One of Those Meals

Today, I had one of those meals.

One of those meals that make you want to scream to the high heavens


Or throw open your front door and yell in joy to who ever may hear

Or take endless photos of


Or savour for each blissful moment

Or immediately tell someone about

spinachburger 044

Or, well, maybe you get the picture? Winking smile

So yes, today I had one of those meals and it was amazing.

It all started way back on Wednesday morning when I got a little creative in the kitchen… (What a way to take advantage of a study day – right?)

I made some awesome turkey muffins to have on hand throughout the week and a couple new recipes as well. One being the chickpea turkey bites I shared with you all yesterday Smile This recipe I am about to share with you all is similar, but oh so different, too! Both recipes have a uniqueness to them. I am not sure which I prefer because they are both phenomenal.

spinachburger 021

Chickpea and Spinach Turkey Burgers
Makes two small burgers

1/2 cup ground turkey

1/4 cup chickpeas, cooked

1 TBSP egg white

spinach leaves, chopped (I believed I used about 8 – 10 leaves)

1 – 2 TBSP white onion, chopped

1/4 cup mushrooms, chopped (maybe a little less – I didn’t measure)



garlic powder

Preheat oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit. Begin my pulsing chickpeas into smooth consistency. In a bowl, combine all ingredients together and mix well. Form into patties and place on a lined baking sheet (I use foil – easy clean up!) Bake for 20 – 25 minutes or until internal thermometer reads 165 degrees Fahrenheit.

These little burgers are incredible guys. You must try them. They are everything you wanted and more.

They are moist and oh so flavourful.

spinachburger 018

I enjoyed my first burger atop a rice cake and Greek yogurt

spinachburger 025

Crunchy, but creamy. And yes, so flavourful.

My second burger is what made the meal. It was the meal. The meal that turned me into a complete mush ball.

I love food.

spinachburger 030

A big glob of tahini…

A rice cake and some spinach…

spinachburger 034

and call it food heaven.

spinachburger 040

But why are we only seeing pictures of half of the burger only?

Because Meg couldn’t wait and ate the other half.

spinachburger 041

Oops Smile Like I said – these burgers are really good.

What was the best thing you ate today?
What type of ground meat do you use to make your burgers?
Do you like tahini?
I have such a hard time thinking of ways to use my tahini, but I think I just found the perfect way Winking smile

Have a wonderful day friends!



About Meg (A Dash of Meg)

Hello, my name is Meg. I am a 20-year-old passionate Foods & Nutrition student on my way to becoming a Registered Dietitian who loves food, cooking, fitness, seafood, and a nice cup of tea.

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  1. Wow Meg, I’m really impressed. Looks great.

    I LOVE tahini…like I eat 5 or 6 tbsps a day.

    What a great idea to have burger + rice cake + tahini , and burger + rice cake + greek yogurt! (that was for ONE meal alone, right or no?).

  2. Yum! I love turkey but it can be hard to find around here!!

  3. tahini!! soo good. ever try nutritional yeast? love mixing it with tahini and massaging kale with it, and topping it on all veggies. so good 🙂

  4. Interesting recipe! I have neverrr had Tahini… I know, what the heck. Need to soon!

  5. oh my goodness that looks amazing!

  6. Looks good. I’ll have to try it!

  7. survivingcandyland

    Those are always the best kind of meals that make you feel like jumping for joy. This looks so good girl. Your talents of creating food amaze me, but then again you are just awesome in general, so really no surprise there!

  8. Ohhh yum! Those look like they would be so satisfying. I love seeing burgers with creative ingredients! Nice work 🙂

  9. Ooh wow these look so good! 😀 I’m glad I’m not the only one who texts/calls my mom anytime after I make an incredible meal hahaha.

    Also this post has made me determined to find a nut-free tahini! I think I’ll try that one we saw at the market that one time… If you’re looking for ways to use it, you should try this sauce: I made it using sunflower seed butter instead of tahini and it was incredible!

  10. Oooo that’s a good idea! I’m making turkey burgers this afternoon – sometimes I put hummus on top, but I never actually thought of adding the chickpeas to the meat!

  11. Totally going to try these for lunch tomorrow!

  12. I think ill HAVE to make this!
    The pic of it with the tahini glob put it over the edge for me:)
    I may replace the chickpeas with some leftover beans I have on hand & ill probably mince my own chicken breasts that I have already- but I normally do actually prefer turkey in burgers, I LOVE fish burgers too.
    I use tahini in place of any nut butters when I fancy a change, tahini&jelly , or tahini,honey&nanner sandwiches are a fave!

  13. Now you’re making me drool! Thanks for the recipe, I’ll definitely be trying these burgers out soon. 🙂

  14. Ooooh 🙂 these sound tasty! My favorite thing I ate today was part of my breakfast. I used half an Ezekiel tortilla, spread Laughing Cow cheese on it, and put a cooked egg on, folded it in half and cooked it like a quesadilla! Then I covered it in salsa and washed it down with a chocolate protein shake!

  15. the text message to your mom is adorable! x

  16. wow i love your creations! I’ve never tried tahini…I always walk past it at the grocery store. ill have to grab one next time.

  17. Those sound delicious!! I love those kinds of meals. The type that I have to tell everyone about, whether they actually care or not. I’d love to try making these with soy crumbles!

  18. I had one of those meals too and am posting it tomorrow. 😉 Yay for yummies!

  19. That looks delicious! It’s like hummus is a burger! What a great idea 🙂

  20. These look sooooososoo good.

  21. OMg these are epic! I absolutely love turkey burgers, spinach and onions are my favorite mix-ins to the meat but I never thought of putting chickpeas!! I usually put caesar dressing on top but now I think about it Tahini would be amaaaazing!

  22. I am so impressed with your cooking skills there lady! That looks DELICIOUS! I never would have thought of combining chickpeas and turkey..but it sounds delicious!! Food heaven for sure!!

    P.S. I looove how close you and your mom’s awesome 🙂

  23. This looks deeeelish!!! I’m totally going to make it sometime. Yum 😀

  24. This looks so amazing. I love recipes that help stretch the meat I buy, it’s so much more budget friendly.

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