Happy Wednesday beautiful friends of mine Open-mouthed smile I have been loving everyone’s WIAW posts today! Even though I have not joined in on the party yet, WIAW posts are always something I look forward to! You guys have got it goin’ on Winking smile Maybe I will join in next Wednesday? Am I going to be a WIAW convert, too!?

Today, I thought I would start my own little party Winking smile Just for this Wednesday, though. Basically, I just thought WIRW was a cool title and it worked with what I wanted to post Winking smile 

WIRW stands for What I Realized Wednesday Smile The reason for this post has a lot to do with many things I realized about myself during the time my Daddy and Uncle were here Smile 

Previously, I have posted about getting stuck in a routine rut and how difficult it can be to bust out of it. I have also posted about how difficult it can be at times to realize that we may be following a set of “rules” that ED has created out for us without even realizing! Life gets tricky. Are we just living day by day the way we want to be living or are we stuck in a repetitive routine that we aren’t truly enjoying and abiding by rules that we shouldn’t be paying any attention too?

Well, I didn’t notice any ED rules throughout the time Daddy and Uncle were here which is great because I have no room for ED in my life. In fact, I think the visit with the boys allowed me to be even more confident in my recovered state. The reason I say this is because sometimes I get stressed when my routine isn’t followed to the “T”. As school is extremely hectic at the moment, I wasn’t sure if I would become overly stressed with school while the boys were here or not, but I didn’t have any problems what so ever. It was obviously to my advantage that my Dad and Uncle respected my space and were so easy going with whatever the day had in store for us, but the days spent with my Dad and Uncle were much different than how I spend my days when I am alone…

And that is why I am writing WIRW.

It’s kind of ridiculous to say, but throughout the time my Daddy and Uncle were here I realized that I have no social life. Like, at all.

I’m not saying I am a loner or anything; I have tons of friends. I could call up a friend right now and go out for coffee with them if I wanted to, but I just don’t?

I came to the conclusion that I have to stop telling myself that I am “too busy” to go out with my friends and simply enjoy life.

I love going out for coffee with my friends.


(My first Christmas Blend of the year. I enjoyed this alone.)

But, lately I have been going alone…

I also love going to the mall with my friends. I did this very frequently last year!

TEA 007

(One of my good friends and I enjoying a David’s Tea from the mall last year!)

But I have not went to the mall with a friend this year yet; I have only gone alone (or with my Daddy and Uncle, but that’s different.)

I go to the gym alone…

I go to the grocery store alone…

The only thing that I have done this year with friends was when I went to the theatre at the beginning of the school year to see Lion King in 3D!

I guess I became so content with being on my own that I forgot how important it is to enjoy doing things with others.

Things are changing now Smile I’m a person who believes that change is good; especially when I realize it is necessary! I thoroughly enjoyed my time spent with Daddy and Uncle and noticed that I need to do this for myself. I need to stop telling myself that I have “too much” homework to do because it seems as though all of my other friends can find time to go out! Since I rather not go out to bars and drink, I often shelter myself on the weekends because it seems like that’s all anyone ever wants to do; however, I already made two plans for myself this weekend Open-mouthed smile 

Yes, I do have an abundance of homework to do, but an hour or two out with a few friends will not hurt me. It will only benefit me and give me a breather from my hectic school schedule Smile

On Friday I will be going to hot yoga downtown (instead of my gym) with a friend because they are having a charity event! Smile I am really excited as I have not hung out with this special friend of mine at all this year except for at school when we are both in the student council office.

