Motivation and Good Eats

Hey guys! I can smell the freedom in my future Open-mouthed smile

Today was my last day of studying. Typing that sentence is both scary and exciting. I am anticipating this exam to be quite tough, since we are expected to know an overwhelming amount of lab values as well as a ton of other information, but I am determined and know I am capable of doing well Smile

Positive thoughts equal positive results, right!? Winking smile

I definitely believe that the above phrase is true and works Smile I have been using this as a mantra ever since grade 5 when I began my first journey of recovery from an ED.

Speaking of ED, I was reminded of how fortunate I am for being where I am today while I was at the gym…

I began my workout with a quick warm up on the treadmill. Since I had major DOMS from my workout yesterday, I was just doing a moderately paced walk. When I was about to wrap up my warm up, a lady jumped on the treadmill next to me and went from 0 to 7 mph in no time. I was shocked by the sudden speed, so I glanced over at the woman…

That was when I saw that she resembled the old Meg. The sick girl who was so consumed in ED; trying to run off every single calorie consumed. I am not going to make an assumption and say that this woman had an eating disorder, but her appearance reminded me of the frail-looking body that I used to have.

The one that ED convinced me was beautiful.

The appearance of the woman really made me realize where I am and how I got here. It’s pretty amazing what we can accomplish when we set out minds to it.

ED’s are mental illnesses. They are serious and not something to take lightly. Anyone who is dealing with one is strong; stronger than they even give themselves credit for. It takes a huge amount of strength to overcome an ED. So I applaud anyone who has overcome one in the past. Give yourself credit. Some people aren’t able to overcome ED.

Luckily, I have had tremendous support throughout my recovery and I am in a great place now Smile I am comfortable with being me and becoming even more confident each an everyday!

So, while being next to this woman on the treadmill really allowed me to praise myself and give myself credit for my strength; something that I don’t do enough (and you probably don’t either!) Knowing that I overcame something so difficult is a major confidence booster!

Another confidence booster came to me after my work out Smile I was just wrapping up a set of hanging knee raises when a sweet girl came up to me and told me she read my blog! It was an amazing feeling and put a huge smile on my face Smile If you are reading this right now, you know who you are Winking smile Thank you! You truly made my day wonderful!

My great attitude carried on throughout the day Smile I think seeing how far I have came and receiving a compliment from a stranger really gave me motivation to power through my studying and strive to grasp all of the material I need to know for my exam tomorrow Smile

I tackled this pile of cue cards three times!


(If you look closely, you’ll see the question on the cue card really isn’t hard – trust me, they weren’t all this easy! haha!)

I would say that I definitely had motivation if I tackled that three times! Wouldn’t you!? Winking smile
I also reviewed notes several times and “quizzed” myself multiple times. Once more through the decreasing stack of cue cards before bed and I think I will be good for the night! Smile 

Even though I did have a full day of studying, I did manage to fit in a great workout and eat some pretty tasty things Winking smile

I had my first experience with baked oatmeal this morning

baked oats 018

rolled oats + almond milk + water + egg whites + psyllium seed husk+ strawbs

topped with greek yogurt and almond butta

I was thinking ahead and baked it last night!

baked oats 002

I know myself far too well and knew I would be starved if I had to wait 30 minutes in the morning for my breakfast to cook!

baked oats 004

I think it turned out really well for my first batch of baked oatmeal, but no recipe yet friends! I need to perfect it a little bit more before I share it with you all Winking smile

Lunch turned out surprisingly wonderful!

I am trying to use up the contents in my fridge, so it was kind of a random combination, but it looks restaurant worthy to me!

dec18 006

I started with sautéing swiss chard in a pan until wilted.
Then I thought lentils would pair nicely with the wilted chard, so I tried a new product that I found and hadn’t tried out yet!

truRoots Sprouted Green Lentils

lentil 001

These are my new favourite thing! They are so easy to use and versatile! You can use them as is for a crunchy addition to salads, boil them for ten minutes, or simmer them into a thick soup!
Sounds pretty amazing, right?

I boiled mine for a bit less than 10 minutes – I really wasn’t paying attention.

I tossed the wilted chard, sprouted lentils, and some of my all-time favourite oil – walnut oil – together on a pretty plate Smile

dec18 002

(I like different shaped plates. This one is big and square! There is something so modern about fun shaped plates!)

To finish off this dish, I topped it with baked tilapia fillets Smile

dec18 008

Yummy, yummy in my tummy!

It was so good I packed the same thing for tomorrow’s lunch! Smile haha! I am meeting a friend at school for a lunch date after my exam, so I packed up my lunch tonight!

All these food pictures have made me hungry. I’m off to have my bedtime snack!

Good night friends! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend Smile


How was your weekend? Anything exciting happen?
What gives you motivation?
Do you make cue cards when you study?

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About Meg (A Dash of Meg)

Hello, my name is Meg. I am a 20-year-old passionate Foods & Nutrition student on my way to becoming a Registered Dietitian who loves food, cooking, fitness, seafood, and a nice cup of tea.

