Good Tea, Great Friends, and a Creepy Mall Santa

Can anyone else support me when saying, “I cannot believe it’s Wednesday already!?”


Today, I got another final out of the way which means another weight (a very heavy weight) has been lifted off of my shoulders and I am that much closer to being home! Smile 

As all other university students, I have been a busy bee – studying my little brains out. Days become long, but last night I managed to get out and meet my friend at where else but…

DAVIDsTEA Open-mouthed smile


(I have been to DAVIDsTEA every single day for the past… week and a half? Yes. I have a problem.)

My friend has never been to DAVIDsTEA before which I thought was ridiculous, so I suggested that we take a study break, go to DAVID’s, and tour the mall Smile

I beat her there, so I did some Christmas shopping of my own Winking smile I love Christmas shopping Open-mouthed smile
I always put a lot of thought into my gifts Open-mouthed smile It usually takes me forever to pick out what to get! I need it to be perfect.

Once my friend got to the mall, we headed straight for DAVID’s Smile Seeing as how she had never experienced the wonderfulness that is DAVIDsTEA before, I suggested a tea I knew she would like… and I am sure all of you will fall in love with it, too! Open-mouthed smile

How do you feel about Terry’s Chocolate Oranges?


Yup, David has created a tea that is the flavour of a Terry’s Chocolate Orange!

Perfection? I think so.

This tea is amazing and totally perfect for the season, too Smile I loved it and my friend was equally impressed, too Smile It was so delicious that I had to buy a 100g tin of it for myself Smile Early Christmas presents are allowed right? Winking smile 

The “terry’s chocolate orange tea” is actually called “Oh Christmas Treat” if you wanted to check it out! It is a pu’reh tea and contains dark chocolate shreds and orange peel Smile Trust me – I am sipping at a cup of it as we speak Smile 

My friend and I walked around the mall for a bit, chatted about Christmas, and then we found Santa!

Neither of us could remember the last time we had a picture taken with the jolly guy, so we figured we’d make a memory and have our picture taken Smile


Santa wasn’t too impressed with us posing with our DAVIDsTEA cups. Apparently he doesn’t like sharing the spot light?

I was so happy to get out and see my friend Smile I am incredibly blessed to have such amazing friends here in London. I have wonderful friends back home, too, but I really am thankful for the incredible people I have met here within the past year.

University is so much different than elementary and high school (obviously). I grew up in a really small town where the kids you went to kindergarten with were the same kids you graduated with. Don’t get me wrong, I have wonderful friends and I talk to many of them every day, but when you are in university you have the ability to find people, special people, who have similar interests, passions, ideas, likes, dislikes, and so on with you Smile 

My friend totally made my night last night. When she saw me in the mall, she ran up to me and gave me a gigantic hug Smile I love hugs.

Another friend invited me to meet up with her before our exam today Smile She also gave me a huge hug right when I walked into the room Smile

Friends are a wonderful thing and I am sure thankful for the ones I have!

I am even thankful for my “blog” friends Smile Yes, YOU! Each comment that you leave for me after a post means the world to me and I want you to know how much I appreciate each of them Smile Last night’s post was all about me and I wasn’t sure what type of responses would come from it, but they were all really pleasant and positive, for that – I thank you Smile

Even though I could go on and on about how much I love my friends, I should probably get back to studying. Only two more exams left! I can do it!

Have a wonderful night!


Have you ever taken a picture with a mall Santa?
Terry’s Chocolate Oranges – Yay or nay?


About Meg (A Dash of Meg)

Hello, my name is Meg. I am a 20-year-old passionate Foods & Nutrition student on my way to becoming a Registered Dietitian who loves food, cooking, fitness, seafood, and a nice cup of tea.

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  1. Congrats on being done with another final! I finish tomorrow, can’t wait to be on the road home 😀
    Bahahaha I love that Santa’s expression towards your tea modeling. You guys would be perfect spokeswomen! Man I wish there was a DavidsTea here, I’d probably hit it up all the time too! 🙂

  2. Oh my goodness that tea sounds delicious! I love chocolate oranges. Friends are the best 🙂 Glad to hear that weight on your shoulders is getting lighter.

  3. That tea sounds awesome!! It looks freezing where you are! Looking at that picture of you guys and Santa actually made me shiver….and it’s 30 degrees right now. Haha!

  4. Awww Meg, you’re definitely the type of person who needs a daily dose of hugs! Don’t worry, I am too 😀

    I know exactly why Santa was mad…. it’s because he was jealous of your tea and realized he wouldn’t have time to grab one on his break. That or he was suffering from a christmas cookie crash (occupation hazard, I think!).