I also made a sushi date with Chelsea Smile Finally, a sushi date with some friends! I think a couple other close friends of ours are going to come, too Smile

So there you have it! Not the usual “never left my apartment” kind of weekend this weekend! Smile

I definitely do not want to offend anyone because I often enjoy days or weekends when I don’t do much other than just spend a whole bunch of “me” time, but currently, I am in need of “friend” time. Looking back on the past weekends, I have enjoyed an abundance of “me” time and it is only right to treat myself to some time with others Smile 

I am lucky to have such wonderful friends, so I should actually show my appreciation to them by hanging out with them outside of school Smile

A friend and I were also going to go see Breaking Dawn on Thursday night, but the tickets are sold out. Seeing as how the movie will obviously be showing in theatres for an incredibly long time, I might just wait until my Mom comes to visit me and watch it with her Winking smile (Did I forget to mention!? My Mom was able to get time off of work to come visit me! Exciting, I know!) Of course I might be a little grouchy not being able to see it on Thursday, but I rather see the love of my life (Robert Pattinson) with the actual love of my life (my Mommy) Open-mouthed smile

Mommy&Daddy Visit 026

(November 2010)

I guess being less structured and more chill is another thing I can challenge for myself this month Winking smile 

I’m up for it Winking smile Especially if it involves more outings with wonderful people!

That pretty much sums up my WIRW, but I suppose since it is WIAW, I will share a picture of my tasty breakfast this morning Winking smile 

WIRW 002

Much like this recipe, but I did not freeze my yogurt

Instead, I had a cup of greek yogurt mixed with sugar free caramel syrup! It went lovely with the baked apple and oats Smile 

I made sure I gave it a hefty dash of cinnamon, too Winking smile

WIRW 008

Absolutely divine! Hopefully, my breakfast tomorrow works out as well as it did today…

I am attempting waffles again Open-mouthed smile Wish me luck! I received a few tips and a recipe from Leanne and a recipe from Khushboo, but will be trying one that I developed tomorrow while keeping Leanne’s tips in mind!

Any tips for a newbie waffle maker?
Have you ever realized you don’t allow yourself enough “fun”?
What was the best thing you ate this WIAW?
Are you going to Breaking Dawn?
Don’t make me too jealous! Winking smile


Being given a ton of hugs from my friend today Smile She just kept hugging me an massaging my back Smile She is such a sweetheart. I adore anyone who gives me massages without having to ask Winking smile

Have a lovely night! I am off to chat on the phone with Daddy! I miss him so much already!



About Meg (A Dash of Meg)

Hello, my name is Meg. I am a 20-year-old passionate Foods & Nutrition student on my way to becoming a Registered Dietitian who loves food, cooking, fitness, seafood, and a nice cup of tea.

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  1. Good for you Meg! Sometimes you need hang out with friends or the stress of every day school life can get to you!

  2. You are so cute. I love this post. I am similar in a way… When my friends go out, it’s usually to drink or eat somewhere unfamiliar…they also get home really late. I’m not a fan of messing up my schedule. I don’t drink, I’m really picky when it comes to restaurant food, and I like to be in bed fairly early! I’ve started making plans with friends every now and then during the day. I would much rather catch up during a nice lunch than at a bar!

    Best thing I ate today – leftover ricotta and spinach lasagna from Monday night 😉

  3. I feel the same way a lot of the time. Sometimes you just need to take a deep breath and realize that you need fun time too!

    Totally going to Breaking Dawn but may wait for the crowds to die down!

  4. Girl, I do everything alone! I do live far away from a lot of my friends but when I get stressed out from school and everything, I definitely do not give myself enough time for friends and fun so I can totally relate. Lets change that and start having some fun!;D I’m seeing breaking dawn friday, I can’t wait!

  5. I love this post, Meg. I can completely relate. Right now I’m super busy, stressed out, and tired in school. I often times get into a routine (like now) where I’m so caught up in everything that I do most of everything alone..eating, shopping, homework, workouts. Most of the time I enjoy it..but I guess you’re right..sometimes it takes giving yourself a nudge to get out and do something with friends..we need companions!

    Great post! Oh and the best thing I ate today..a huge honeycrisp apple!

  6. I often have to do this too. Sometimes it’s easy to just be alone and make excuses that you’re busy, but it’s also important to see your friends occasionally to. I spend most of my time alone (my husband works opposite hours to me) and work, gym and cooking take up a lot of my time, so it’s really only on the weekends I can catch up with friends. Enjoy your weekend!

