Training Update: Nearing the End of Phase 1?

Hey friends Smile How does a good old post filled with a bunch of fitness talk sound? Open-mouthed smile

You know I could talk about training and fitness forever and I definitely haven’t updated you all on my progress through the LIVEFIT trainer in a while, so today seems like the perfect time to do so since I have been thinking about my progress, goals, and how to reach those goals quite frequently lately seeing as how I am nearing the end of phase one of the LIVEFIT trainer!

Today is the first day of my last week in phase one of the LIVEFIT trainer. Or, I should say – it is supposed to be my last week of phase one…

In phase two of the trainer, cardio is introduced. A full 30 minutes of steady state cardio four times each week.

Currently, I am doing no cardio. Zip. Zilch. Nada. Nothing but the heavy stuff which I am totally loving.

Jamie Eason

However, have you ever heard about how when someone is told that they “can’t” do something, they want to do it even more?

Well, never have I ever craved cranking out some intense sweaty intervals on the treadmill as much as I have this past month while being on the trainer that intentionally cuts out cardio for one month.

The no cardio in phase one is totally worth it though, so trust me – I have not gave in to said cravings. The only cardio I have done in the gym (I tend to walk in malls a lot? I like shopping) is pathetic little 5 – 10 minute warm ups Winking smile 
I’m so happy that I have stuck to the program and did not allow myself to give into the HIIT cravings because the entire point of me starting the trainer in the first place is to gain weight (hoping more of that being muscle weight than anything else). And seeing has how weight gain is the ultimate goal, I believe nixing cardio from my routine will definitely get me there faster.

But now, let’s take a peak at where I am…

If I were to follow the program to a “T” as intended, I would be starting the cardio in one week. However, I have not made the gains I have wanted. I still have a long ways to go, so what’s a girl to do?

I have decided to prolong phase one and keep doing what I’m currently doing! I’m going to really concentrate on making gains and lifting heavy.

I think it would be silly of me to progress to the next phase and introduce such a large amount of cardio into my routine before I meet (or even come close to meeting) the goals I have set for myself.

Personally, I think that 2 hours of cardio per week right now is far too much for me (that’s for ME personally). My body really doesn’t need to be doing cardio for that long seeing as how I have weight to GAIN not LOSE – it’s all about gaining right now. I’m so committed it’s unbelievable.

I am really happy with myself and how I have been moving through the program so far, though. My upper body seems to gain muscle really easily, so I am actually starting to notice my shoulders and biceps getting a little bigger from what they were already! YAY! As for my legs go, I have a slight “outer swoop” to them that was definitely no where to be seen before. This makes me incredibly happy because I have always had pencil legs. Other than seeing changes, I am making changes as well. I am continuously increasing my weights (or at least pushing myself and trying to).



(I am hoping to get a few more progress pictures – especially of my legs!)

This program has made me realize how beneficial it is to actually FOLLOW a program. I was really leery about following a program actually. Before beginning the trainer, I was having far too much fun creating my own routines, but then I was getting too stressed out about them. I needed to make them “perfect”, so now that I am following something that has workouts literally laid out for me in a sensible way (working larger muscle groups before small and not incorporating endless numbers of exercises within a single routine) I am finding a huge change in how I am able to push myself throughout my daily workouts Open-mouthed smile 

Today while I was doing my beloved bench dips I began to think – am I actually fatigued by 10 reps?

The answer was no. So guess what this chick did? I loaded up a 25 lb. plate on my lap and cranked out 3 sets of 10 reps.


Oh did that burn, but it felt so good. So good.
I actually plopped my butt down on the floor right after I finished that tenth rep and probably looked a little silly while my legs were still elevated on the bench, but oh well – I worked HARD (and the only other people in the gym were old men – like in their 70’s. HAHA).

That’s what you have to do. Push yourself. It may be scary, but pushing yourself is worth it. And it’s important to remember, this applies to not only fitness, but life in general.

So that’s where I am at. I’m hanging out in phase one for a bit longer. How much longer? I’m not entirely sure. There is only 2 weeks of doing these particular exercises for 3 sets of 10 in the program, so I figured why not extend it at least another two weeks to make it four weeks in total? I could even go six weeks! We’ll see Winking smile And I will keep you posted if you so wish.

Thanks for the fitness chat! You know I love them Winking smile 

Have you ever done a gaining phase? How long did it take you to accomplish your gains?
What do you think about my decision? Would you be able to go longer than a month without cardio?
Who else agrees that mall cardio is the best cardio ever?


P.s. I am totally LOVING Christmas holidays Open-mouthed smile I am loving the fact that I actually have the time to read all of the blogs I want to read. So many of you are incredibly talented and have so much knowledge, so I must read your blogs!

Something else I am loving about Christmas holidays?