    And I love Terry’s Chocolate oranges! I always buy one in January and keep it in my fridge (old lady style) and then whenever I want hot chocolate, I just melt a few pieces in some almond milk. It’s super delicious 🙂 But now I want to try the tea! But we don’t have David’s Tea in Alberta 😦 [Is it in Saskatchewan?]

    Good luck with the rest of your exams! They’ll be over before you know it!

  5. Very cute post. I wish I lived in London, you seem to have lovely cafes and things. I live in a place where the bookstore is real tiny and there are no cafes and things and I long long for that stuff!

    I feel so ashamed of myself to be honest. I eat my chocolate in chocolate form…yep, chocolate in addition to a hefty bedtime snack each night. Oh my.

  6. Chocolate oranges that say Whack and Unwrap are a little creepy! just saying. I’d be jealous too if I was santa too, and you had tea cups in your hands. 😉 Love the picture 🙂

  7. This post is actually adorable. My friend and I had our picture taken with the Easter Bunny when we were 18, but not Santa! JEALOUS.

    I actually like Chocolate Oranges, even though my philosophy in the past has been get that fruit out of my chocolate. As I’ve come to realize that BALANCE exists and it’s okay to eat some chocolate every now and then, I’ve started putting the two together (fondue-like creation with melted chocolate and fruit dipped in it, throwing a spoonful of chocolate chips with my berries, etc.) and have realized I don’t crave UBER indulgent stuff so much! Sorry for the tangent..

    2 more exams! The light at the end of the tunnel (or string of Christmas lights) is getting so close, keep up the good work :)!

  8. I haven’t taken a picture with Santa in soooo long. I really wanted to when I was at the mall last week, but the line was super long and the pictures were expensive haha.

  9. awe that picture with Santa is adorable!! I haven’t done that in so long!

    I loooove Tea, that place looks awesome!

    good luck on finals girlfriend ❤ ❤

  10. I love spending time with friends. 🙂 I think it’s so important not to get caught up in the hectic-ness of everything and just relax.

  11. apparently i need to get on the tea train!

  12. David’s Tea sounds like such a neat place! I am not a fan of those chocolate oranges at all. I don’t know what it is but I just don’t really like fruit and chocolate combined in any form.

  13. I used to HATE hot tea for some reason, but when I discovered Celestial Seasonings sugar cookie and candy cane teas, I fell in love! I think a chocolate orange tea sounds amazing, even though I can’t remember ever having a chocolate-covered orange.

    Good luck with the rest of your finals! My last one is tomorrow and I can’t wait to get home 😀

  14. I can’t even remember the last time I took a picture with Santa! You two look so cute! I love david’s tea. I actually just talked about chocolate tea in my last post too!! I am obsessed with it and I definitely have to try the one that you had!

    Good luck with all the studying!! You will do amazing 🙂

  15. I need this tea in my life: I LOVE choc & orange! Have you tried Jaffa Cakes? It’s British biscuit but you would love it: chocolate biscuit filled with orange cream!

  16. Big yay to those chocolate oranges! I get one in my stocking every year. 🙂 I need to try out that tea! Do you think you’ll have time for another tea date before Monday??

    I’m so thankful for my friends here too! Especially the ones I just met this year aka. YOU! 😀

  17. I’ve never heard of chocolate oranges before! What are they???

    I’m so glad I found your blog and I would love it if you would check out my new blog!

    • OF COURSE I WILL 😀 I am always in the hunt for new blogs 😀 Thanks for checking mine out hun! How did you find me!? 😀

      Chocolate oranges are a chocolate, shaped like an orange, and tastes like an orange! They even have the orange segments and you pull them apart 😀 So much fun!

  18. Haha I don’t think I ever had my picture taken with the mall Santa! When I was younger, we would go to my dad’s holiday work parties and would pose with Santa! I’m not much of a tea drinker but I love dark chocolate so I wouldn’t have a problem giving that specific flavor a try 😉

  19. I love the dark chocolate oranges. They used to be a staple in my Christmas stocking!

  20. Ive always wanted to take a picture with Santa and holy crap yours look (almost) real!! haha

    I love that you drink so much tea..mee too! I prefer tea over coffee on so many different occasions..there are so many different flavors!

  21. The last time I can remember getting my picture taken with santa was when I was pregnant…I think I still have the picture somewhere. It was good times!

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