Adventures in the Kitchen Soon To Come!

Hey beautiful friends of mine Open-mouthed smile and Happy Meatless Monday to each of you! Winking smile I hope you all enjoyed your Monday; meatless or not! Smile

I had a superb Monday, but how can my days not be fantastic when I have my two favourite guys around me!? Open-mouthed smile Honestly, the only downfall of my day was attending my three hour lecture this morning! Even though I love school (especially the class I had this morning, Dietary and Nutritional Assessment) my mind was elsewhere this morning…

I just did not want to be in class. But, I got through it and spent the rest of the day with my Daddy and Uncle Open-mouthed smile 

Our last day together was a blast Open-mouthed smile I took them to yet another new restaurant for lunch, Smoke ‘n’ Bones Smile It was awesome and always is. They have the best chicken ever. So juicy and it is smoked, so it is extra flavourful Winking smile The restaurant is so chill. It was an ideal place to take the guys for lunch Smile 

The rest of our day was full of shopping Open-mouthed smile How lucky am I to have such great guys who tolerate my shopping addiction? Winking smile Honestly, I don’t know of too many guys who would walk around mall after mall, store after store, and still be OK when I suggest going grocery shopping Winking smile They are just wonderful. I will miss them so much. I think already do.

Seeing as how pretty much my entire day was spent shopping, I obviously have some things to share with you all Winking smile

But first, as promised, I will share a picture of my new coat that I bought yesterday Open-mouthed smile

lemonmuffin 002

I definitely received at least five-ish compliments on this beauty today? Smile I guess I did an OK job picking this item out Winking smile What do you think?

My other purchases are not fashion related, but total foodie purchases instead Open-mouthed smile However, they are not food items Winking smile 


What did Meg purchase?

Well, when I won my leadership award I was also awarded $150.00. I wanted to spend this money on something really special; therefore, I didn’t want to buy something that wouldn’t last me a long time such as clothing or food! The guys supported my decision, so this is what I bought with my award money Open-mouthed smile

150 001

A Cuisinart Waffle Iron AND 3.5 Quart Slow Cooker Open-mouthed smile 

Oh, I am going to have fun with these new friends of mine Winking smile

I had been thinking of purchasing both devices for quite sometime now, so when I saw them both today it was just meant to be Open-mouthed smile 

So, guess what’s for breakfast tomorrow? Winking smile

I think I’m going to make…

HAHA! You can bet your bottom dollar that I was walking around the department store quoting donkey after my purchase Winking smile Oh, I am so cool. You can’t deny it.

I even bought fresh strawberries from the market to top my waffles with Winking smile

FYI, I am currently drooling Smile

I have also already been searching up recipes to use in my slow cooker Open-mouthed smile I am so excited! It will be so convenient and helpful to use during my busy weeks at school Open-mouthed smile Which is every week, so I will be using this slow cooker frequently I am sure Winking smile

The last purchase I have to share with you all is…

My new Christmas tree Open-mouthed smile

lemonmuffin 005

I have never had an artificial tree before, since my parents and I always get fresh ones, but having an artificial tree for my little apartment is just the perfect thing I needed for welcoming the Christmas season into my home Open-mouthed smile However, when I go home for Christmas (on December 20th), my parents will have the real thing there Winking smile Smelling all Christmas-like and what not! Open-mouthed smile So excited. My Uncle set up my tree for me as I worked on some homework this evening Smile He did such a great job. Prettiest little tree I have ever seen Winking smile 

As for today’s Meatless Monday recipe, it’s a bit different than the others I have shared before, but seeing as how it is my blog and my Meatless Monday… there are no rules Winking smile (except for no meat, of course!)

This recipe isn’t as protein-packed as the others I have shared with you in the past, but I have to share this meatless recipe with you all because it was just so delicious Open-mouthed smile 

I made a beet and avocado sandwich!

awards 279

Greatest combination ever?

I think so.

The flavour and texture of this sandwich is like no other. You cannot pass this one up my friends!

I used Ezekiel bread and toasted it. Then I layered it up with sliced avocado’s and steamed beets!


That’s all I can say.

Even though I didn’t put goat cheese in my sandwich (I didn’t have any on hand at the time), the addition would be amazing and then you would have a source of protein Open-mouthed smile 

So there you have it friends! The best sandwich you will ever taste Smile Give it a try Winking smile 

awards 282

Slightly sweet from the beets and exceptionally creamy from the avo Winking smile 

Can you say perfection?

Did you have a Meatless Monday meal today? What was it!?
Do you have a waffle recipe to share with me?
What is your favourite slow cooker recipe?
What do you top your waffles with?
Are you a fan of Shrek?


My Mom’s phone calls Smile She is always so excited to hear about my day Smile

Talk to you tomorrow friends! Get ready for some pictures of my waffles Winking smile I am so excited if you haven’t noticed, yet…



About Meg (A Dash of Meg)

Hello, my name is Meg. I am a 20-year-old passionate Foods & Nutrition student on my way to becoming a Registered Dietitian who loves food, cooking, fitness, seafood, and a nice cup of tea.

