Mom’s Are Best

So last night I informed you all about my realization Smile I am so thankful that this realization came to light because if I ever want to reach my goals something had to be done Smile

In order for you all to fully understand what I am talking about exactly, I will give you some background information Smile

All throughout my recovery process I have been in the “weight gain mindset”, obviously. However, at the beginning of last year I started to lift weights; therefore my goal changed to “muscle gain” which is awesome because I developed a huge passion for weight lifting!

Last year I was all about arms and abs, though. I hated lunges, squats, etc., so I simply didn’t do them! I developed nice little capped shoulders over the year, but no significant gains.

This summer I became even more of a lover for weight lifting. I began lifting heavy and loved the feeling! I read so many articles regarding lifting this summer, so my knowledge grew too which is why I started training each muscle group instead of only arms and abs! (I was a newbie! How was I to know that I shouldn’t be training the same muscle group multiple times a week!?)

Thankfully, I know better now Smile 

However, sometimes it’s hard to recognize and accept the fact that what you are doing is not helping you achieve your ultimate goals. Luckily, I have the best Mom in the world and I was able to discuss my feelings with her yesterday and realize that I have to take my own advice Smile (why is this so hard to do?

What I have been doing currently:
For some reason I thought it was necessary to be able to see my 6 pack each and every day; therefore, I was following a eating schedule that individuals follow when trying to lean out. Hmm, how can I reach my muscle gain goals by doing this?

I enjoy doing HIIT on the treadmill about 2 times per week; however, knowing where my weight is at and seeing only a three pound gain within the past six months is pretty pathetic. Clearly, I am not eating enough to replenish all that I do within a day or I am doing too much. I need to build a foundation so I have something to work with. My Mom has given me this piece of information many of times, but for some reason I have only become strong enough to accept this statement now.

How can I build muscle if I have nothing to work with?

I hate the word “bulk” (it is so not feminine), but in reality it is something I have to do; however, I can refer to it as “muscle build” or “gain” to make it sound a little bit more pretty Winking smile What I am getting at is…

I need to gain in order to build.

In my Dad’s words…
”You can’t build a two story building out of a chicken coop!”

I have laughed this statement off so many times in the past, but hey, my Dad is right!

I need some more… mass(?) on my “chicken coop” before I can make the two story building Winking smile 

Catch my drift?

So… my new program?

With all of my knowledge I really could set up my own little meal plan and workout routine; however, being the person I am and knowing that I will focus too much on creating the “perfect” meal plan and workout routine that will jive with one another I decided to follow Jamie Eason’s LIVEFIT Trainer Smile I think this is a good decision and my Mom does, too Smile Since other people have done and are doing it too, I will feel more confident doing this program than one of my own Smile 

Tomorrow is Day 1 of the program for me. It will be very different, meal plan wise, but I am looking forward to it. I know the changes within the meal plan for phase 1 are necessary for building my “chicken coop into a two story building” Winking smile

Also, the aspect of doing absolutely no cardio will be different for me throughout phase 1, as well. However, I believe it is necessary in order to allow my body to achieve the gains I want to see!

Here is a quote from Jamie supporting the no cardio within phase 1 of her program:

“Don’t do cardio!! Even my fitness model friends make this mistake and ask me how I stay in shape all the time when they can’t. It’s because I allow time to really focus and build muscle where others don’t. With clean food, you won’t gain weight. Everyone is always trying to speed results when in actuality, its short-cuts and it doesn’t work.”
– Jamie Eason

So, each time I think that without doing my HIIT I am “slacking off” I will fight back with the knowledge given by Jamie Smile

I am really excited to start this program and my Mom mentioned that her and my Dad may follow along as well! Smile (This would motivate me even more!)
I actually “started” the program this summer, but only the workout portion because it was not until this fall that I mustered up the courage to have a bedtime snack (other wise, I ate very much, if not identical to phase 1 of the program throughout the entire summer). In the end, I didn’t follow through with Jamie’s program, though. I guess since I wasn’t following it to a “T” I didn’t see the point in following it at all…

My meals slightly changed once I started school. All of my starchy carbs were mainly consumed by mid afternoon leaving the three later meals of my day (4, 5, and 6) consisting of protein, veg, and healthy fats; however, in phase 1 of Jamie’s program I will be changing my “normal” meal plan and have an additional starchy carb at meal 5 which will be my dinner time (this is how I ate all summer). I know my body and I will respond fine to the additional carb. I think my body will enjoy it.

