A Busy Meatless Monday

Hey friends Open-mouthed smile Late post for me tonight! Today was an incredibly busy day, but I look forward to my time blogging each night, so I fit it in when I can Open-mouthed smile Luckily I had one of the best sleeps of life last night, so I am not too tired while writing this post Winking smile 

I started my Meatless Monday off with a new to me oatmeal mix which turned out incredibly tasty Open-mouthed smile 

lentilsoup 001

I threw pineapple into my steel cut oats while cooking them in almond milk Smile Mmmm, such a sweet breakfast! It was great, though. I enjoyed this with a side of eggies, too Smile

I was at school by 8:00 am this morning and began class at 8:30. I always look forward to Monday morning class. It is my Dietary Assessment class and it is so interesting and pretty hands on for being a lecture, so I love it! I learn so much better when doing compared to just being lectured to or reading something out of a textbook.

Even though midterms ended, I am still really busy. I think I am even busier if that is even possible? It seems as though I always long for midterms to be over, but forget that after midterms school gets even crazier because suddenly all of the due dates for assignments start approaching and the assigned readings for every class seem to be piled on thicker and thicker.

I met with my professor today and discussed the blog I am creating. We are so excited to have it up and running soon! She gave me a list of all of the executive members of LHEA, so that will be the first thing that I enter into the blog.

I also met with two different groups today for two different assignments. My program is all about working as a team since interdisciplinary work is so important within health care; therefore, each class I am in seems to have some type of group project.

One of my meetings took place over the lunch hour while the other didn’t start until 6:00 pm. Luckily, the later of the two did not go very long, so I got to treat myself to something special tonight Smile

Hot yoga!

I have been dying to try either hot yoga or hot pilates at my gym ever since I saw that they were offered! Tonight was finally my night to test it out, so tomorrow I will definitely be discussing it with you Smile Tonight; however, is being fully dedicated to my wonderful Meatless Monday meal that I seriously have enjoyed four times in a row since I created it Smile Like I have mentioned in previous posts, I like variety, so sticking with the same meal day after day is not like me, but you know it’s a good recipe when I repeat it over and over again (especially on consecutive days! Winking smile)

awards 217

Edamame Bean Coleslaw with Miso Ginger Dressing

1 cup coleslaw mix

2/3 cup shelled edamame beans, steamed or boiled

1/2 – 1 red bell pepper, diced

1 TBSP miso paste

1 tsp ginger, minced or pureed

sesame oil

Combine first three ingredients in bowl. In a seperate bowl, combine miso and ginger. Mix well. Add sesame oil to thin out. Toss salad in dressing.

This is an exceptional salad Smile I love it because it is light and clearly, I didn’t get bored with it Winking smile I made a few variations of dressings, but the one I shared was my favourite. For a lighter version, you can thin out the dressing with some water; that worked well, too! I also tried soya sauce, but found it much too salty since miso paste is salty to begin with! I definitely did not repeat that dressing!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Meatless Monday Smile I know I did Smile I received oodles of comments after last night’s post and, once again, am grateful for each and everyone of them Smile All of you should know that you are truly wonderful individuals Smile Thank you for being my bloggy friends! I hope to meet you some day Smile Blogger convention perhaps!? I am not that far from the US border and I also know a pretty sweet girl who is only two hours away from me Winking smile Maybe we could car pool! Haha!

Sweet dreams to all of you! I can’t wait to chat about hot yoga tomorrow Open-mouthed smile 




Since I was at school all day today, I hauled a ton of stuff with me…

Ok, a ton of food (food is obviously more important than school work, am I right or am I right?)


2 coolers (one with mid-morning meal and lunch, the other with mid-afternoon snack and dinner)

1 school bag (textbooks, binders, laptop; the usual)

I seriously think this weighed more than two of me.

So, today I was thankful for having my car Open-mouthed smile I am so lucky Open-mouthed smile


About Meg (A Dash of Meg)

Hello, my name is Meg. I am a 20-year-old passionate Foods & Nutrition student on my way to becoming a Registered Dietitian who loves food, cooking, fitness, seafood, and a nice cup of tea.

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  1. Haha I love how much you hauled to school! That salad sounds delicious – I definitely need to mix my meals up more, so you always inspire me (and make me feel guilty!).

    I can’t wait to hear what you thought of hot yoga, and I’m glad you managed to make the class!

  2. I wasn’t kidding when I said you could fit into your lunch bag 🙂 These meals look wonderful- Even if they did weigh you down on your walk/car ride. Glad to see you are sticking to your goals. Hot yoga is amazing isn’t it? There are A TON of benefits (and I am sure a lot of people- my sister included- can tell you some “side effects”) but regardless, I look forward to hearing how your experience was. 🙂 Sleep tight!

    Yeah for fun classes!

  3. Pineapple in oatmeal?! You are a genius. That sounds amazing.
    I’m glad you’ve been able to help your professor in setting up the blog! I’m sure he really appreciates your help and the end result will look great. I have yet to try hot yoga- I can’t wait to hear what you thought of it! I take yoga regularly but have always been a little intimidated by the hot yoga class. I want to try it soon though!
    And girl, I’m always lugging around bags of food too! It can be a pain but it’s worth it to have healthy, delicious meals! Happy Meatless Monday! ❤

  4. You came prepared: I like it! And I love that bowl that the oatmeal is in! So perdyyyy

  5. Your daily haul looks like mine! Sometimes the excess lunch boxes can be annoying but man do they help tame the hunger beast! 😀
    Hope you like the yoga class! And for the record, I wish we could all meet up too heehee

  6. looks delicious. i’ve never tried edamame but it’s on my list!

  7. The last time I had edamame I got such a terrible stomachache.

    I also think I might be not good with dairy…which is not good cause I like yogurt and whey proteins a lot and I’m trying to gain…so cutting them out is putting me in panic mode 😦

    But I get a lot of gas buildup in my body that is incredibly tough.

    I used to eat dairy ALL the time for years and years and no problems…can it just magically become a problem one day???

  8. love that you come prepared to school!! I do the same thing with work. My coworkers always laugh with how many bags I bring! (purse, school work to study, and lunch)

  9. Haha I’m such a bag lady too. I swear I’m just setting myself up for future back problems by hauling around all my stuff every day! 😛

    That coleslaw recipe looks so good! Where do you find miso paste though? I’ve always wanted to try it out.

  10. I’ve never had anything miso-flavored before but that salad looks like fun! I love bright foods haha. And WOW way to come to school super-prepared! I think that definitely goes with your environmentally -friendly goal too – less gas spent going home for meals, less plastic waste from purchasing food – double win! 😀

  11. Haha I totally hear you on the bringing food thing… always bring huge bags with me, sans car. But then again, I’m not bringing two COOLERS. You’re a champ!

    PS How was biochem for ya??

  12. That salad looks fantastic! I love fresh ginger! It kicks things up a notch and is SO good for you!!

    I’m looking forward to reading about the hot yoga! I’m off to a Zumba class now!

  13. This salad is perfect for me! I love every single one of these ingredients. You read my mind!

  14. You should see how much food I bring to work 😉

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