  7. friend time is the best! and absolutely necessary. so glad you’re making time for it! good lukc with the waffles 🙂

  8. Great post girlie! I hope you have a wonderful weekend! For a while I got really stuck in a rut of saying ‘no’ to plans but I think this was more to do with wanting to avoid eating out and drinking! I must be making up for lost time because now I love hanging out with friends and going out..I still love my me time but I think social time is equally important for our mental health :)! Can’t wait to see what waffle recipe you come up with!

  9. I definitely know what you mean!! My social life totally dwindled with my eating disorder and it’s still not the same. I go out more than I used to, but I have to make an effort unlike back in the day. I always end up having so much fun though and not worrying about food or drink like I think I will. All your upcoming dates sound fun! I haven’t done sushi in ages!

  10. I find myself alone on the weekend too, even though I have an ABUNDANCE of friends. The reason being too that I don’t like going out and drinking. Have you been able to find ways to cope with that? Some of my friends have began to say I am not a good to friend to them because I won’t come out and drink…..they don’t understand!

  11. I’m a pretty solitary person too. At the end of a long day on campus, it’s nice to just come home and chill out alone! 🙂 But I do like to try to make weekend plans so that I don’t get too lonely. I can’t wait for sushi this weekend!!!

  12. Most of my time is spent as “me-time” too! In college, I was constantly with people – I had a roommate, was in a sorority, never EVER ate a meal alone, and so “me-time” was a very rare occurance and a precious gift lol. Now I live at home with my parents, but since I went to school in Virginia, most of my friends are currently living about a five hour drive away. So, yeah, my friends aren’t exactly accessible to hang out with haha. But its strange that I don’t mind it! I’ll chat with them on the phone but I haven’t felt lonely or bored once since graduation! I agree though, life is about balance: we all need me-time, and we all need people-time! I hope you have fun this weekend!! 😀

  13. I LOVE waffles. My only tips are to not use too much batter and to let them cook long enough without opening the maker – also make sure it’s pre-heated!

  14. so proud of you 🙂

  15. What a great realization! Even though I am a total supporter of “me” time, I think it’s just as important to spend time with people you are about and who care about you! When you are having a rough day, those are the people that can make your day a bit better 🙂

    So exciting that you are going to see Twilight! You gotto let us know how the movie is! I am going to wait it out and see in next week..I am super excited. That book was my favorite by far!

  16. Hey Megan!
    I really really enjoyed this post! You are so right in that you need to make time to spend with your friends. Focusing solely on homework 24/7 can definitely get you into a big rut. Yes, school is very important, but socializing is also a very healthy acitvity. Incorporating more socializing into my life as well as allowing flexibility into my schedule are also big goals of mine when I get home from treatment.
    You are very inspiring, keep on truckin! 🙂

    Shannon xo

  17. you know, Im not one of those people who cares much about robert patinson or taylor, but I do love LOVE. I cant help but want to see movies about romance or love, and thats what these movies are all about!! Obviously the books shows their love more, but now that Ive seen the other 3 I have to finish the series 😉 My hubs said he would take me, he’s such a trooper!!

  18. I’m totally the same…I spend A LOT of time alone…Sometimes friend time is absolutely necessary!

    Joining YMCA and going to fitness classes 3-5 days a week has really helped me feel like i’m around other humans 😉

  19. I can completely relate! (again, lol) I have never minded being alone, I actually enjoy it, so I often get caught up in doing things by myself and forget how important and fun it is to spend time with friends. I’ve been realllly focusing on being more social lately and I love it! I’ve missed spending time with all of the amazing people in my life and, I’m convinced, it makes me a happier person all-around.
    I’m glad that you’re working on the same thing. Keep it up, girl!
    And you should definitely join the WIAW party next week! ❤

  20. I feel that way sometimes, too! I just do stuff by myself which is totally cool sometimes, but others it’s great to enjoy the company of others. 😉 Happy Thursday!

  21. aw, i love this post and the idea of ‘wirw’! i’m definitely a loner haha. i do a lot of stuff by myself and i’ve kind of gotten used to it, a lot of the time i get waaayy too focused on things and forget to have fun (that sounds so weird lol). so, i can relate 😀

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