Determinants of a Perfect Grocery Store

Hello sweethearts Smile How is everyone today? I am much better than yesterday Smile I honestly think hot yoga had me sweat out all of the nasty Smile Those silly thoughts are just not fun at all!

As I mentioned last night, today’s post is very informative Winking smile

We all know by know my love for grocery stores. I have such a love for grocery stores that I just cannot make up my mind on where to shop regularly.

I have no “go to” store.

It’s nice to find a place to go that has everything you ever need. Throughout the year I have been making several different stops on each grocery shopping outing and it is getting to be a bit much! I have no problem what so ever with having an all day grocery shopping experience, but now that school is getting more hectic, it’d be nice to find a place that has everything I want and need.

My usually grocery outings include a trip to Costco for things I buy in bulk such as chicken breasts, ground turkey, greek yogurt, etc.. Then I would travel to Loblaw’s to get my vegetables. If I needed tofu I would then proceed to Metro because they are the only place that carries my favourite smoked tofu. And, if I was feeling really inclined, I would go to the market (one of my favourite places on Earth) for some specialty items.

This is just too time consuming for a university student as busy as I. It just can’t happen every weekend. It’s too much.

So, I headed out on a mission to find the perfect grocery store Winking smile Obviously, with my expertise in the area (haha!), I was able to find one Winking smile The following influenced my decision:


I wanted a grocery store that was close to me. Costco is the closest grocery store closest to me, but it isn’t ideal. Despite having a large appetite, I don’t need to buy 2 dozen tomatoes at a time. That’s just not practical when living alone. Sorry Costco, you’re only good for my meats and yogurts (and a few good deals here and there), but not everyday-type shopping.

That ruled out Costco.

The other grocery stores seem so out of the way. And when traffic is bad, I could be gone for what feels like forever! Sure, Metro is decently close, but I am never impressed with their produce. I have also found a Superstore extremely close to my place, but, again, the quality is only sub par.

Luckily, my new “go to” grocery store is incredibly close and meets the following criteria as well Winking smile


As mentioned above the quality of produce the grocery store sells is very important to me; therefore, another determinant of finding my perfect grocery store Winking smile

At my new grocery store, I do not need to dig through the apples to find one without a bruise. I also don’t need to rummage through the mouldy containers of blueberries before leaving disappointed because there are no fresh bluebs left for me (this actually happened at Superstore! Yuck!)


Variety is everything. Who wants to go to a grocery store and only have a choice between a red delicious or a granny smith apple?

Not I, friends.

perfectwaffle 015

Gimme a Pink Lady or a Honeycrisp! I want options people!

Having a nice variety of mushrooms is also nice. Not every grocery store offers me a gourmet blend of mushrooms consisting of shitake, enoki, and mini bella’s!

perfectwaffle 016

(I have some plans for those enoki mushrooms! Hopefully it turns out and you guys get a new recipe!)

It was even more exciting when I saw something I had never seen in my entire life before!


Mini zukes!? Seriously!? Cutest things ever, don’t you think?


Sometimes a perfect grocery store comes at a cost. However, I lucked out when finding my new grocery store Winking smile I am a student – I need to do the price checkin’! It’s not fun knowing that you are spending a significantly higher amount on a cucumber than you would be at another store!

The cucumbers? Almost an entire dollar less at my new grocery store than at Superstore!

The berries? 2 for $5.00! A significant difference than the other places I have been shopping…


Like I said, lately I just have not had the time to spend all day shopping. It’s unfortunate, I know, bur let’s be realistic. When I want something now I want it now.

The more popular places like Costco, Loblaw’s, and Superstore are guaranteed to be chaos. Whether it is 8:00 am or 8:00 pm; whether it is a Sunday or a Wednesday, these places are always busy! It’s nerve wracking being in line longer than the time pent shopping! I’ll be honest, my shopping time isn’t a quick process. I love going down each aisle and observing everything. I am always so exciting to find something new Smile So, if I am in a grocery store that is so busy which has me waiting in line ever longer than I spent shopping equals an impractical situation!

Are you surprised to hear my new perfect grocery store has a sufficient amount of cashiers to satisfy their customers and get us in and out as quickly as possible? Winking smile

I have no idea how I haven’t found Remark before, but it is my new favourite place to shop Open-mouthed smile


I have only been here twice so far seeing as how I just came across the place while Daddy and Uncle were here, but I will be going there for my shopping trips from now on (unless I am buying in bulk from Costco of course!) Smile

This place is fascinating and I have already found some great products that I haven’t tried or even seen before! So, tomorrow, I have a product review for all of you to read about Open-mouthed smile I am so excited to share my new find a new recipe Open-mouthed smile 

Well, I am off to my sushi date now! Two of my girlfriend’s (one being Chelsea) and I are meeting up downtown and going to Gozen Bistro.
I feel pretty tired tonight (I think I am getting sick; I have the sniffles!), so I will probably just come home afterward and chill, most likely cuddle up on my couch Smile 
I have a group meeting tomorrow, so I will be busy doing homework all day at the library, so today was more of a “break from homework” day for me. My brain needed it.

