A Tour of London

Happy Sunday friends! Open-mouthed smile 
I hope everyone had a lovely day and a fun filled weekend Open-mouthed smile I definitely did. As you read, yesterday was quite a busy day, but it was fantastic Smile I like keeping busy and spending it with my guys made it so much better Winking smile 

It’s great to hear that so many of you love sashimi, too Open-mouthed smile It’s definitely a favourite of mine. I could probably definitely eat it every single day, so if anyone wants to schedule a sushi date with me I won’t turn you down Winking smile 
In fact, my good friend Chelsea and I are planning on going out for sushi this coming weekend Open-mouthed smile I am so pumped! Open-mouthed smile

Unfortunately, I didn’t consumer anymore sashimi today; however, I did have salmon for dinner Open-mouthed smile 
My Dad, Uncle, and I went out for dinner tonight before my student council meeting to McGinnis Landing. McGinnis Landing is a wonderful restaurant here in London. The food is always amazing. It is one of those restaurants that I tell people you are guaranteed a good meal Winking smile Highly recommended. One of my favourite things about this restaurant is that they offer a new “feature” menu each month! It’s great because this shows that the restaurant is conscious about seasonality Open-mouthed smile The feature menu will offer produce that pertains to that particular season and usually the meals offered on the feature menu reflect the season as well. Example, in the winter they feature more “comforting” foods such as chicken pot pie Smile 

I got a lovely portion of salmon. It was grilled and done to absolute perfection. I deemed it to be the best restaurant salmon I have had to this date Open-mouthed smile I could tell that it was fresh instead of frozen which made it all that much more delicious Open-mouthed smile

I failed at taking a picture of my entire meal. We had to wait a bit longer than usual to get our food due to a Christmas party placing an order before us, so I just dug right in Winking smile However, I did take a picture of the “crusty” piece of salmon (the end piece that was crispiest from grilling).

angelos 006

Why did I take a picture of this measly portion of salmon instead of my entire meal you ask!?

Well, the crispy piece is my Mom’s favourite and I immediately thought of her Open-mouthed smile 
I love you Mom. Wish you were here! xoxo

Seriously, I think of my Mom all of the time….

Which is why I took a picture of what I thought she would order if she were with us…

angelos 005

Not only was my dinner fabulous, but my entire day was fabulous Open-mouthed smile

It all started out with a super sweaty workout Winking smile My hamstring and glutes workout gets me every time Winking smile My Dad was pretty disgusted with my strong sweaty stench when I got back from the gym; he actually called me stinky and told me to get into the shower! Haha! I didn’t mind being given an order to shower though Winking smile I have the best shower head in the world now Winking smile My showers have been divine ever since the new addition Winking smile 

After I showered up and de-stunk myself(?), my Dad and I went to a beautiful church service Open-mouthed smile I love my church and once again the priests’ sermon was absolutely amazing and really inspired me. He spoke about using the talents that God has given us. It was incredibly inspirational, so I am thinking of doing an entire post just on what he had to say Open-mouthed smile it was beautiful. I highly recommend reading The Parable of the Talents, so you know what I will be referring to when I do my post Smile I won’t be able to measure up to the words of my priest, but I would love to write about how inspirational his sermon was and how we all can learn from it Smile

Even though I increased my intake at breakfast and after my workout, I developed a raging hunger during church, so we headed to Angelo’s for lunch immediately following the beautiful mass Open-mouthed smile 

Angelo’s is a breathtaking market in London that offers an incredible selection of produce, all the cheeses your little heart could imagine, an overwhelming variety of freshly baked breads, and, well, let’s just say I consider it to be another foodie’s paradise Winking smile In addition to the things I listed (which totally doesn’t give this place justice), Angelo’s also offers brunch, lunch, and dinner. Everything is made fresh to order Open-mouthed smile It’s super cool. You can never get bored of this place as there are so many options Open-mouthed smile 
I love this place and loved my lunch (rotisserie chicken with a whack load of fresh veg)Open-mouthed smile I think my Dad may be a little obsessed with this place as we have been there twice already (within 24 hours)… I wouldn’t be surprised if we went once more tomorrow… I will be needed groceries for the rest of the week Winking smile

The rest of our day was filled with touring more of the city and showing the guys my favourite finds in London Smile

One being The Little Red Roaster Smile They have great coffee (voted the best blend in London) and freshly baked goodies, wraps, sandwiches, etc. Despite their wonderful caffeinated blend, I opted for decaf (sticking with those November goals!)

I thought the quote on their chalk board was beautiful, so I have to share it with you all Open-mouthed smile

angelos 002

So true, hey?

A day wouldn’t be complete without hitting up the mall Winking smile And boy did I ever. Costa Blanca had a ginormous sale that made my eyes the size of saucers, so I spent the majority of my time there and walked out with a new fall coat Open-mouthed smile Ideally, I was in the search for black boots since all of my boots are brown and all of my coats are black, but I solved the problem with a new brown coat Winking smile Talk about being a problem solver Winking smile (Not to mention money saver, this coat was 50% off!)