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  1. Love the coat, your christmas tree, and your awesome new kitchen supplies!! I have a feeling you’re gonna be whippin up some amazing goodies heehee 😉

  2. YAYYYYYY for your new fun kitchen toys! Kitchen gadgets are one of the things that make me happiest in life 😀 Have fun!!

    And that coat? Totally adorable!!

  3. LOVE the new jacket!!! Cannot wait for all the recipes to come from your new purchases ❤ Oh and the sandwich, looks super yummy!! I'm a huge fan of beets 😀

  4. Meg, I love your christmas tree and your new kitchen gadgets!! I can’t wait to see the delicious waffles you make..yummy!!

    I’m so glad you like beets too! People always think it’s weird that I love them..but they really are tasty!

  5. Cute jacket.

    I adore my slow cooker, so nice to come home to a cooked meal!

  6. intrigued by that sandwich combo…and you are going to LOVE your crockpot!!!

  7. Love the new kitchen gadgets! 🙂 I am a bit bummed that I don’t get to have a Christmas tree this year! It just seems like kind of a hassle because I will be moving the week before Christmas. I just don’t want to drag a bunch of extra stuff back to my apartment only to have to pack it up and take it back home again. My veggie meal today was So Fly Fried Rice and it was definitely FLY! 🙂 I will be making it again for sure.

  8. Love love love EVERYTHING!!! I can’t wait to see what you make with your new kitchen toys!!

  9. I’ve never had a real Christmas tree before, so we’re opposites! I love your coat – I get so jealous of winter fashion. My husband teases me because when I say “I’m going to get a jacket” I bring back a cardigan – to me that is a jacket!

  10. I absolutely love beets and am quite fond (I think I might have gobbled up an entire one tonight…) of avocado as well but I never would have put them together. My daddy spoiled me (Not quite as nicely as your uncle and dad) by bringing me up cooked/peeled beets this weekend. Yum! I might just have to try this!!

    Looks amazing Meg. Can’t wait to hear your waffle creations and creative crockpot meals!

  11. Wooo for a new waffle maker- they are the best! I make a really easy (and delicious) batter: 3 whisked egg whites mixed with cinnamon, vanilla essence, 1/4 cup oat bran and 1/4 cup oats. Once ready, I top half with peanut butter and banana slices and the other half with strawberries and a ‘cheesecake dip’ (Greek yogurt mixed with strawberry fruit preserves)! Such a delicious breakfast and racks in 20g protein- not too shabby!

  12. Oh My Gosh! 😀 I love your new coat Meg! So cute!
    And your beautiful Christmas tree! I am so excited to come and see all your purchases!
    I know you are going to have fun cooking with them!
    So glad you’ve had a great visit with the guys!
    Love ya!
    Mom 😉

  13. I’m in love with your coat! And I’d say you definitely made the right choice on where to spend your $150. You’re going to use both of those constantly! I love my waffle iron. I usually top my waffles with peanut butter/almond butter, Earth Balance + cinnamon, or fruit. Yum!
    The sandwich looks amazing! I have an addiction to avocados and beets, but I’ve never eaten them together. Brilliant! I’m loving these Meatless Monday meals- keep ’em coming. 🙂

  14. Yay how exciting!!! That slow cooker can do wonderful things 😀 I have always had a fake tree! Just get some candles and you can easily make it smell like the real thing 😉 That sandwich looks awesome! NEver tried that combo before, I need to!

  15. OMG. I am in LOVE with your coat. so cute!! and it goes perfectly with your boots!!! aaah it makes me wish it weren’t currently 60 degrees here!

    That sandwich does look pretty awesome – I’ve never had Ezekiel Bread but I’ve heard it’s amazing as well – I’ll have to remember to pick some up at Whole Foods tonight! I did in fact have a meatless monday dinner yesterday – I made a black bean burger seasoned with cilantro, lime, and paprika, and topped with avocados and caesar dressing! and forgot to take a pic for WIAW, epic fail haha.

  16. Oh my god I am totally in LOVE with your jacket – it’s SOOO adorable!! You look great in it!

    You like beets? ME TOO!! I have never really met anyone that loves beets. I think they are amazing and so refreshing!! lol

    Waffle maker?? Can I be invited when you make some? haha. I think that’s a VERY good purchase! I would totally make waffles all the time if I had a maker – for now, I gotto stick to the frozen ones.

  17. “And tomorrow… I’M MAKIN’ WAFFLES! Hahaha I always say that. Favorite quote ever. Beets intimidate me! I’ve never eaten them before but avocado is amazing.

  18. Hahaha after that movie came out, I swear my family and I spent weeks saying that line from Shrek! 😛 I’m sooo jealous of your waffle maker. Can’t wait to see all your delicious waffle creations!

    Also I love the coat! 🙂

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