The Bowflex Home Gym and a New Recipe

Hey there! Smile 

So today’s post is one that I have been wanting to write for a while now since I have been at home, so I am really excited about it! I hope you all enjoy ❤

Throughout my time at home over the winter break, I have been trying to keep my strength training routine as close to the LiveFit trainer as possible; however, I did want to enjoy my holiday as much as I could with minimal stress, so I didn’t feel bad if I missed a gym session (I actually took four consecutive days off over the Christmas weekend).

Before Christmas, I did manage to get to the gym two three times and each time I went I wasn’t incredibly happy with my workout.
I think it’s just me being picky and stubborn though (I really love my gym at home, so the one here just isn’t satisfying me).

Luckily, I had an alternative from going to the gym Smile 
My parents own a Bowflex home gym! Smile


Over the course of my stay at home so far I have done two workouts on the Bowflex.

My first workout was chest and triceps.

Prior to my workout I was really concerned that it would take me long, too long, to switch the amount of resistance between the different exercises and sets, switch the handle bars, and their location, etc. But, I was totally wrong! It really wasn’t that time consuming at all. I was still able to keep my rest periods at only 60 seconds! So, I was happy Smile 
Overall, I was happy with my chest workout, but seeing as how I love training my triceps, using the Bowflex had me missing free weights for some of the triceps exercises. I felt as though I could do a better overhead extension with free weights. But really, this wasn’t a huge issue – just me being picky again Smile Seeing as how I woke up with DOMS in my chest the next morning, I would say the Bowflex worked well and I didn’t have to pay to use a gym or leave my house Smile Double bonus! Therefore, I will be doing another chest workout this week using the Bowflex.

The second workout I did on the Bowflex was a shoulder workout. Unfortunately, I wasn’t as happy with this workout as my first. I am not sure why (perhaps I am being picky yet again), but my shoulders just didn’t feel as fatigued as they usually do after my normal shoulder workouts. On the positive side, I was able to perform every exercise required for the shoulder workout on the LiveFit trainer Smile 
The Bowflex really does allow you to do many different types of exercises, so following the LiveFit trainer would not be hard using one; however, I do love free weights much more. But, since I am home and really don’t enjoy my time at the gym here, I will be using the Bowflex for the rest of my stay Smile 

Having said that, I do not think that the Bowflex will be sufficient for leg work outs. There is something that the olympic bar and power rack have that the Bowflex just cannot deliver (IMO, at least). So, for my leg workouts I did go to the gym. I love my leg workouts and wanted to lift heavy, so I went to the gym and had a really good workouts Smile (And I also discovered why I don’t really like the gym here – they clean right beside you. I mean, they were mopping right beside me).

Leave me alone. I am working out. Take your mop and pale and get out of my way Smile (Shouldn’t cleaning be done at a time when there is minimal people in the gym? Not at one of the busiest hours?)

Anyways, I will probably work out three more times while I am home and I believe they will all be on the Bowflex (unless I decide to go to the gym for a good shoulder workout – we’ll see…)

Tomorrow is my back and biceps day. I’m looking forward to it as I am sure the Bowflex will make do for all of the back exercises; however, I am sure I will miss the free weights for some of the bicep exercises. Oh well. I’m back at my usual gym a week from now.

Even though I am not doing my workouts at my beloved gym back in London, I have been really enjoying my workouts lately (especially my leg workouts). During my most recent leg workout I was able to increase the weights for my squats, deadlifts, and lunges! Smile It felt so good.

I love lifting heavy, but do you know what else I love?

Fuelling my body with good wholesome food.

Not only is physical activity important, but nutrition is important, too! Actually, nutrition is said to contribute to a whopping 80% of a healthy lifestyle!

So, it is important to refuel your hardworking body each and every day, all day long! Smile 

After my leg workout I made the most delicious protein shake ever.

OMG The Best Protein Shake Ever

1 scoop vanilla protein powder

1/2 bottle coconut water

1/2 cup pineapple


Blend all ingredients together and swoon (this is so good! You have to give it a try!)

Have you ever used a Bowflex home gym? If so, what is your opinion?
What is one of your gym pet peeves?
I obviously hate the mopping around my feet, but I also really dislike when people stare at me.
Have you ever tried coconut water before? Today was my first time! Yorkton finally stepped up its game and provides me with coconut water now  Smile haha! (there was so coconut water available here this summer) It is great to have after a workout (it replaces your electrolytes), so drink up! Smile



About Meg (A Dash of Meg)

Hello, my name is Meg. I am a 20-year-old passionate Foods & Nutrition student on my way to becoming a Registered Dietitian who loves food, cooking, fitness, seafood, and a nice cup of tea.

