Sweat it Out!

Happy Friday friends Open-mouthed smile We made it through the week! Now on to the glorious weekend Winking smile 

I am so happy you all liked my vlog Open-mouthed smile I quite enjoyed taking you on a tour Winking smile You were wonderful guests Winking smile Come on over any time Winking smile 

I started my morning off with a wonderful breakfast Open-mouthed smile 

nooch 002

It was my first experiencing with nooch Winking smile

nooch 003

I liked it, but prefer my vegan parm Winking smile For those of you who like nutritional yeast and haven’t tried this vegan parmesan topping before, give it a try Smile I would like to hear your thoughts and comparisons!

I also polished off yet another container of blackberries Winking smile

nooch 006

Don’t worry, I went grocery shopping today and bought some more Winking smile I guess I am going through a berry phase right now? I also bought blueberries and raspberries. I am definitely going to make blueberry stuffed pancakes at some point this weekend Open-mouthed smile Those were always my favourite type of pancake growing up Smile Sure, chocolate chip pancakes were fine and dandy, but blueberries – that’s just heavenly Winking smile

I left my apartment in a wonderful mood this morning Open-mouthed smile I was ready for school so incredibly early, that I hit up the Starbucks drive through on my way to Smile 


(I take so many pictures throughout the day; my Mom likes getting play-by-plays Winking smile)

I ordered a decaf cafe misto Smile Cafe misto’s are one of my favourite drinks at Starbucks Open-mouthed smile 


Just the perfect ratio of milk to coffee Winking smile Personally, I find cappuccino’s to have way too much frothed milk!

Once I got to school, my good mood turned into a funky one…

I am not sure why this occurred, but I was not having good body image or self esteem thoughts at all.

It’s really frustrating when this happens because sometimes I am so confident and happy, but then some days I get random stupid thoughts that make me feel very self conscious. Today was one of those days.

When thoughts like these occur, I focus on all of the good in my life.

I focused on where I am. I am in London, ON., 30 hours from home! 2,500 kilometers! I need to be proud of myself for what I am doing.

I focused on what I have done for myself. I totally changed my life around. Twice in my life already I have battled with ED and have overcame it both times with my strong determination and courage.

I focused on factual knowledge. One of the best pieces of advice I ever received throughout treatment is to challenge the thoughts that I am having. Obviously, any thought that enters my head that tells me I am “unworthy”, “below others”, or “flabby” are totally out of this world wrong! To change the thoughts, I think about the facts and challenge the illogical thoughts. Seriously. I actually ask myself questions to shun the wrong statements being thrown at me. “How can I be flabby if I still need to gain weight?” “Who said I am below others? God made us all equal!” are just some examples of things I would repeat to myself in my head.

There are so many more tactics I could share with all of you that I used today to remove those illogical thoughts, but one of the best tactics I used all day was hot yoga Winking smile

I seriously think I sweated (is that a word) all of those stupid thoughts out of my system Open-mouthed smile Let’s hope so at least! I am wanting a great day tomorrow and do not need such thoughts disturbing me Open-mouthed smile I believe we can choose our attitude and outlook, so if I go into tomorrow being positive, I am sure everything will go my way Open-mouthed smile

It was so nice going to hot yoga for the second time Smile Ever since the first time, I wanted to go again so badly; however, I did not want to go to a class with the same instructor! So this time, I went with a friend to the downtown yoga studio called Moksha. I enjoyed it much more tonight Smile but found last week’s class more challenging (which I preferred). After class I talked to the amazing instructor and thanked her for the wonderful class Smile I asked if there were classes offered that were a little bit more “intense”. It seems as though tonight’s class was the most “tame” and there are about three more levels that increase with intensity. So, I am hoping to try the next step up sometime soon Smile 

Well guys, my eyes are getting sandy! The sand man got to me Winking smile It’s time for bed! I am off to the gym tomorrow morning for a shoulder workout and then will be at the university for part of the afternoon for some student council stuff Open-mouthed smile It’ll be nice to be around people Winking smile I also have my sushi date tomorrow Open-mouthed smile I am so excited to sink my teeth into some sashimi Winking smile We will be going to Gozen, again Smile My fav Winking smile

Good night friends!

I have a very informative post in mind for tomorrow Winking smile hehe!



I appreciated the strength I felt in yoga class tonight. I felt so strong when doing the flows! We had to hold a plank for quite a long time!

