S to the 5

Happy Saturday lovely friends of mine Open-mouthed smile How was everyone’s day?

It was a gorgeous day here in London and I have so much to share with all of you Smile Interestingly, all of the things I have to share with you can be categorized under a word starting with an “s” Winking smile So, I thought it would be fun to roll with that Winking smile 

Welcome to my “S” to the 5 post Winking smile Here are the 5 S’s of my Saturday! Let’s get going! Open-mouthed smile


As I shared yesterday, my Daddy, Uncle, and I went to the London Knights hockey game Open-mouthed smile It was super fun and I am so happy we went. Hockey is my second favourite sport to watch (curling comes first and always will; it’s kind of a big deal in my family), so I thoroughly enjoyed how I spent my night last night with the guys Open-mouthed smile My Uncle is really into hockey, too, so I know he loved it. Daddy loved it too.

Unfortunately, we lost. But, it was still a great game. It was an exciting one! Especially once it was over… seriously, take a look at this!

stothe4 005

I am not one for hockey fights, but I have never witnessed this happening before. The entire team broke out into a fight. At one point in time each player was holding another player ready to go at each other. So entertaining. I couldn’t help but take pictures! It just looked too hilarious not to capture.

stothe4 006

stothe4 008

stothe4 011

The sports theme carried on to today when I found out that the Western Mustangs were playing McMaster for the Yates Cup!

The two guys love football and since the weather was a gorgeous 11 above, I thought that going to the football game would be quite enjoyable for me as well Winking smile

Football, not my favourite, but I have been watching more and more football lately, so now that I have a sense of what is going on I enjoy it much more than I used to Smile 

stothe4 025

Being with my two favourite guys made it even more enjoyable, too! Sunny weather or not, I love being with my Daddy and Uncle Smile

stothe4 026

stothe4 027

Once again, our team didn’t win. Maybe we are bad luck? I guess we’ll test that theory… watching the London Knights’ game on TV right now with the guys… We’re having more of a relaxing night tonight Smile My boys are tired Winking smile


That’s right friends, my sashimi cravings have been satisfied Open-mouthed smile Finally.

We went to my favourite Sushi restaurant in London for lunch Open-mouthed smile 

stothe4 021

I highly recommend going to Gozen Bistro if you are or ever will be in London and need to sink your teeth into some top notch sushi Open-mouthed smile 

Today, I went with a sashimi set which comes with a house salad (super fresh mix of veg served with the best salad dressing ever), the best miso soup you will ever try, a cup of rice, and my favourite…

stothe4 023

Drool worthy sashimi. Oh goodness. Would you just look at that!?

The way I work it is… take a little bite of each piece and determine which is my favourite, then save the best for last Winking smile You always have to save the best for last in my world Winking smile

The salmon wins. The salmon always wins at Gozen Bistro. They should win an award for their salmon sashimi.

I could have some for an evening snack right now it’s that good.


Today was weird. Well, my morning workout was weird. I kind of felt weak and not totally into my workout which was super odd because it was shoulder training day and I live for shoulder training day. I just couldn’t get into it, but I managed to work up a sweat anyway Winking smile I did my usual shoulder routine, but ended with this sweaty circuit…

(for those of you with an interval timer, set it for 16 rounds of 10 and 50 – using the 10 seconds to rest and 50 to work)

Jump rope with high knees – 50 seconds

(10 second rest)

Mountain climbers with medicine ball – 50 seconds

(10 second rest)

V sit ups – 50 seconds

(10 second rest)

Russian twist with medicine ball – 50 seconds

(10 second rest)

The circuit will take you through each exercise 4 times. Let me know if you try this Open-mouthed smile 

Sometimes I do 15 mins of HIIT on the treadmill right after my shoulder workout, but today I just wasn’t feeling it, so I made this circuit instead and I enjoyed it Smile You just gotta do what you love doing and today I was feeling like changing it up a bit Smile


I had a nice little surprise for myself tonight Smile Last Tuesday, as in November 1st, I wrote a really difficult exam – Advanced Food Science. To be honest, I thought I failed. Like, a big time fail. I didn’t have much time to study for this exam (only the Monday prior to), so I was pretty scared to get my mark back.

