Weekend Recap and a Recipe!

Happy Sunday! Smile I hope everyone had a splendid day! I am so happy you enjoyed my first (almost) no word/all picture post Smile Thank you for all of the wonderful comments! You all are really too sweet!

So I guess I have a lot to catch you guys up on!? Smile But I think you got the gist of what took place yesterday Winking smile Some serious shopping!

My Mom and I got our David’s Tea as soon as we entered the mall and then got a ton of Christmas shopping done Smile We didn’t actually end up making a home cooked dinner at my place as I had planned since our shopping date was quite a long process Winking smile 
When my Mom and I shop we like to shop all day Winking smile So we ended up having a beautiful meal at Milestone’s Smile I knew Milestone’s would be one of the things on our to do list since it is one of my Mom’s favourite restaurants Smile 

We had great intentions on seeing Breaking Dawn last night as well… We even purchased tickets! But, our movie date was postponed until today when we saw that the only seats left in the theatre were in the front row! I would not have enjoyed the movie if I had to sit that close, so we went today instead and got much better seats to view Robert Pattinson from Smile (which obviously made my day)

Before I get going about how much I love Robert, I should inform you that I had my very first bowl of pumpkin oats this morning…

scallops 001

(I have no idea why I didn’t jump on the pumpkin oats bandwagon prior to this morning, but they were phenomenal!)

my Mom and I also enjoyed a gym date together this morning and went to church Smile My gym session was mediocre. I did my usual shoulder workout, but added in drop sets for something different. Next week I will definitely be planning an entirely new shoulder workout as it seems that I am at a stand still with this workout… It’s just not fun doing the same thing every week and not increasing your weights. I worked out my frustrations with some HIIT on the treadmill, got really sweaty, and called it a workout! I am obviously really happy with the muscle I have built over the past year. Personally, I am impressed with my shoulders, but I want to increase my weights so badly! It seems as though I have been reaching PR’s in every other muscle group besides for my shoulders. Talk about frustrating!

Church was beautiful as per usual Smile It’s always nice going to church with someone rather than by myself Smile I greatly appreciate my Mom being here Smile

scallops 013

It was not until after church that I finally got to see my Robert Smile My Mom and I went to the afternoon show of Breaking Dawn and I loved every moment of this movie Smile

scallops 016

I have to say, I am such a girl. I honestly had shivers for the entire wedding scene and wanted to be Bella so badly! I cannot wait until my wedding day Smile Definitely something I think of often…

Like I said, I am such a girl.

Also, every time Edward/Robert looked at Bella/Kristen I thought it was just so magical Smile I sound so lame, but honestly… I love the love story within the Twilight series. That is what I truthfully love about it. I don’t go to see the shirtless Jacob, but I actually appreciate the love story within it all Smile 

Tonight my Mom and I were able to make our home cooked dinner together Smile I was so excited! I have been planning on seared scallops for weeks since they are my Mom’s all time favourite! So… seared scallops is what was on the menu Smile 

scallops 018

scallops 019

scallops 020

scallops 021

Seared Scallops

1 lb. fresh scallops

Seasoning of choice (I like using Watkin’s Fish & Seafood seasoning because it is simple and just enhances the wonderful flavour of the scallops themselves!)

Cooking spray or olive oil

Spray or lightly oil your pan and heat on medium high. Place scallops in pan and allow to cook. When scallops appear cooked half way through or begin to brown on the side facing down (as seen in the picture above) flip and brown the other side. I cook scallops like a steak, so cook the scallops to your desired doneness.

These were honestly the best scallops I have ever made. I think I just wanted to impress my Mom Winking smile

It’s almost bed time here, though friends! I have 8:30 am class tomorrow and I still want to cuddle with my Mom on the couch for a bit Winking smile

Good night!


Do you fantasize about your wedding?
(An even better question) Do you fantasize about Robert Pattinson!? Winking smile
What did you do today?


I appreciate being able to have the time to prepare my Mom a wonderful meal tonight Open-mouthed smile


About Meg (A Dash of Meg)

Hello, my name is Meg. I am a 20-year-old passionate Foods & Nutrition student on my way to becoming a Registered Dietitian who loves food, cooking, fitness, seafood, and a nice cup of tea.

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  1. Hahaha you are too funny with Robert!! I actually saw the movie this weekend as well. I didn’t love it as much as the other two! It was still entertaining nonetheless and yes, the love story is wonderful 🙂 I think about my wedding sometimes! Dean and I actually talk about it quite a bit…but we aren’t even engaged yet! I think it will be great whenever it happens!