I will most definitely give you all a little fashion shoot in my next post when I wear my new coat to school tomorrow! Winking smile

Tomorrow will be a good day, but as a sad one as it is Daddy’s and Uncle’s last full day here…
Until next time of course Winking smile 

I have 8:30 am class tomorrow, but will get to spend the afternoon and on with the guys Smile Looking forward to that very much!

I should probably go though as this post is really long. Oh well, hope you all enjoyed hearing about some of my favourite places here in London Open-mouthed smile Hope you guys visit me some day Winking smile I guarantee a good time Winking smile


Do you have any favourite places to go when you have guests visiting?
What has been your most recent clothing purchase?
What is the best thing you ate today?


Having a wonderful weekend filled with everything I hoped to do AND I got my homework done Open-mouthed smile


About Meg (A Dash of Meg)

Hello, my name is Meg. I am a 20-year-old passionate Foods & Nutrition student on my way to becoming a Registered Dietitian who loves food, cooking, fitness, seafood, and a nice cup of tea.

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  1. Sounds like the perfect Sunday! 🙂 I’d say the best thing I ate today was breakfast. I made protein pancakes and topped them with PB2 + 1/2 apple cooked in cinnamon and stevia!

  2. So glad you’re enjoying your time with your family!

    That salmon looks amazing!!! 🙂

    I woke up this morning and had the most amazing bowl of banana oat bran with peanut butter on top. It was a great way to start Sunday! : )

  3. yummm crispy salmon is the best!! glad you had a good weekend 🙂

  4. My husband won’t come near me when I get home from the gym – he always hustles me into the shower! Hehe but at least we know we’ve been working hard?!

  5. Can I come visit and go to these places with you? 🙂 Awesome!!! 😀

  6. your town sounds amazing im so jealous

  7. I love how much you enjoy salmon- my kinda girl :)! Best thing I ate yesterday was probably Lindt Sea Salt- kills me every time!

  8. It sounds like you had an amazing weekend, girl. Nothing beats spending time with family, good food, and shopping. Seriously, those might be my 3 favorite things!
    I can’t wait to see the coat that you bought! I went shopping today, as well. I figured since nothing else is working, retail-therapy might kick my sickness to the curb! Unfortunately, I’m still sick (it was worth a try) but I did make some awesome purchases!

    Oh, and I love that quote. So true. 🙂

  9. Hahahaha “De-Stunk” myself. This cracks me up!!!

    It sounds like you had a beautiful day full of sweat, good eats, inspiration and lots of love!!

    Gotta love Sunday’s!


  10. Gosh it’s been so long since I’ve been to London…14 years! That market sounds like a Foodie Heaven. Reminds me of a place here in Sydney I frequent almost every weekend 🙂

  11. That market sounds amazing and yet super dangerous for my wallet haha 😉

  12. lol my dad loves angelos too! haha he goes everytime he comes to london. maybe its a dad thing?? sounds like u had an amazing weekend!

  13. It looks like you had a lovely weekend! Reading about all these places really makes me want to go back to London!!
    That mushroom pizza sounds super yum! Your mom has good taste 😉 And haha love the ‘de-stunk’!

  14. I had salmon last night too – it was 4x the size of the picture you show! I get a bit overzealos with my portions…oops.

  15. Looks like it was a great time 🙂 So glad you had a good time with your family! I havent purchased clothing recently, but there are these gorgeous infinity scarves at target that I want!! They come in like 10 colors, I want them all!!

  16. I love these posts about London! I’ve never been there before, so it’s great to get the scoop (seeing as I’m moving there). I feel like I already know where all the good stuff is from following your blog haha! THANKS!!

  17. Good job with the decaf. I often forget about my goals when I’m in the middle of things or out with other people. Whoops!

    My last clothing purchase was a snazzy cocktail dress that I can’t wait to wear on Friday. Woop woop!

  18. The service at my church yesterday was awesome too!!! 🙂 Definitely the best way to start the week! and I love that quote. Seriously, why not love life?!

  19. our sermon yesterday was the parable of talents too!! It really hit home for me, about using your gifts to serve god – I definitely left thinking up new ideas for things to do with the things I’m good at!

    OMG that market and coffee shop sound divine! I have kind of an obsession with cute coffee shops haha. Enjoy your last day with the boys!

  20. Oh my, that pizza sounds delicious! I’m glad you had such a wonderful and productive weekend!

  21. When I am home, I definitely have favorite spots to bring people. Here, everything is new, so it’s always a fun game to see if it will be good or not!

  22. OH my goodness that salmon sounds great!! Looks like you are having such a nice time with your family 🙂

  23. The crispy part is my favorite too!! Be it salmon, steak, chicken, anything grilled! So delicious.

    I have the opposite problem as you: I need brown boots! And don’t have any black coats.

  24. When you are in Regina sometime you and I must go out for sushi! Tomoya on Victoria avenue is AWESOME!

    The last piece of clothing I bought? Hmmm…It’s been so long I cannot remember…Maybe a hoody in summer? I NEED new clothes!

    The best thing I ate today was sweet potato hummus!

  25. I LOVE that your mom and you love the crispy part of the fish best. That is ABSOLUTELY my favorite part. When I cook my fish, I work so hard every time to make as much of it as crispy as I can 😛

    And hamstring & glute workouts? My absolute favorite … 😀

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