Pyjamas ALL day, the comfort of home, cuddling with Cuddles, full days spent with Mom, eating breakfasts with Daddy, and of course – CHRISTMAS MUSIC! I am currently listening to the lovely and gorgeous Michael Buble Smile


About Meg (A Dash of Meg)

Hello, my name is Meg. I am a 20-year-old passionate Foods & Nutrition student on my way to becoming a Registered Dietitian who loves food, cooking, fitness, seafood, and a nice cup of tea.

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  1. i totally love how you are sticking with phase 1 because you know its good for you. nice job! and girllll you’ve got some guns there!

    and heck yes walking around the mall counts as cardio. especially this time of year when you have to weave in and out of all those people haha

  2. Mall cardio is my fave form of multitasking! I don’t know if I could ever do a cardio-less plan though. I crave the sweaty endorphins too much, I have totally been slacking on weight training lately in fact.

    I have never done a gaining phase, but many of my good guy friends have. They are all about NO cardio in this phase, and “getting huge” hahaha. I can never understand it but they also hate cardio so it works out well for them!

  3. I’m so jealous of your arm muscles! But I’m proud of you for keeping to your goals and not doing cardio. I love weights and strength training more than cardio now too. I just love seeing the difference in my arms & abs! 🙂

  4. So jealous of you being with family and fun at christmas. I haven’t been home in years and I always spend Christmas alone.

    Anyway, I think you are doing the RIGHT thing. Another person I was reading about (very smart person) is going to REPEAT phase one for another entire month – no cardio – kind of the same reasons as you I guess.

    Anyway, I need to gain weight, but I can’t afford a gym, so I’m not lifting and that makes me feel very awkward about this weight gain. Like its all backward. I was going to the “C 2 5 K” walk/jog program though. Its so very shamefully little though. I guess I’m really confused, and I can’t seem to find solid advice or experience or someone to relate to.

  5. p.s…my only “exercise’ now is walking – so ,…i gotta believe that is good enough.

  6. yay! This is a pretty cool post girl. I’m so happy that you’re really sticking to the program and you’re making so much progress! Be proud girl! 25 lb plate with a regular dip is awesome! I did that this morning and I gotta say, it made me feel beastly 😛

  7. Daaaang girl, you got some guns!! haha You look GREAT!! And the best part is? You are going to keep looking stronger and stronger.

    I am so impressed you were able to stay away from cardio (minus mall walking, which btw is an AWESOME form of + exercise?? Does not get any better than that) haha. I don’t think I’de be able to do it because I HATE weight lifting so cardio is my to-go workout. Kudos to you though!!

    Merry almost Christmas 🙂

  8. Your arms are looking awesome girly! 🙂 I don’t think I would be able to survive any longer without cardio! lol.

  9. OMG….I was actually going to suggest that you should extend the first phase of the program. I think four weeks of gaining *definitely* isn’t enough time to see any significant progress. My first gaining phase lasted 8 months (when I didn’t do ANY cardio at all)!! You don’t necessarily have to go for that long, but keep going until you think you have seen some real gains. Have you taken your measurements?

    Great job on the weighted bench dips! I’ve just started doing a decent number of reps for regular dips (when you are upright) and let me tell you, that makes me feel strong!!

  10. GREAT job on your program thus far!!!

  11. You look great girl! Seriously Meg, nice work there 🙂 I love hearing about all of this… it’s a program I am interested in researching a bit more now!

  12. Good for you on the no cardio! I over did it with my cardio to the extreme and I am still letting my body heal. My goal is to focus on strength training and gaining the muscle back that I lost.

  13. look at those fabulous muscles, girlfriend! amazing! x

  14. I prefer my mall cardio to have a strength component: 213010291029 bags of purchases to add resistance! Haha…

    I think I might go INSANE without any cardio. But I am a queen, and I’d also have to give up my fitness instructing job for that pretty much, so I’d be losing more than just my sweaty addiction…also my income…which would limit my shopping, and I’d just be a mess!

    Keep on enjoying home. 🙂 Happy holidays.

  15. Wow, your progress is amazing, your arms looks fabulous! I did a program in the summer, and followed it to a T and did see progress. Now however Im kinda just doing my own thing, and funny enough the gains have stopped. Perhaps I should check out this LIVEFIT program! 🙂

  16. runningperspective

    LOOK AT YOUR ARMS! you are amazing and extending phase 1 is such a good idea!!!!!!! you are freaking amazingg girlie! love you<3

  17. YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!! So proud of you! 😀 I have never gone through a gaining phase, but I do love my cardio. I also LOVE my weights though. As I’m training for my half marathon, I refuse to give up my weights and still stregnth train 3 days a week. It took me a while to get the toned look, but trust me, you will get there! I think you know your body best and doing whatever is best for you is the right decision!! I wish you the best of luck and can’t wait to keep seeing updates 😀

  18. Great job!!! I”m in a similar phase right now, trying to gain some muscle and really focus in on the strength training. And you are oh so right, there is no question that mall cardio is the best type there is! 😉 Happy Holidays Meg!!