    I love that you are spending all of this wonderful quality time with your mom. Enjoy each other’s company and get as many cuddles in as you can!

  2. It’s so sweet that you spent the day with your mum! And those scallops look great. 🙂

  3. You are the only that loves Edward or dreams of your wedding. I cried during the movie twice and could watch it over and over again. I am happy you got to see your mom.

    Enjoy the rest if your evening with her.

  4. You two are so cute! I have to say I definitely don’t fantasise about Robert Pattinson…I just don’t see the attraction there :S

    My wedding day was the best day of my life so far 🙂 It was such a magical day. We had a really small ceremony in a beautiful park and then a dinner at our favourite restaurant with just 14 guests. I just want to do it again!

  5. yummmm LOVE scallops!i hardly even buy them but they’re a great treat at restaurants!

  6. Aw 🙂 What a fun weekend! I am going to Breaking Dawn after work tonight and I CANNOT wait! I used to think of my wedding all the time but honestly right now I feel like I could care less. lol. Hopefully soon I will get my sappy side back!

  7. I definitely go to see the shirtless Jacob 🙂 I made my boyfriend go with me, and he was shaking his head the whole time, like, why am I watching this… haha!

    Pumpkin oats are the GREATEST!! So glad you finally experienced the magic!

  8. Scallops mmm man I haven’t had those in so long!! I’ll have to remind my mom to buy us some when I go home over Christmas break 🙂
    Girl, I get the EXACT same way about my wedding!! Whenever I watch say yes to the dress on tv, I start getting so excited haha
    Glad you had a wonderful time with your mommy!

  9. I’m not into the Twilight movies – a bit too cheesey for me; though I liked the books.

    What did you serve with the scallops? I’ve never had.

    Meg, you seem very healthy. I am NOT a runner and NOT gym person (no money) and I need to gain some weight. Is a breakfast of oatmeal with milk, banana and nut butter okay? I know its all carby and I feel bad about that when I don’t exercise 😦

    You don’t seem to eat much nut butters and have a good handle on eating. I really need meal plans but can’t figure out anything appropriate 😦
    Which you were a registered dietitian already, so I could use your services 😉

  10. hahahaha you better believe I daydream about my wedding all. the. time. Actually I don’t just daydream, I pretty much have it all planned out….I will be getting married in late october at the chapel on my college’s campus, I know who my maid of honor and four bridesmaides will be, I know what I want my dress to look like…now I just need to find someone willing to date me LOL!!! Cheers for being total girls, absolutely no shame! And speaking of girly things I LOVEE your sweater-dress in that picture!! so cute!

    and thanks for the seared scallops recipe! I absolutely LOVE scallops and shrimps, my mom knows how to sear them but now I can do it for myself!! 😀

  11. YUM I’ve totally been craving scallops. But I have no idea how to make them. Thank you for saying how to do so 🙂 I’m gonna get right on that

  12. I also saw Breaking Dawn yesterday and I gotto admit..I thought it was really cheesy. Although Robert look absolutely adorable (same with Jacob). I thought Bella’s dress #1 (from her dream) was wayy cuter than her actual wedding dress. I dont know, all in all, I wasn’t too impressed with the movie but maybe it’s because I had SUCH high expectations.

    P.S. Yay for scallops..love them!

  13. Your outfit it so cute! Where is your sweater dress from?
    I’m jealous you saw Breaking Dawn- I still haven’t seen it grrrr
    And yes, I fantasize over Edward hahaha

  14. not sure if I am a Robert fan or a Robert as Edward fan…I am definately an Edward fan…and when I read the book (again and again like the dork that I am) I always picture Robert as Edward….so-yes. FAN! 🙂 ………did that make any sense? LOL

    Scallops look yummy!!

    ps–I also saw the movie with my mom. 🙂

  15. do i fantasize about my wedding? hmmm, i suppose that yes, i do! i want it to directly mirror the wedding between carrie bradshaw and mr. big! it was perfect! a vintage suit with blue manolos!

    love your scallops! i recently posted a scallop dish to my blog! please tell me what you think of it! it’s called, “sea scallop sensation by the exbulimic.” here is the link! http://nicoleandgwendolyn.com/2011/10/31/sea-scallop-sensation-recipe-by-the-exbulimic/

  16. I have actually never fantasized about my wedding! I have no idea why but it just doesn’t interest me. Maybe when I meet the right guy I will…hahaha
    Rob Pattison < Kellan Lutz (omg what a dream boat)

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