Thanks for all of the support last night Smile I really appreciate all of my blog friends! Thank you!



Do you have a hard time taking your own advice at times?


About Meg (A Dash of Meg)

Hello, my name is Meg. I am a 20-year-old passionate Foods & Nutrition student on my way to becoming a Registered Dietitian who loves food, cooking, fitness, seafood, and a nice cup of tea.

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  1. Good for you for realizing you needed a change!! That’s awesome girly! With time and patience, I know you’ll start gaining more muscle, you have the perseverance to make it happen 🙂 Can’t wait to hear how you like the new program!

  2. OK–I am gonna check out her site….and see what she is all about. Sounds pretty amazing! The trainer I have been getting advice from here is pretty awesome…but I am always looking to change things up! So many different schools of thought-way to go for picking one and committing to it!!! 🙂

  3. Oh yes. I have a hard time taking advice from anyone…

  4. Hi Meg,

    I need to gain but am underweight, so I’m not exercising. I wonder if you would have suggestions on how to follow Jamie’s plan “at home”…maybe you could suggest for each day of the program that you do , how a person could do somehing similar at home with only bodyweight and light dumbbells ? 🙂

    Also, I like that plan but am concerned at how low-calorie and low-fat it is….for someone trying to gain (but not exercising) could it be effective? Could you show some “day in the life” posts that show how you swing through it?

    I just saw a post here on and she is starting that plan and meal plan.

    Thanks for any help. Email if you want/have time 🙂 I really really appreciate it!

  5. hi! please do me one big favour. give your mom a big hug from me. and then give her a nose lick from gwendolyn. seriously, what a fabulous lady. i’m excited for your new plan. i recommend not losing the cardio entirely because of heart health ~ maybe walk outside, slowly? but don’t if you’re not comfortable with that. cardio, even at its most simple level, keeps me sane and happy.

    please keep your blog friends posted on your success. and no, i don’t have issues with following my own advice. i just have issues with giving myself good advice. the best advice ever? to stop being bulimic (that was more so of a directive and not advice). so the best advice? to start a blog. and to meet these wonderfully amazing blog friends. you have just inspired my day. thank you, love! x

  6. Oh my girl, you make me sooo proud to be your Dad! You have come such a long way in your life and in your studies.I love what you do!!! Keep it up! Thanks for the mentuion in your blog.
    Remember…. Nobody is Youier than You!! (dr.Seuss)
    Love You!! Your Biggest Fan Dad! :-*

  7. ps: you will so get this one. it’s about my mom and my eating disorder:

  8. sounds like a great plan for you! good luck!!

  9. You’ve got some pretty smart parents 🙂
    So excited for you to start a new program!! I love changing up my fitness routine, its kind of like buying a new outfit. I get all excited and can’t wait to use it 😉

  10. I like the idea of this program! Cool 🙂

  11. I always have problem taking my own advice! It makes me feel like a hypocrite, but I’m working on it! Life is tricky, isn’t it 😀
    Your new plan sounds really cool, it’ll be interesting to learn some more about it as you go along! But whatever you do, just make sure your happy… that’s some advice I always try to take 😉

    AND I’m jealous for your 6-pack, but I know you work hard for it 🙂

  12. Yay, I’m so glad you and your mom were able to sit down and talk about your goals and work out a way to get there! I’m not too familiar with Jamie’s plan (actually do you think sometime you could do a post on all the phases of the plan, the nutrition etc, how you hope it’ll work for you?), but I know a lot of girls who’re doing it, and, I mean, all you have to do is take one look at Jamie to see that it’ll probably be successful! I find that I also have to “check in” with how I’m progressing on my running goals, and re-tweak my training accordingly and that always helps me stay on track and move forward! 😀

  13. This is so true!

    I think it’s scary to not do cardio, but what good timing with exams and such. I really like the idea of making your workouts intense enough that you don’t even need cardio.

