#WorkoutWednesday & a #MeatlessMonday Recipe on a Wednesday!

Hey hey friends Open-mouthed smile It’s hump day! You know what that means!

#workoutwednesday Winking smile

Oh, how I love Twitter…

I never thought I would love it as much as I do, but you can really get addicted! I love tweeting, sharing my most random thoughts and opinions, and chatting with my blogger friends Smile It’s a great way to get to “know” one another Smile 

Anyways, back to #workoutwedneday or just working out on a Wednesday in general…

As you know by now, I love getting to the gym, letting out the inner beast, and working up a sweat Smile However, Wednesdays are always filled with mixed emotions. It’s not the fact that I don’t want to go to the gym (because I do), but it is because I am such a morning person and I can’t make it to the gym early enough to make it to class on time.

In reality, I probably could pull it off, but I hate being late and would never want to risk it. Plus, if I can work out over my lunch hour instead of being rushed all morning and staring at the clock throughout my entire workout to ensure I won’t be late for class, I’ll go with the noon workout instead of the morning.

Having said that, Wednesday after Wednesday I continue to dread working out during my lunch hour; however, Wednesday after Wednesday I leave the gym feeling so fired up Winking smile Wednesday workouts are amazing. Honestly, I am seeing such progress in my legs, so I think that is what really keeps me motivated to go strong Open-mouthed smile 

I hope to post some progress pics soon! Smile I guess they aren’t technically progress pictures seeing as how I don’t have a “before” picture, but trust me… I had no muscle definition on these legs of mine. I have always been like that though; growing up I was always called chicken legs by my beloved family Open-mouthed smile It was a loving nickname, trust me.

With my new love for my noon workouts on Wednesdays, I became incredibly excited for next Wednesday until I remembered that I have a group meeting scheduled over the lunch hour Sad smile Now I have a new dilemma… Maybe I will be adventurous and finally try out a quickie morning workout? We’ll see…

So, last night I left you all with a drool-worthy picture Winking smile

Look familiar? Winking smile

lentilsoup 010

I don’t know about you, but I am drooling… Winking smile

Not to toot my own horn or anything, but I am pretty impressed with myself when it comes to this soup creation Winking smile It was spontaneously created right after I came home from hot yoga Monday night.

On Friday when I went grocery shopping, I thought it would be fun to buy some red swiss chard and experiment in hopes of creating a good recipe Smile and that I did folks! Winking smile

I love swiss chard, but usually enjoy it steamed and seasoned with some lemon pepper. Yummy! But, I have been craving more “autumn-type” or “comfort” foods lately and I think soup fits quite perfectly into that category Winking smile 

This recipe is super easy and I packed it for my lunch at school Open-mouthed smile 

Don’t doubt that I bragged to everyone around me about how wonderful my lunch was. I am pretty sure the entire student council office knew that I created a new recipe and each ingredient it contained Winking smile Talk about being a foodie hey?

lentilsoup 015

Swiss Chard and Lentil Soup

1 tsp olive oil

2/3 cup celery, diced

1/2 – 1 tsp cumin

3 cups swiss chard, chopped (I used red swiss chard which added a beautiful colour!)

1 cup brown lentils (I used canned)

1 cup vegetable broth (I used low-sodium)


garlic powder*

Begin by cooking celery in heated sauce pan with oil. Add cumin. Cook until celery is transparent or becomes soft. Add remaining three ingredients. Bring to boil and allow flavours to come together. Season with freshly ground black pepper and garlic powder.

*Note: you could also sauté fresh garlic along with the celery

This was so tasty Smile I highly recommend it to all of you Smile 

If there isn’t enough protein in this soup for you…

Give it a dose of extra lean ground turkey Winking smile 

lentilsoup 020

I am wanting to make this again already Open-mouthed smile I might have to make it for my Daddy when he comes tomorrow Open-mouthed smile I am so excited! I have so much planned, so I have been working on homework for the entire afternoon.

Let me know if you try the recipe! Open-mouthed smile I always love your feedback Open-mouthed smile 

Have a wonderful night!

When is your ideal workout time? I go at 8:00 am if it’s up to me Smile
Do you have Twitter? I do! Obviously Winking smile Follow me if you aren’t already! @adashofmeg Smile
Did your family have nicknames for you growing up? Of course mine did Smile Like I said chicken legs, but I have many more… to this day I am called Bug or Mouse by my Mom Smile 


I am currently loving the +17 degree weather we have been getting here Open-mouthed smile I am crossing my fingers that it stays… at least while my Daddy is here! Poor people in Saskatchewan are already dealing with snow Sad smile 

Have a great night friends! I’m going to read some of your blogs now Winking smile




About Meg (A Dash of Meg)

Hello, my name is Meg. I am a 20-year-old passionate Foods & Nutrition student on my way to becoming a Registered Dietitian who loves food, cooking, fitness, seafood, and a nice cup of tea.

