High Reps, Low Reps, and a New Workout

Good Morning Beauties! Open-mouthed smile It seems odd saying good morning to you all since I usually post right before I go to bed, but I thought that since I am on such a high from my new workout that I did this morning, I should take this time to write a post all about fitness Open-mouthed smile 

However, before I begin – remember that I am not a PT – I only speak from knowledge that I have learnt on my own!

I thought some of you may find it interesting if I write about the difference between doing high and low reps and the advantages of changing up your workout routine Smile As I have mentioned in previous posts, I wasn’t all that thrilled to change my routines into ones using high reps because I was so accustomed to doing low reps with heavy weights, but after almost a complete week of new workouts of using high reps I can saying that I am loving the change and I am actually getting sore again! Smile After doing the same routine for several weeks, your body becomes adapted which may lead to hitting a plateau in your training; therefore, it is a great thing to change your workouts every 4 – 8 weeks so your body can be “shocked” and keep progressing Smile

There are several ways to change up your workouts, so when it is time for you to change your routine it should be fairly easy to switch things up! It doesn’t have to be a huge change, even minor changes make a difference!

Here are a few ways to change up your current routine:
– Increasing intensity
– Switch the type of exercise you are currently doing
– Use drop sets
– Change the number of days you train per week
– Use supersets
– Changing the amount of reps per set
– Tempo of reps (explosive or slow)
– Change the order of your exercises
– Pyramid sets

The list can go on and on, but for this post I will be talking about high and low reps seeing as how that is what I chose to change about my workouts Smile 

When doing low reps, anywhere from 6 – 8 reps, fast twitch fibres are utilized. Fast twitch fibres are said to be responsible for muscle size; therefore, when performing 6 – 8 reps of an exercise, your muscles are more likely to grow within this range; however, all of our bodies are different and many people respond better to one type of rep variation than the other, so it is good to switch things up and see what works for you!

When doing high reps, anywhere from 15 – 20 reps, our slow twitch fibres are used! Slow twitch fibres are said to be responsible for improving the endurance of a muscle.

As you can see, utilizing both types of muscle fibres are beneficial, so I am really happy I switched up the number of reps that I am doing so I can shock my muscles and add a little more spice into my training Smile 
Seeing as how I have been doing low reps for quite some time now, I am finding my workouts really tough, but I am loving them because I love pushing myself when I go to the gym Smile It’ll be really interesting to see how my body responds to this type of high rep training!

Today when I woke up I could feel my chest and triceps workout from yesterday, so I knew it wouldn’t be beneficial for myself if I worked my shoulders today. So, instead, I hammered out a totally sweaty leg routine which focuses on hamstrings and glutes Smile I really loved this workout and hope you try it out!

Bulgarian Split Squat 4 x 20

Stiff Leg Dead Lift 4 x 12

Walking Lunges 4 x 20

Weighted Hip Thrust 4 x 25

Kickbacks 4 x 15

Plié Squat 3 x 25, 1 x 8

After this workout I foam rolled for a bit then had my protein shake and a nice warm bowl of oats Smile 

Have a lovely day friends! I am off to pick up my Mom from the airport!

What are your plans for today?
Do you prefer high rep training or low?



About Meg (A Dash of Meg)

Hello, my name is Meg. I am a 20-year-old passionate Foods & Nutrition student on my way to becoming a Registered Dietitian who loves food, cooking, fitness, seafood, and a nice cup of tea.

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  1. loveee this workout!
    i am a lower rep girl myself that way i can lift heavyyyy
    but i like to switch it up a lot esppp for legs so this routine is PERFECTT love it!<3

  2. This is great! I def need to incorporate weight training into my gym routine..I am all about cardio and sometimes (well, a lot of times lol) neglect weight lifting. Thanks for these exercises..I am going to try them out tomorrow!

  3. This was soo interesting for me to read!! I am definitely not a weights girl, but I love reading about all things fitness obviously, so I’m glad to learn the difference in what high and low reps does for your body!

    I have to agree about changing up your workouts though, no matter what type of exercise you do! In running, I never run the same distance or the same speed every day – some days are long and slow, some days short and slow, some days lots of short, fast repetitions, and some days long and fast!

    In terms of lifting, I usually prefer low weights and high reps, but it depends on the part of my body I’m working! I do really like lifting heavy when I work my quads and hammies…maybe they can just handle it better since they’re already strong from runnin!

  4. I think it is good to change up the routine! But, I am a lover of high weight, low reps. It makes me work so much harder! 🙂

  5. I have done both type of rep sets. I prefer to do high reps becasue this is where I see the best changes in my body. I do a crazy rep set…..for example if I do shoulder raises I may do 20 reps than 15, 12, 6, and 6. My workouts also change once every two weeks. It works well for me and trust me when I tell you I get sore.

    I’m glad that you are seeing changes.

  6. Great post, Meg!

    I’m wondering if you’ve tried changing around your rep ranges within a given workout, such as lower rep (3-5) deadlifts, mid-rep barbell hip thrusts (8-12) and higher rep ‘conditioning’ style exercises, maybe reverse lunges or step ups? You may find that balancing out the low rep work at the beginning of a training session with the higher rep conditioning work at the end helps you get the best of both worlds.

    Keep up the good work!

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