Let’s Get Sweaty

Hello beauties Open-mouthed smile It’s Tuesday, my favourite!

My morning started off with some great pancakes. I like to call them the perfect protein pancake Winking smile

Perfect Protein Pancake

1 1/2 TBSP cottage cheese

1/4 cup egg whites

1/2 scoop protein powder (I used caramel latte, but any flavour will work!)

1/4 cup + 2 TBSP rolled oats

Combine all ingredients and blend (I, of course, used my magic bullet!). Cook like any other pancake (flip when bubbles form on top…)

ppp 002

Beautiful, aren’t they? That is why they are called the perfect protein pancake Winking smile

ppp 004

It seems as though what I will be having for breakfast is a dead give away when there are raspberries in my fridge Winking smile I just love piling them on some fluffy pancakes Open-mouthed smile Delicious!

What is your favourite way to enjoy raspberries? Maybe I can switch things up a bit! I know you all are full of amazing ideas Winking smile

My back and biceps workout was definitely a sweaty one. I went to the gym quite energetic this morning. I love it when that happens. I sure let out the inner beast today Winking smile I think it helps when you love your workouts as much as I do. Those pull ups always get me pumped up Winking smile They are such a challenge. I am really trying to work on using my full range of motion while doing them. It’s so easy to cheat and not use your full range of motion, but I like putting 100% in (or 110%) everything I do Winking smile

Some things I keep in mind while doing my pull ups are:

– Straightening my arms when I descend/return to starting position

– Keeping good posture. I try to lead my chest upward

– Keep my legs in line with my torso

– Attempt to pull my chin above to bar as high as possible

I find it extremely helpful talking yourself through an exercise and reminded yourself of important techniques to keep proper form, especially if you are just starting out Smile

Even though I did work up a bit of a sweat during this morning’s workout, it was nothing like the sweat that I worked up last night during my hot yoga class!

Yep, that’s right Open-mouthed smile I am already crossing things off of my list of November goals! Winking smile 

I really had no idea what to expect, so I talked to Tara before hand just to get a heads up! She gave me some tips on what to wear. I wore these Lululemon shorts and a tank top that wasn’t too loose as I didn’t want everyone in the class checking out my abs as I did the downward dog Winking smile haha!

When I first walked into the hot yoga studio I didn’t even find the room that hot. I was honestly thinking, “Really? This is it?”. But trust me, I was dripping within the first few minutes of holding some poses.

Class began with everyone in savasana. It was at this point in time where I was reflecting on how much hotter I expected the room to be. After a few minutes of lying in savasana, the actual class began. Oh, and so did my sweatiness.

The class was 60 minutes and the first half hour focused on poses such as warrior one, two, and three, and many other poses which really challenged my balance. I am a dancer, so my balance is usually pretty flawless, but after Sunday’s intense leg workout my legs were definitely feeling it all day yesterday, so my balance was not as good as usual. However, I still managed to hold eagle pose, garudasana, and tree pose, vrksasana Smile

I thoroughly enjoy yoga, but pilates is definitely more up my alley. So, when the teacher announced that the last half of the class was more along the lines of power yoga I became really excited Smile And really sweaty Winking smile

We did so much core work it was awesome! Toe touches, leg raises (extremely slow ones!), and hovered our heels above the ground for long lengths of time! I love the shaky feeling when I engage my abs as hard as possible! I was definitely feeling it last night!

The last half of the class flew by really fast as I enjoyed it much more than the slower more traditional style yoga.

Overall, I loved the class and will be going back Smile However, I don’t think I will go on Monday nights again…

I believe that a teacher makes or breaks a class and although I enjoyed the class last night, I just couldn’t stand the teacher. I found her quite rude towards whoever was not using proper form when in a pose. She actually told a girl next to me that her feet were “12 feet apart not hip width like she said”.

Yeah, ok woman. Highly impossible to have your feet 12 feet apart.

I exaggerate too, but to point this out in front of the entire class and single the girl out was not necessary. So, when I was at the gym this morning I asked if there were different hot yoga teachers and there is Smile So, I will be attending their classes before I get singled out by this woman for doing something improperly.

Next time I go to class, I think I will bring my friend who also has a membership at my gym, but I did enjoy going by myself last night Smile It was such a great way to end my day Smile Odd thing though was how energetic I felt after the class. Class ended at 9:00 and when I got home I had so much energy! Seriously, I had so much energy that I created this soup at 10:00 pm!

lentilsoup 011

I am going to be a complete tease though and keep the recipe all to myself Winking smile


Open-mouthed smile

You have to wait for tomorrow, though Smile haha!

