Reunited with Family, Friends, and Old Favourites

Hello and Happy Hump Day beautiful readers of mine! Smile 

Before I get started on my post filled with the joys of finally being home for the holidays, I just want you all to know that yesterday’s post has been updated! Don’t feel obligated to go check it out, but if you are dying to know that I also had eggs along with my greek yogurt, blueberries, and buckwheaties to make a complete breakfast for myself, be my guest and check out the updated version of yesterday’s post Smile 
I often forget to include so many things that I want to include within my posts. It’s so frustrating when I realize I forgot to write something and my post had already been published! Yesterday, I asked over Twitter if any other bloggers experienced the same situation and it appears that I am not alone! Other people forget, too!

Despite the fact that I did forget to include the picture of my “complete” breakfast in yesterdays post, I still received an abundance of replies regarding dreaded exercises! Seems like I am not alone on the leg curl hating! To be honest, I think the machine is too big for me. I’m not that short (only 5 ft. 2 1/2 – yes, the 1/2 of an inch is very important to mention), but the back of the seat on the machine wouldn’t move up any further on the leg curls, so I was unable to do them properly which led to my distaste for that exercise. I suppose I will just use the cable machine instead if that’s what works for me!

So yesterday, as all of you already know, I was reunited with my best friends! Smile

First, my Mom! Smile 
She picked me up from the airport, we hugged (a lot), got my luggage, cruised around Winnipeg, and did some shopping (the remaining Christmas shopping and picked up a tea and coffee)


DAVIDsTEA for me (Southern Belle – a peaches & cream flavour which is MARVELOUS!) and a Starbucks for Mom (Italian Roast).

After spending some time in the mall, we thought we better get some dinner in our bellies, so we went to Earls Smile (just as I predicted!)

home1 002

home1 003

It was like I was being reunited with the restaurant as well. It is my Mom’s favourite restaurant, but it is one my my many favourites as well and I haven’t been able to find one in Ontario yet. London doesn’t have one that is for sure.

For dinner I went with their featured salmon (no surprise there, salmon is usually my “go to” meal) which was served over roasted beets, butternut squash, and sweet potato.

home1 004

The salmon also had a delicious topping of tomatoes and capers. It was awesome. I love capers and they pair so perfectly with tomatoes and fish!

We had a long drive home, since I flew into Winnipeg, but my Mom’s a trooper and drove the entire 5 hours! I managed to sleep awake for all but one of the 5 hours Smile I consider this to be a huge accomplishment seeing as how I usually pass out in the car once it starts moving. I love sleeping in vehicles and fall asleep so easily!
We finally made it home after midnight. 1:00 on the dot apparently.

home1 005

This is when I was reunited with my Daddy and my baby, Cuddles! Smile

Cuddles was waiting in her spot as usual and totally attacked me with kisses when I walked into the door! Smile

home1 006

In the morning, the good stuff just kept coming my way! I enjoyed an old favourite of mine

homejaztea 002

Food for Life’s Ezekiel 4:9 Sprouted Whole Grain Almond Cereal. This stuff is to die for and definitely my favourite cereal of all time. I haven’t bought it for myself in London yet, though! I guess I got too consumed in my oatmeal? This will be the very first purchase I make once I am back in London, guaranteed!

home1 009

I enjoyed my favourite cereal with almond milk and a side of eggies

home1 010

I love scrambling my eggs with green onion and some sort of spice. A favourite spice of mine being, steak spice!

homejaztea 004

Something else I need to buy for myself in London! It’s great being home. My parents seem to have everything Winking smile

After I was fuelled up and roaring to go, I hit the gym. I loved this gym over the summer. This is where I really found a love for fitness and started to train smart (using a split and not only training my arms and abs! HA!)
I had a good workout considering it not being my “usual” gym and forgetting my gloves. I cannot believe I forgot my gloves. I was not impressed with myself. Oh well, I got through it, but my hands did hurt by the end.

Don’t worry, I’ll live Winking smile

In the afternoon I was lucky enough to meet up with a friend (one of my best friends that I have met throughout my university years) for tea at the cutest little cafe in Yorkton!

I ordered a rooibos tea that tasted just like apple cider.

homejaztea 010

My friend ordered a Brown Sugar and Cinnamon Latte that came with the most precious heart design on top!

homejaztea 007

Feel the love.

For the rest of the day, I spent time with my family.
My Mom and I did some more shopping (apparently we didn’t get everything in Winnipeg) and then my Uncle came over for dinner, so it was so nice to see him again, too Smile 

Do you ever forget to include things in your blog posts and remember once it is published?
Have you ever forgot your workout gloves!? Or something else equally important when you went to the gym?
Please don’t say you’ve forgot your pants! HAHA
Seeing as how it is WIAW and all, what was the best thing you ate today? I think my cereal was the best for me Winking smile It’s that good and I hadn’t had it since summer! Have you ever tried Ezekiel 4:9 cereal before? What did you think of it?



About Meg (A Dash of Meg)

Hello, my name is Meg. I am a 20-year-old passionate Foods & Nutrition student on my way to becoming a Registered Dietitian who loves food, cooking, fitness, seafood, and a nice cup of tea.

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  1. Once I forgot my socks when I had to teach a spin class. My bike shoes are not as comfy as regular runners so I was a little worried and I complained to a friend/fellow instructor in the locker room. She offered her socks, which was so nice of her…but I have sasquatch feet (size 10, I’m only 5’4″) and they were from lulu. This was before I was a lululemon addict and definitely before I’d ever pay an arm and a leg for their stuff. So I was scared to wear this gal’s socks because her feet were about a size 6. But they were amazing and I immediately went out and bought lulu socks…which led to my wanting lulu underwear…and everything…sigh*

  2. Aww it sounds like you’re having a blast! OK, you are right about your height and the leg curl machine – you are tiny! I’m 5’9! Haha have you ever tried doing leg curls with an exercise ball? That will work almost as good!