  19. Your arms looks AMAZING!! I love this idea of this program, but I’m so new to it. What is it exactly?? I’ll have to research it I suppose. I’d love to start it but with a bump I’ll have to wait until later to get my sweat on with an intense program like this one. Thanks for posting this, can’t wait to see further updates on your progress. Way to go girl!

  20. Daaaaaaang nice arms Meg! 😀

    I think that sounds like a really good idea to extend Phase 1. Not all programs can fit everyone’s lifestyle and goals and circumstances, so that’s good that you’re doing the right thing for YOU!

    I don’t think I could go that long without cardio though. I think I would turn into a giant ball of stress if I didn’t have running to help me chill out. 😛

  21. girl you look incredible!! and way to stick to your guns (pun intended!) and not do the cardio!! It is so great that you are just focusing on the gains right now. Cardio will be right there waiting for you when your ready 🙂 You should be so proud of yourself girl, I know I am!!
    I for one am NOT a fan of cardio unless it involves chasing a soccer ball 😉

  22. hey girl. I recovered from Anorexia and am now at a healthy weight. but I am finding myself becoming very addicted to exercise and over exercising daily. Im thinking of starting the Live Fit series like you have done to help me control my exercise in a more healthy way. but I have a few questions if you dont mind answering to help me out :/
    1. how many days a week to you work out?
    2. how did you get over the mental struggle to not do cardio at all during phase 1?

    see, I looked online at it and right now my workouts are very cardio-centric. as in…I run 5 days a week and lift 3 days a week. but I cant be “okay” with working out unless I sweat a lot..which happens when I run and do elliptical.

    any advice? Please? :/ im scared ill gain like crazy and not just gain muscle or get more toned. help me? thanks girl xoxox

    • Thanks for commenting Nicole 🙂 If you ever have any more questions feel free to email me, OK? 🙂 xo

      First off, the LIVEFIT trainer would be great for you (IMO) if you notice yourself over exercising. I didn’t realize how hard I was going until I started the program and was like WOW I don’t need to be doing crazy workouts to make muscle. It’s just about working out smart 🙂

      I try to workout 5 times/week, but my workouts are ONLY weight lifting and anywhere from 30 mins – 50 mins 🙂

      I really don’t have an issue not doing cardio; however, that is NOT entirely true. Being a person who doesn’t like cardio anyways really helped, but seeing as how I was doing sprints (which I did love) and now am not, I am having slight issues with that. I am writing a post (hopefully tonight) about how I am dealing with that 🙂 But, if your intentions are good – to stop over exercising and exercise properly it is quite easy to battle the unreasonable thoughts that aren’t “factual” as I like to say 🙂

      P.s. TRUST me – you will sweat with weight lifting if you are lifting heavy enough 🙂 I do 😉

      AND – I have been on the program for almost an entire month and haven’t gained an ounce and WISHED I have


  23. Wooot! I love that you’re sticking with your goals and tweaking the program to match what YOU want to get out of it!! And I definitely agree that following a plan someone else has made is so much less stressful and usually more beneficial – I miss having a coach who plans my workouts for me – I tend not to rest enough on my own and I don’t know a whole lot about what paces and mileage are good for my goals yet! I personally haven’t ever given up cardio purposely – I had to gain weight my senior year of high school, and luckily happened to be busy with dance and theater rehearsals all fall, in addition to college apps – no time for running! So yes, I think cutting out high-intensity cardio is necessary if you want to gain at more of a snail’s pace! 😀 ANd please do keep us updated, I can’t wait to hear how “extended Phase 1” goes!

  24. Just listened to some Buble Christmas music! Love it.
    You look great!!!!

  25. Family, decorations, treats, candles, fires, relaxations… The holidays are darn good 😀

  26. Meg, good call sticking with Phase 1, it sounds like it’s working for you! How are your lifting numbers coming along? I’m not entirely familiar with Eason’s program, and I understand why the long/slow aerobic work would be cut out, but what about some short distance sprints or explosive work that can help your lifting out? (More curious than anything else.) Based on how you’re doing, when do you think you’ll progress through stage 2?

    I made sure Michael Buble was playing last night during our Christmas dinner; Merry Christmas!

    • So happy to hear you had Michael on! 🙂 hahaha

      Well, I have been adding in SOME plyos 🙂 I really like burning out my legs on leg days, so I do jump squats, bench hop overs, and stuff like that. Is there anything else you would suggest? I am continuing to increase my weights which is a great sign. 🙂

      I have a goal weight in mind and I would love to come a bit close to that before starting phase 2. I am quite small right now and need to gain weight.

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