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  1. “I love lifting heavy, but do you know what else I love?

    Fuelling my body with good wholesome food. ”

    That’s where the magic happens!

  2. I love strength training! I’ve never used a Bowflex, but I was concerned about how easy it would be to use too. Good to know it is easy!

    That drink sounds incredible! It makes me want to be sitting on a beach instead of in these snow squalls. 😦

  3. What kind/ brand of coconut water due you drink?

    So happy i got to see you over the break.

  4. My mom has a bowflex so I’ve used it a few times and actually really enjoyed it. I loved that I had all that weight right there and it was super simple to change. I haven’t used it in a while since I no longer live at home, but I’ve been thinking of going over there more to use it 🙂

  5. Haha! I can’t believe they clean right beside you at that gym!! I would feel so awkward! Especially if they were cleaning up my sweat 😉
    I’ve been meaning to try coconut water for awhile, I’ve seen it in the grocery stores here! I’m glad you posted this, I’ll give it a shot! But I already know I’ll love it 🙂

  6. I’ve actually never tried a Bowflex before, which is crazy since my dad is a personal trainer. It sounds awesome though! I’m glad you’ve been able to keep up your strength training, even with being home for the holidays. I can’t wait to hear more about your progress with your training regime as time passes!

  7. Wow, my gym may do a lot of stupid things, but at least it doesn’t have stuff that mop around my feet! I actually love when people stare at me lol call me narcissistic! I can count on one hand the number of women that lift weights at my gym (in the morning at least) so I’m bound to get stares anyway, nevermind the fact that I lift heavier than most of the guys in there!

    I have to say I’m not a fan of coconut water. I’ve had it a couple of times but it was just too sugary for me. I think it’s another overhyped fad. I’ve never seen a Bowflex gym before – it looks interesting!

  8. I have always wanted to try coconut water but haven’t been able to find it around here either!

  9. I like to add coconut or almond milk, nut butter, and chia seeds to all my fruit-protein smoothies.

  10. haha i remember watching infomercials for the bowflex years ago. looks cool!

  11. Pineapple and coconut water sounds like a delicious, tropical smoothie! 🙂

  12. recoveringfree

    I tried “Pumpkin Protein Cake in a Mug” last night and it was delish! A scoop of vanilla whey, 2TBLS pumpkin puree, 2tsp egg whites and less than a 1/4tsp baking powder. Microwave for 30 seconds, wait a bit for the souffle to go down, and then microwave 10 more seconds.
    I topped it with vanilla yogurt,
    The tastiest cake I’ve had in a while!

  13. I’ve never tried a bowflex before because they always look so intimidating. Plus, I have a gym at home that has free weights and what not with it that I use every morning. Congratulations on being able to increase your weights!! Doesn’t it feel amazing to be able to do that? 🙂

  14. Haha, I remember watching the Bowflex commercials on TV with all the men with their shirts off 😛 I always wonder about products I see on TV- that’s awesome that it actually works!

  15. That smoothie sounds great. It sounds like a much healthier pina colada! I bet it would be really refreshing after a sweaty summer workout too.

  16. coconut water is delicious!
    all my workouts are at home, but i definitely miss things about the gym, especially when it comes to legs. i make it work though. love my free weights!

  17. I totally agree with you – I much prefer using free weights! I used to always use machines because they were so easy to use and I didn’t have to know anything about strength training to use them. But now that I use free weights, I feel like I get a much better workout!

    That PWO shake sounds sooo good! I love coconut water. I’ve been dying to try out the flavoured kinds I’ve seen on other blogs – apparently there’s a chocolate flavoured one! 😀

  18. Ooh the bowflex gym looks like fun!! We have a home lifting apparatus (I don’t think its bowflex though) but for some reason my parents keep it in this little room off our basement that doesn’t have heat (???) umm yeah it’s January, I think I’ll just go to the gym haha. and OMG I hate hate HATE when gym workers clean right near me!! happened all the time at my old gym, but now I just go to the local YMCA and that never happens thank goodness!

  19. Great post! I love discovering AT HOME workouts! I haven’t actually tried the bow flex but I would image it rocks!

    My gym pet peeve? People not taking their winter footwear off then walking throughout the entire gym. I feel like I am ALWAYS slipping on water or my feet are getting wet while I walk to my yoga class.

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