    My blog isn’t as much of a review-style as yours, but even so there are always things I forget to mention! Oops 😛 Thankfully I go to the gym before work, so I never forget any gym clothes. However, I do occasionally forget work shoes and jackets, and I forget underwear all the time!! Such a bad habit! At least I have all my training gear though – gotta keep those priorities in order 😉

  3. I’m so glad you’re reunited with your parents and getting to hang out with your mom and Cuddles! I know you’ve been missing them a lot! ❤

  4. I am so jealous that you can fall asleep easily in vehicles! I just squirm around and feel tired and gross…

    Last week I showed up for a TRX class and realized I had forgotten my shoes. MY SHOES. I ended up doing the class barefoot (luckily it was indoors!) and it worked out surprisingly well!

  5. I always forget to add things to my posts!!!

    The best thing I ate today was at lunch with my grandma. I had a spicy tuna roll and miso soup. Yum!

  6. Aaah, so fun for you to be home – love! ❤ Yeah, I've totally forgotten my yoga m wheatn I went to a yoga class. Stupid. 😛 I am very forgetful, so I've probably forgotten my ipod or headphones like a million times!
    That salmon dish looks divine- and I love ezekiel cereal! I think it's a little like grapenuts. Kind of. But better 🙂 Super yum. I love their cinnamon and raisin muffins the most though. They're lovely.
    Best thing I've eaten today? Millet porridge with coconut milk, banana, and vanilla sun warrior. Yummy! 😀 Have a beautiful day! ❤ xyx

  7. I think we really do have identical tea tastes – I love rooibos tea! SO GOOD. About forgetting your gym stuff: forgetting your gloves will help you build strong hands ;). They may get a tad bit callous-y but, hey, at least you’ll build a solid handshake for your future career as a successful business woman. (I’m actually a little bit serious, a bad handshake is absolutely the worst!)

    I also have an idea to help you circumvent the hamstring curl machine if you are interested!

  8. Glad to hear the trip home went well 🙂 Southern Belle is another one of my favorites from David. I seem to have a lot of favorites actually 😉 Glad to hear you still enjoy using the gym back at home and perhaps I’ll be seeing you around there 🙂

  9. Aww, sounds like such a great time with your mom! 🙂 I love that Ezekiel cereal… the cinnamon raisin is amazing!

  10. I actually really liked that Ezekiel cereal in the past – delicious. BUT, it has gluten which I now try to avoid. I really wish Ezekiel would make gluten-free breads and cereals 😦
    The cinnamon-raisin Ezekiel cereal was the best though.

    I’m not sure how you eat egg whites, ha! Maybe it is because I go with the “whole-food” is real food philosophy , but different strokes for different folks.

    I’ve been browsing recipes lately and found “The Fitnessistas” breakfast cookie! Have you ever tried it? It looks interesting.

    It must be colder in Manitoba than Ontario I guess. Brr..

  11. Aww I’m sure your pup was so happy to see you!! Glad you made it home safe! 🙂
    I agree with you about that ezekiel cereal, it’s deliciousssss

  12. I do the same thing with forgetting to write something in a post until afterwords! Yes for DavidsTea!! I’m pretty sure I did about 50% of my Christmas shopping from there. Love that place. Steak spice is great! 🙂

  13. Yay for being back home! You must be having such an amazing time. 🙂

    That salmon looks so good! And served with beets, squash, and sweet potato? Yes please! We actually have an Earl’s here in Burlington but I’ve never been. You’ll have to come here one time and we’ll go! 😉

    I’ve forgotten to bring my gym shoes to the gym before… so I had to drive back home to get them. It was such a pain in the butt!

  14. Glad you got home safely! I really need to find some lifting gloves. My poor hands look so nasty. lol. I just want to find a really fun, cute pair though! 😛

  15. I totes forget to include somethings in posts [or any type of message] and blame it on a “brain fart” 😛

    Worst thing to forget for the gym: an elastic to tie my hair back OR a sports bra… Sometimes my brain isn’t working completely when I pack my back for the gym after work [haha]!

    P.S. Loveee Ezekiel bread!

  16. I often forget to include stuff in my posts. But I am kind of like, “Oh well, I can just mention it tomorrow.” That is why a lot of my posts end up being a random mix of things!

    I should try lifting gloves. I definitely have calluses from lifting already!

  17. Awww, what a cute post!! I wanna try David’s Tea!! One just opened here by me!! Mmmm!!

    Ok, I seriously love anything cereal, so this looks fantastic! I must try it!!! YUM!


  18. You’re half an inch taller than me! The half inch definitely counts haha. and Omg I love that Ezekiel almond cereal!! Actually I love all of the ezekiel cereals – I’ve definitely been on a toast kick as my breakfast carb though and have been neglecting my cereals too lol. Sounds like such a fantastic couple of days you’ve had on break!! Especially cuz they’ve been filled with awesome sounding teas 😀

    Oh and I hate forgetting things when I go to the gym; one time, I forgot my iPod….that was the longest hour of my life on the elliptical! :-O

  19. Sounds like you and your mom had such a great day together!! So glad your break got off to a good start!
    I forgot a sports bra once when I had track practice! that was a terrible experience. lol

    And girl you drink so much tea!! I thought i drank a lot of tea, but I think you beat me!! Its sooo good. Mmmmmmmm

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