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  1. i’m in a battle with twitter right now. i have stuff to get done, but i can’t seem to get off it!! love it 🙂

  2. I dont do twitter or facebook, etc …too media-crazy for me.

    So you used ground beef too? What kind of ground beef do you buy? I just cannot find organic and all I can find is the president choice brands or something…so

    Is ground turkey just as good also?

  3. Everyone in my high school called me bird legs too! My parents call me “girl” though haha really original, eh? 😉
    That soup looks good! I really gotta work on not being so lazy in the kitchen haha

  4. Yummm!! Another fabulous meatless recipe! I love it! I didn’t really have any nicknames growing up…I like “Mouse” though! So cute 🙂

    I love morning workouts too! They are the perfect start to a day and you don’t have to worry about squeezing it in later!

    Obviously I have Twitter and follow your beautiful face every single day! Thanks for the comment on my blog today and also for liking my post! xo

  5. Ooo great meatless recipe! You have done it again Meg 🙂
    My ideal workout time is 7:45-8 am too!! It’s the best time in my opinion

  6. Hey girl! This is my first visit to your blog and I LOVE it! Great recipes! I am SUCH a morning person too (I wake up at 4 to get to the gym before work) so I can totally understand of not wanting to go to the gym during lunch hour…but doesn’t it feel AWESOME after you actually do it? haha

    Anyway, that soup looks delicious! Cant wait to make some!

  7. As long as there is sunshine I love AM workouts!

    Looks yummy!

  8. I am making this soup very soon—it looks so good and comforting on a cold day!

  9. You totally need crusty bread to soak up your soup!

    I live alone and actually try to find single-serving recipes. hard to find really.

  10. Okay, that soup looks AMAZING. Your recipes just keep getting better and better. 🙂
    I prefer to work out really early in the morning (between 6 and 7 am). I don’t know why, I just have the most energy at that time and it always feels awesome to kickstart my day with a exercise. If I don’t make it in the morning I usually workout around noonish, before I eat lunch. And that seems to be a great time as well!

  11. I say go for the early morning workout! Have you tried working out in the evenings? It works better for some people, because you have more calories in your body. I love my 7.30am workouts though and I’d never change!

    My nickname was/is Pig, of course 😉 Although that was given to me by my friends and then carried across to everyone else hehe

  12. That recipe is pretty much the same as one of my fave soups my dad made for me growing up 🙂 I love brown lentils!
    I like working out 6am or earlier…lol I’m an early bird. Sleeping in isn’t in my vocab.
    Nicknames I’ve been given, Isa, Izzy, Belle.

  13. oh hey I love twitter too! we should be twitter friends! 😀 I’m like you, I’m all about the morning workout. Well, actually it really depends what I’m doing. most of what I do is running, and running MUST happen first thing in the AM – I could get my body used to afternoon running (night running = not safe lol) but it would take a LOT of work! other forms of cardio I prefer to do in the AM – especially swim & elliptical. But biking, whether outdoors or indoors, I much prefer in the evening! And strength work, I actually prefer in the evening too. But regardless, the workout has to happen before a meal and not after…my stomach is not a happy camper haha. Quite picky about my workout times apparently! 😛

    I looooove the soup recipe! I thought I saw Swiss Chard in there, its one of my favorite veggies! And I totally talk about food w/ my friends too – it’s so great to have buddies that I can send a text message to that details what amazing thing I’m currently eating lol

  14. That soup sounds soooo good!! I am always looking for recipes to use lentils in. Soups are perfect! I spend most of the year working out in the afternoon because of school and that’s when cross country practice is, but if I had it my way I would be up at 8 am every morning to run, just like I do during the summer!

  15. I love early morning workouts 🙂

  16. I love working out first thing, 8/8.30 is ideal for me…it doesn’t feel like torture getting out of bed and the gym isn’t too busy! I am such a social media junkie- facebook, blogs, twitter–> all mega time suckers in my life! Have a great day, girlie!!

  17. Oh man, twitter is soooo addicting! I didn’t think I’d like it much either, but I was wrong.

    The soup looks great! It’s rainy here, so that would be perfect for lunch.

  18. Wow, yum! I LOVE lentil soup! I eat it all the time. Especially in these winter months. I need to book mark this 🙂

    My ideal workout time is ever changing. It’s about 5-7pm on monday-wednesday when I have class earlier in the day. Then it’s mid day on thursday when I have class at night. Then Friday, and saturday its about 10-11am. It’s all over the place haha I make time 🙂

  19. Fav time to workout is like 9 or 10, so that my coffee and breakfast has digested perfectly 🙂

    Oh gosh nicknames from family…Katio, Kate, Big Red, pebbles, booger….

  20. I LOVE Twitter! 🙂 It makes it so easy to communicate with other bloggers! The most memorable nickname I can think of is “Abby Cakes Junior”. That is what my great uncle always called me. I’m not really sure why but I thought it was kind of cute! lol.

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