

  24. runningperspective

    girll i love your eatssss!!! i never thought of just grilling up grilled chicken to snack on! i was just trying to think of new ideas for protein snacks on the go with classes soon! seriously doing this tomorrow!!!!!
    how much chicken did you grill up to last for the day/ do you cook a few days worth at a time?
    or does it not take long to cook at night?
    love you girl<33 seriously you look amazinggg!

    • awww you are way too sweet girl ❤ ya it's definitely a go to snack for me – so easy! Only 20 mins the night before, so I usually just do for the day or two 🙂 This last time I think I baked 5 chicken breasts and I eat 6 oz. as a serving 🙂

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