    The chicken coop comment is perfect. I’m glad you had this sort of epiphany! Personally I’ve felt my best and looking back at pictures I’ve thought I was most attractive when I’ve been somewhere in the middle in terms of weight, training regularly with weights and just teaching a few spin classes here or there and running a little for cardio (focusing a lot on squats, deadlifts, and pullups–I went through a stage!), and eating regular meals with plenty of carbs spread out throughout the day. When I’ve restricted, I’ve gotten smaller but lost muscle and seen my body change dramatically. My summer competing in triathlon (aka doing cardio every day sometimes twice daily with only about 1 weight workout a week) left me feeling blah, tired, weak, hungry, and looking worn out. It’s only looking back that I can realize this! And the scary thing is, when you’re not doing cardio as much, at least for me, I tend to make healthier choices for my food. At first I can start to feel panicky and if that drives me to overeat then boo but if not then I find myself choosing to eat more whole foods and to add those little extras only when I really need them (and this to me is balanced). Our bodies know what they want!

    Sorry to ramble…but GOOD LUCK! I love Jamie Eason, btw. LOVE!

  14. I am SO incredibly excited for you! Being honest with yourself and what you’re doing vs where you want to be is hard, but SO important. Really looking at what your goals are and assessing how to get there is such a great process. I LOVE that you’ve found a program you feel comfortable following that will help you reach your goals! I can’t wait to hear your updates on it – I’ve seen SO many great results from people who’ve used her livefit trainer. I heard they’re doing another large “do-it-together” starting jan 1st with before and after pics and prizes so check that out if you’re interested. Jamie rocks, and so do you! Keep working hard girl, so proud of you!!

  15. I am not really familiar with the program..what does it consist of?? No cardio? Wow that would be a HUGE step for me bc I am like the cardio queen! lol For some reason, I really cannot get into weight lifting..I just get so bored! However, I know it’s super important and cardio does not give you that total body workout that weight lifting does.

  16. I’m so happy for you! I’m so glad you’re willing to take the plunge and gain some weight 🙂 I think Jamie’s program will be great for you – she has produced some amazing results.

    As you know, I gave up all cardio (except walking to and from work) for six months this year. It did wonders in terms of muscle building, and it’s nice to just focus on lifting weights for a while. I’m so excited to see your progress!

  17. So interesting, Meg! I love Jamie Eason (hellooo girl crush) and she makes great points.

  18. Yay! So excited for you girly! 🙂 I absolutely love the workouts and you will totally rock this. You have so much dedication! I can’t wait to hear more about how you like it!

  19. I think it’s great that you are going to make those changes to your meals and workouts. I love Jamie Eason and I have heard good things about the plan also.

    I can’t wait to hear if your parents decide to do the plan with you that would be awesome support for you.

  20. Good for you, girl! This plan sounds amazing.
    I can’t wait to hear how it goes. It’s definitely SO important that we’re fueling correctly. Especially with so much focus on strength training. 🙂

  21. I am so proud of you meg!!! ❤

  22. What an interesting, interesting post!! I had never thought to eliminate cardio altogether although I’ve definitely eased up on it to get some serious weights in with my girl Jillian. I’m loving the definition I’ve been seeing lately in my abs, shoulders and back!

    Can’t wait to read as you follow this new plan. You’re such an inspiration 😀 (And you and your dad are just the cutest.)

  23. Meg! I am so excited for you- the LiveFit trainer is amazing. Stick with it and you will see some amazing results girl! I’m looking forward to reading all about it!

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