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  1. Isn’t it so eye opening when you see a girl who resembles the old you? It never fails to shock me, it’s so sad. I’m so happy you’re recovering and in such a better mindset now!! 🙂
    That stack of cards looks familiar to mine last week eww haha Best of luck! I know with all this tasty food in your tummy, you’re gonna OWN your finals!! 😀

  2. You study just like me! I write out cue cards and then revise them over and over again. I write out questions on a separate piece of paper and test myself. I have even memorised entire essays!! Haha it definitely works for me though. I like feeling I’m as prepared as I can be 🙂

    Good luck with your exam xoxo

  3. Can’t wait for your baked oatmeal recipe. I’ve been searchin for a good one! Your dinner looks delish as well! 🙂

  4. I keep screwing up my gaining process Meg. I keep overeating at night and then not even enough the next day 😦 I”m hurting my body.
    Plus I eat 30 grams of chocolate every night….is that even sensible???

    Ugh. I love your eats. I admire you so much and wish I could do this right. I really dislike myself and my lack of willpower.

    Such a lovely breakfast and lunch. What was on the agenda for dinner?

  5. I can’t relate 100% to your story because I was never “that teeny tiny girl”, but I certainly did try and work off every calorie I ate and then some. I still find it difficult to workout in a gym because it can trigger unwanted thoughts and make me slip back into old habits. I think that might be something to work towards…being able to go to a gym comfortable in my own skin. Perhaps a New Years resolution?

  6. YOU ARE A WARRIOR!!! I can totally relate to you and I think you are so amazing for where you are today. Keep at it girl!!

    Your eats look delicious as usual! KILL your exam tomorrow and then enjoy every bit of freedom you have! GOOD LUCK! xoxo

  7. My heart always breaks when I feel like I come across someone who might be struggling with an ED. You already know about my weekend excitement with moving. lol

  8. LOVE:
    -the blogger love
    -the delicious looking eats
    -the moment of pure power: you are SO strong and INSPIRATIONAL and totally living your healthy life

    Good luck! I am mass jealous of you, but you deserve some happy holiday time more than anyone I know. 🙂 Safe travels, too!

  9. You have come a long way Meg! :*
    So proud of you!
    Good Luck in your exam tomorrow! 🙂
    Love you :*
    Mom and Dad

  10. There’s a girl that I see at my gym almost every day (we always seem to be working out at the same time) and, watching her, I can completely relate to how you felt today. She literally runs like a madwoman on the treadmill for a good 30-40 minutes, then gets on the elliptical, THEN gets on the stairmaster. And she does that almost every day. It’s so eye-opening and heart-breaking to observe people like that. I wish there was some way we could help them find confidence and self love but, unfortunately, they have to want recovery before they’ll allow anyone to help them.
    It’s amazing that you’ve done such an amazing job of overcoming your food/body image struggles. You’re an inspiration to sooo many people. ❤
    And I lovelovelove baked oatmeal! Baking it the night before is brilliant.

  11. Black lentils are the best. I love these so much better then the red one’s! You dinner looks so delicious.
    I can’t believe you still have an exam so close to Christmas. Good Luck 🙂

  12. It breaks my heart when I see others with an ED… It brings back bad memories for me, as well as makes me just wanna grab them [in a nice way!] and tell them the ED is controlling them, not the other way around and things are better once they break the cycle. It def is NOT an easy thing to do and having support from family and friends is key 🙂

  13. i love love love your positive attitude. you’re amazing.

  14. It’s so awesome to hear how far you’ve come. You’re such a strong girl and I applaud you on realizing how awesome you really are!!! Yay for being almost done with finals!! 😀 I hope you have a wonderful day! ❤

  15. THAT DOES look like a restaurant plate!! YUM

  16. I am so glad you are having such an amazing day! Isn’t it amazing how much of a turnaround we can do with ourselves? The mind is an amazing thing and it takes so much time and effort to overcome something as horrible as an ED and I am so glad you were able to do so. Proud of you Meg 🙂

    On the other note, I did ever think to put egg whites in oats..what a great idea of adding the extra protein! You’re a genius! haha

  17. First of all, all that food looks absolutely delicious!
    Second, I’m so jealous you are done with finals! I’ve got one more tomorrow and then Christmas vacay!!
    Third, and finally, I am so glad you have come a long way from your ED. It’s so inspirational for so many girls out there who are going through that same thing. this was an absolutely beautiful post

  18. Your baked oatmeal looks so moist! How much liquid did you add to it? Good idea to throw in some strawberries. I love how it turned it all pink! And I’m loving your dinner as well. Love me some tilapia. 😀

  19. My weekend was full of work. not a bad weekend though, just busy! I never study so cue cards aren’t my thing 🙂

  20. ah catching up…THANK YOU for the reminder to give myself a pat on the back for coming so far in recovery! I’ve definitely had moments like that at the gym before – I don’t like to automatically assume a skinny person has an ED, but I remember this girl from my gym at school…I could see it in her eyes, that haunted, shell-of-a-person look that I remembered all too well. DEFINITELY motivation to keep progressing!! On the complete opposite side, another great motivator is seeing someone who’s at the place you want to be eventually! you’ve already taken that last exam by now, but I bet you KILLED it!! especially with all those delicious eats to fuel the studies – I’ve never tried baked oatmeal before (I’d totally have to make it the night before too haha) but it looks amazing!

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