Marks were posted today and I was pleasantly surprised Smile Although I did not do as well as I would have liked to on a regular exam, under the circumstances I was in and due to the fact that I literally thought I big time failed, I am happy with my mark Smile Smiles here tonight! Passing marks are always welcome! Open-mouthed smile


Alright, I just had to fit this into tonight’s post Winking smile 

Quick update on last night’s Marlin steak Open-mouthed smile

stothe4 001


Done to perfection!

New favourite!?

stothe4 002

So thick and juicy.

Do you agree that “saliva” was an appropriate heading? Winking smile 

Well guys, I’m off to do some biochem homework now… I have been a huge slacker in the homework department lately and should probably finish this paper that I have due on Monday…

Come back tomorrow for some more chit chat Winking smile Love you all!


How do you feel about hockey fights?
What do you order when you go for sushi?
Does your homework fall to the wayside when you have visitors?


I appreciate all of the hugs I have been getting from my Daddy and Uncle Open-mouthed smile I am such a hug lover.


About Meg (A Dash of Meg)

Hello, my name is Meg. I am a 20-year-old passionate Foods & Nutrition student on my way to becoming a Registered Dietitian who loves food, cooking, fitness, seafood, and a nice cup of tea.

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  1. Mmm that sashimi and marlin steak are making me drool! I just can’t get enough seafood haha 😉
    Looks like your weekend is going great!

  2. I love hockey fights. lol. I don’t understand a thing about the game besides goals and fights! My homework usually falls by the wayside when I have visitors but it happens. Gotta have a balance. I have actually never gone out for sushi. I’ve tried it once at a benefit dinner but that is the only time!

  3. Ahahaha…the word saliva creeps me out so much. But I will admit that the fish is totally mouth watering! And the SASHIMI…oh my goodness!

  4. Yum I was tossing up between marlin or salmon last night! I ended up going with a huge slice of salmon fillet 🙂 Sushi my fave food in the world I normally order an eel obento box or a tuna/salmon wild rice roll!

    Homework! ‘What homework?’…visitors come first!

  5. I am such a fish lover so this post is totally drool-worthy! Salmon sashimi is my absolute favorite: melts like butter! Glad to see you having a fab weekend 🙂

  6. I love sushi and hockey fights ! 🙂

  7. I looove sushi! It’s my all time favourite food, and I always have it when I’m craving something “off” my diet – because I know it’s still good for me! Tuna sashimi is definitely my favourite kind.

    From my husband: Go Spits, go!

  8. Sounds like a great Saturday! 🙂 Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  9. Ever since the weather started getting colder I’ve had my eye out for new workouts, this circuit sounds great, and I’m going over to check out the shoulder workout! 🙂

  10. wow a hockey fight??!! i think that would be kinda tricky with the ice and all…! i LOVE rugby and there are often fights but somehow its always just one guy bashing another one- not sticks flung around everywhere. ( i guess coz there are no sticks in rugby). i also always order sashimi.. and miso soup and a seaweed salad! thanks for sharing your saturday!

  11. You are so adorable…Being away from your family must really be tough!

    Growing up, hockey was always on my uncle’s television…My husband is also a huge sports fan and as such its always on in our house…For me, I’d rather not sit down and watch game BUT I sure do enjoy the comforting sound of it playing in the background while I cook away in my kitchen!

    I definitely let my studies fall when I have other plans…NOT GOOD!

  12. I live for sashimi!! I decided last weekend that I wanted it to be my birthday dinner this year! 😀

    that steak looks amazing!!

    happy Sunday!! 😀

  13. nice workout! and good looking food too 🙂

  14. aww looks like you had such a fantastic weekend with the boys! I love sushi, but I’ve never been brave enough to try sashimi before! I guess when I do I’ll go with salmon! And so jealous of your sports watching -I love love LOVE watching football and hockey – I’ve actually spent most of the afternoon on the couch watching my own football team lose, hah. good luck with Biochem!!

  15. I love hockey fights!! Only in pro hockey though. My little sister plays ice hockey and I get scared when she gets checked! I love how you titled the last S saliva. I definitely think that is accurate!!

  16. That sushi looks out of this world. Yummm. I almost got sushi this weekend, but everyone in my family all got some horrible stomach flu, and I didn’t want to get it after having had eaten sushi. I’ve been there once before… and it wasn’t fun.

  17. We don’t get to go to live ice hockey games here in Sydney. It seems such a violent game. It’s a miracle the players make it to the end of the game alive. Your weekend sounded hectic!

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