I like making you guys wait sometimes Winking smile Now go make those perfect protein pancakes and don’t complain! I promise, a recipe for one of the best soups of life is to come tomorrow Open-mouthed smile

Love you all! I have to go do biochemistry homework now… Hug me.


Does yoga wind you down or give you energy? Last year I went to yoga every Friday night and felt even more energetic after class than before!
What are you appreciative for today?
Have you tried hot yoga before? How did you enjoy it?
Have you ever had a bad teacher for some type of fitness class? Share your story!


I definitely screamed with appreciation when I got the last parking stall when I arrived to school today…

Lucky me Smile



About Meg (A Dash of Meg)

Hello, my name is Meg. I am a 20-year-old passionate Foods & Nutrition student on my way to becoming a Registered Dietitian who loves food, cooking, fitness, seafood, and a nice cup of tea.

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  1. finding a parking space is the best!!!!!!! i’ve actually never tried yoga. i’ve been thinking about trying it but i’m scared!

  2. Thanks for sharing your hot yoga thoughts! I’m anxious to give it a shot. I’m definitely more of a pilates/ power yoga type of gal (yet another similarity!) so I hope the class at my gym is along those lines as well.
    I couldn’t agree more that the teacher makes the class! I want to enjoy my workouts, not feel uncomfortable or singled-out. Thankfully, all of the instructors at my current gym have been amazing!
    Today I was appreciative for my car’s heater. haha! It was freeeezing when I left for the gym at 6 am and I was so happy that my car warmed up quickly. 🙂

  3. Yay for hot yoga! I’m more of a power yoga kinda girl too. The slow stuff makes my mind go bananas! You pancakes do look pretty perfect and pleeeeease tell me that is a meatless soup! It looks so delicious!

  4. Oh my goodness Meg – you never told me you were a dancer!! I was too, until last year! Now I love you even more ❤

    I'm so glad you enjoyed the yoga class but the teacher really does make or break it. One teacher at my gym I cannot stand (he's so boring and slow moving through the poses), one guy is super tough and I always end up panting, but my favourite is the girl who pushes us but also gives us plenty of stretching/cooldown time at the end. I ALWAYS fall asleep during savasana at the end – so you could definitely say it relaxes me 😉

  5. oh wow… i have walked out of SO many spinning classes. teachers not even on the bike..singing, DANCING, checking themselves out in the mirror. no no- i cant deal with it. now i don’t even bother going to classes anymore i just do my own thing. i used to be an instructor myself so i just cant take a bad class!! great pancakes!

  6. Andrea Docherty

    I’ve been waiting to hear how hot yoga went! 🙂 Glad it was good for the most part, besides that instructer. It would probably throw me off the rest of the yoga class if I got called out like that. Well if you do want to stull go together I want to try out a class there so let me know if you choose another day to go!

  7. I’ve always wanted to try hot yoga and by the sounds of this it is a great workout. I’ll have to look for a studio in my area that offers it!

  8. I am enjoying raspberries on my greek yogurt, raw oats, banana and cocao nibs as I type this. It kicks bum cheeks!! I love the chewiness of raw oats…

    I also love that you took a picture of the parking stall…That is such a blogger thing to do 😉

    I totally agree about the fitness teacher thing…Last night’s Zumba class (which I will review today on RFKW) was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced…And it was all because of the fitness teacher!! I won’t say anymore!

  9. Omg I didn’t know you were a dancer! I was a ballerina for sooo long! love it! And oh man, hot yoga sounds AWESOME!! I don’t reeallly like heat that much haha but that class just sounds like so much fun – I might have to give it a shot. They don’t teach it at my gym but maybe I’ll treat myself to a class at a studio!

    We all know my favorite way to use raspberries is combined w/ chocolate haha – I’ve made raspberry mocha smoothies a few times, with chocolate milk, cocoa powder/chocolate protein powder, and a shot of espresso! 😀

  10. Can you say what times you eat each meal/snack? I have been very rigid, and wondering what others do.

    Also, that edamame salad from the last post…that’s just a side salad right…cause that is way too small for a meal!

  11. I LOVE that you’re already crossing things off your november goals list AND giving 110% in all you do. You. ROCK!

  12. Yum! I can’t wait to get that recipe. And congrats on already taking down some monthly goals! What an awesome gal you are!

  13. I feel like yoga helped to wind me down but I have never done hot yoga or a super hardcore class. I would love to try Bikram! One interesting teacher I had for a fitness class was during Body Pump. The lady was an absolute spaz and it was very distracting. It made me so mad because I had a hard time trying to listen to her and keep with the beat of the tracks at the same time! She also complained at the end of each track because it was tough for her. I avoid that class at all costs now! lol.

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