Do you prefer going to fitness classes with or without a friend? I loved going with my friend tonight Open-mouthed smile It was so nice!
How do you handle illogical thoughts?
What do you order at Starbucks (or any other coffee shop)?
Did you notice I went with a decaf!? Winking smile Stickin’ to those goals guys!


About Meg (A Dash of Meg)

Hello, my name is Meg. I am a 20-year-old passionate Foods & Nutrition student on my way to becoming a Registered Dietitian who loves food, cooking, fitness, seafood, and a nice cup of tea.

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  1. I didn’t even realise you guys had drive-thru Starbucks, that’s crazy!! And I didn’t know you had an ED twice 😦 I’m so sorry you’re still having bad thoughts, but it sounds like you’ve got a good handle on them. Yoga can be great for the mind 🙂

  2. Yay for blackberries and Starbucks! What an awesome day, and way to fight those ed thoughts!

  3. Do you eat before or after yoga (is it a late class?). I can’t get into yoga – I have no patience.

    Goat cheese is the best!

    I used to like Ezekiel bread but now I try to avoid gluten, so I buy Food For Life Brown Rice Bread – you should try it, its really good after you warm it in the microwave for 30 seconds or whatever.

    I sometimes Liberte or Oikos greek yogurt, but often resort to Presidents’s Choice greek yogurt because it is 2.00 cheaper and I fly through yogurt. I also buy the plain preseidents choice yogurt too (lower in protein, higher in fat, but very goo for you stil).

    I need to stop eting a lot of bad foods at night because it spoils my breakfasst appetite. I totally have to eat a big bedtime snack, but I probably shouldn’t eat so much junk all at once 😦

    I hope you are spending more time with friends (just blogging and being by yourself is not the way to remember your college years!!!).

  4. I dont belong to a gym, so I’ve only been to one fitness class an that was because my friend invited me. It was kickboxing and was actually pretty fun. Actually we probably laughed more than worked, so I’d probably rather workout alone! But it was good to just be together and do something fun, so I can see it from both sides 🙂

  5. Blueberry>Chocolate pancakes any day! Chocolate was always way too rich for me and always gave me stomach aches. Blueberry was just perfection 🙂 Can’t wait to see your pancake recipe!

  6. I have illogical thoughts ALL the time but I am learning to “talk back” to them and tell them to go away. It’s important to realize that these thoughts really are irrational and it seems like you are doing just so 🙂

    Love starbucks..if only they lowered their prices a bit because almost 3 bucks for a large coffee..reaaaally? haha..but what can I say, I am addicted lol

  7. OMG I am so SO glad I read this when I did! I am having a day of some seriously illogical thoughts! I had a great workout this morning, but didn’t run (even though I can now) because I’m only doing every other day. Then a friend randomly texted me to ask if I wanted to get Froyo with her – of course I wanted to see her! But as soon as I ate it, I just felt horrible: “I didn’t even run today” (I still worked out for an hour), “Ugh I’m so unhealthy, all I eat is processed junk” (totally false – one froyo doesn’t = all the time!) “I can’t eat again until dinner to make up for this (it was like 300 calories and I ate it at the time I’d normally have lunch – obviously I not only need to eat, I need a BIGGER afternoon snack). I definitely try to go the route of talking logically to myself, but wow its easier to say than believe!! Maybe I need to go sweat it out haha.

    And I totally have that Vegan Parm stuff in my house! My sister is vegan and uses it all the time, but I’ve never tried it before! I don’t even know what’s in it!! I’m totally going to put it on my dinner tonight though!

  8. Hey Kiddo……just watched the vlog of you…….that was awesome!! I’m like your mom, I like seeing a play by play of what is going on for you……but loved seeing that beautiful smile of yours!! Can’t wait til you come back to Saskatchewan for Christmas!!
    Keep up all the GREAT work sweetheart!!

  9. You should be so proud of yourself! Twice? I didn’t realize that but GOOD JOB! That just proves that you are TWICE as strong as ED! 🙂 Wooohoo. Never EVER EVER feel (I know it’s harder said than done) inadequate because you have so much going for you girly! Keep up the AMAZING work!!

  10. I usually like going to fitness classes alone. Working out is my “me” time. Days with those thoughts are so tough! I struggle with it too but I really like the idea of fighting back with a positive thought instead of letting it bring you down. When I go to Starbucks I usually just order a Pikes Place coffee or currently I have been getting the Christmas blend. I usually have them add a bit of steamed soy milk and then I add a packet of stevia and cinnamon myself!

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