Have a wonderful evening friends Open-mouthed smile xoxo I love you all!

What do you take into account when finding a perfect grocery store?
Does your grocery store meet my criteria above? Winking smile
What are your plans for the night?


A wonderful day with my student council friends! I got to visit with some girls that I don’t get to visit with as often as I’d like to! Smile

See you tomorrow with a review and recipe!



About Meg (A Dash of Meg)

Hello, my name is Meg. I am a 20-year-old passionate Foods & Nutrition student on my way to becoming a Registered Dietitian who loves food, cooking, fitness, seafood, and a nice cup of tea.

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  1. Those are all such important factors! What I usually do is go to a couple different stores, depending on who is having what on sale. I agree that quality is a dealbreaker– hence why I will not buy produce at Walmart. Ugh.

    And then I have the “health food” stores for my speciality items- stevia, bulk oat bran, almond milk, etc!

  2. Tell me you discovered remark via one of my raves about their pumpkin bread or apple cranberry buns or premade healthy foods! I just found it last year and it change my life. I used to rave about sunri

  3. Mini zucchinis?! So cute!! 😀 you and I would be grocery shopping besties, i have a feeling we’d be shopping everyday haha It’s so weird how much we’re alike! I agree on all of these, especially the quality of produce.
    My favorite grocery is definitely whole foods, but since I can’t afford to go there all the time, I LOVE Target 😉 Have fun on your sushi date!!

  4. The main supermarket in Australia is called Coles, so we do most of our shopping there. We’re lucky because we have a fruit and vegetable market across the road from our house, so if I need to stock up during the week it’s easy! There’s a health food shop near my work which I go to for my coconut oil, nut butters, etc. Have fun on your sushi date!

  5. The cold weather has hit are area so we are staying in and watching movies. I always go to the stores that usually have a good health market. It must have my greek yogurt, natural pb, and different types of nutrition bars.

  6. I love these requirements! I completely agree.
    I mostly shop at Whole Foods, Trader Joes, and Target. (Plus the Farmer’s Market, of course!) I honestly just focus on finding local products, as much as possible.
    Enjoy your sushi date! That sounds like so much fun. I’m glad we’re both getting out and being more social. It’s good for us to change things up! 🙂

  7. Those requirements are spot on… I could not agree more! I can’t find just one store that fits all my needs, so I stop at a few… grocery shopping takes a longggg time haha

  8. Today was my “break” as well! As guilty as I WANTED to feel for not accomplishing much studying, I used your tip and stayed “present”. After all, I did a lot of things today even if they had nothing to do with schooling! Yum for Sushi and this new store looks FANTASTIC. OMG I know what you mean about mouldy berries- One time I asked for some fresh strawberries and when the man (Polite as he was) returned from the back (After I had looked through a dozen of the ones on the shelf) he was carrying NEW mouldy berries. Ew!

    I heard Target is carrying vegan foods now- Some day hopefully we will have that luxury as well however I bet it isn’t the same quality as the market! Where abouts is this store? We should go sometime! 🙂

    Can’t wait for tomorrow’s post. Oh and Honey Crisp (Or as I recently tried “Pink Crisps”) are delicious. I LOVE ginormous apples- It’s like having two in one! Food for thought question: How many apple seeds can you consume without it being harmful to your body? I eat at least three apples/day but I eat the core (Except the stem)? Is this really bad? Figured you would be the one to ask food genius!

  9. Ahh. I don’t have an ideal grocery store. lol. I feel like I run around to 3 places usually. It is kind of a pain in the butt but I would just be irritated if I didn’t get what i want!

  10. I usually look for price and convenience! It’s gotta be near and it’s gotta be reasonable! If I had more time (and $) I’d probably shop at more high end stores like Whole Foods, but for now I stick to our local grocery chain.

  11. WOW you hit the supermarket jackpot!! definitely a win, and all those things – cost, location, busy-ness, food quality – are definitely big influences for me too. Luckily we have a place called Wegman’s that has really good deals on regular foods, as well as a great natural/organic/gluten free/vegan section….AND they have a gourmet whole-foods style hot bar/salad bar/sandwich & pizza thing going on! I love going to lunch with my mom and then doing our shopping 🙂

  12. I think my grocery store is nearly perfect. Wegmans is close by, has the best prices, has a mix of specialty and conventional products, and has great variety! There are things that I wish they had there that I have to go to whole foods for like once a month, but I could survive without them. I just wish they had more local, seasonal stuff!

  13. Love this post – finding the right grocery store is SO important because I spent a lot of time there! lol All those factors are extremely important and hits close to home with me because I need those requirements met as well.

  14. My perfect grocery store would be TJ’s. They’ve got everything I’d ever want plus it’s mostly all healthy and delicious.

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