Meatless Monday No. 2

Happy Meatless Monday one and all Open-mouthed smile Also, Happy Halloween to all of you too Winking smile Wow. Today is quite the popular day Winking smile Did anyone go to work or school dressed up today?

Yesterday for BOOM day we were asked to dress up, but with the lack of interest I have in the so-called holiday, I really did not want to dress up. Several of my friends who would be attending BOOM day along with me felt the same way, so they weren’t dressing up either. However; sometimes I get creative very last minute and come up with the best costume of all…

A Lululemon employee sounded good to me? Winking smile haha! What do you think!?

couch 012

I was deemed as being “clever” by all who attended BOOM day Winking smile Clever. I like that. Winking smile

P.s. my hair is looking quite outrageous these days due to the fact that…
a) I need a haircut desperately and
b) this happened:

bfastlove 010

Yeah, the ceramic plate may have decided let go and scorch my poor forehead Sad smile

It wasn’t as dramatic as it sounds, but I did leave the seen with a small burn mark… *cough* on my hand from picking up the extremely hot ceramic plate because I wasn’t thinking… *cough*

Today, I was woken up by the hunger monster, so I made these bad boys

bfastlove 005

Some pancakes smothered in the best combo of toppings, of course Open-mouthed smile Chocolate protein greek yogurt whip and raspberries! I am sure Kate will agree Winking smile We both love the chocolate – raspberry combo Winking smile A definition of deliciousness right there.

bfastlove 006

Seriously, who needs syrup when you have fresh fruit to make your own!?
Love my fresh-fruit “syrups”! Open-mouthed smile

bfastlove 008

So today is day number two of my new Meatless Monday tradition Open-mouthed smile And I am super excited to share another meatless dish with all of you Open-mouthed smile 

This week, the recipe for Meatless Monday is a tofu wrap made with collard greens Smile

couch 005

Collard Green Tofu Wrap

1 large collard green leaf

2 oz. tofu (I used my amazing smoked tofu!)

favourite veggies!

This is a really versatile meal and super easy to pack and take along with you for some clean and healthy eats throughout the day Smile 

Begin by washing your collard leaf really well. Next, remove as much as the stem as you can. I took my knife and trimmed off the stem from the back of the leaf. Now the fun part! Stuff your wrap with your favourite veggies and tofu Open-mouthed smile Make it even tastier by spreading some hummus, guacamole, peanut sauce, or your favourite dressing on the inside of the leaf!

Personally, I fancied up my wraps with smoked tofu, hummus, cucumber, red bell pepper, tomato, and lots of cucumber! They were incredibly tasty Open-mouthed smile These wraps can also be made with chicken, tuna, shrimp, etc. if you don’t want to go meatless Winking smile 

The leaves of the collard green works amazing in replace of a regular flour wrap and holds up really well Smile 

You can definitely add some quinoa into the wrap for extra protein and some complex carbohydrates, too! Open-mouthed smile 

couch 001

I love versatile recipes and meal ideas Winking smile You can have so much fun with them Open-mouthed smile

I hope you enjoyed my new meatless recipe and try it out for yourself Open-mouthed smile I’m off to study now, though! Exam number 4 out of 6 is tomorrow and this girl’s gotta get her study on Winking smile Nerd mode tonight for sure. I have pretty much been in nerd mode all day, though. What’s new?

I cannot wait for Saturday night. Midterms will be over! Open-mouthed smile

What is your favourite topping for pancakes? Homemade fruit syrup Open-mouthed smile
Straight, curly, or wavy? How does your mane flow? Mine has a funky kink, but I can deal with it Winking smile
Favourite filling for wraps? I wish I had some sprouts for these Open-mouthed smile I love the crunch sprouts add to wraps!

Have a good night friends! Chat with you all tomorrow Open-mouthed smile



About Meg (A Dash of Meg)

Hello, my name is Meg. I am a 20-year-old passionate Foods & Nutrition student on my way to becoming a Registered Dietitian who loves food, cooking, fitness, seafood, and a nice cup of tea.

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  1. Yum! I love collard wraps! I love adding avocado or guacamole – definitely gives the wrap some amazing creaminess! I need to find this smoky tofu of yours. It sounds delicious!

    I’ve got a kink in my hair too! i usually don’t mind it though. It’s pretty easy to handle 🙂

  2. That wrap looks delicious, I’ll have to hunt down some massive leaves to make that! 🙂 My hair is usually straight…but when humidity comes around, it’s a frizz machine haha
    Happy Halloween, gorgeous!

  3. I think we may be long lost twins 🙂

    I love heating up berries and putting them on top of the pancakes with yogurt.. berries on my oats is yummy too 🙂

    Sprouts.. LOVE! I wish the stores in the area though had nicer looking ones. They always seem to be hit or miss at home.

    And the hair.. well lets just say it all depends on my motivation in the morning. I love to have it straight but having to go to school in the morning makes it more difficult to accomplish haha (I’m also trying to cut back on the blow drying and straightening since of all the damage it can do :))

    Good luck on the last few midterms, Meg ❤ xo I know you won't need it though! 😀

  4. Wow those pancakes are huge!! I need them in my life 🙂

  5. i pretty much love all the food ideas featured in this post. especially those pancakes. holy yummmm!

  6. Clever costume! 🙂 My hair has a slight wave when I let it air dry but it is pretty manageable and can actually look pretty cute with a few products!

  7. So when can I come over 🙂 Hehe! That wrap looks amazing. I also LOVE avocado for some creaminess. Have you ever made rice paper wraps? (Cold Fresh Wraps) They taste great with shrimp (On a tuesday… lol), mango, red peppers and onions.. or shrimp avocado and cucumber would be yummy too!

    As for homemade sauces i have yet to experiment with yours.

    My hair is crazy these days (NO time to straighten- wavy/curly ponytails galore!) as well, but I do prefer having a smooth hairstyle because with my natural curls my hair is usually a fro by the end of the day (Unless I spray lots of spray!!!)

  8. I am really missing our Thursday night pancake and movie night dates!!! I want those pancakes!! 😉 Dad can’t wait for next week! 🙂

    Congratulations to our girl on her Leadership Award for the 2010-2011 school
    year. So proud of you Meg!

    Lot of Love,
    Mom and Dad

  9. Your collard wrap is a great idea because it is so versatile with what you can out into them!
    Good Luck with your midterms.
    I love your pancake topping 🙂 My fave is either maple syrup or some sort of fruit compote.
    I have curly hair and my ghd is my bestie when it comes to taming my locks 🙂

  10. Oooh, I have never used collards as a wrap, or ever had them (I don’t think?). I love ding lettuce wraps, so I bet I’d love this!

    I like your costume! Hahaha. The kids at school were not allowed to dress up yesterday (lamesauce) but I did wear some black nail polish for a gothic touch 🙂

  11. well this is weird, I definitely went to bed last night planning on a chocolate + raspberry breakfast! lol!! It’s true, there are few better combos 😀 I actually bought some chocolate protein powder on sunday too! now I can have chocolate greek yogurt!!

    I love that wrap idea too – I don’t usually make wraps because I hate the texture of tortillas/wraps, but I would totally put stuff in a leafy green – I love turkey/chicken + blackberry jam + brie + asparagus! (weird but good)

    Bleh that sucks about your straightener! hopefully it wasn’t too pricy….My hair’s usually straight enough to just blow dry but it definitely gets rebellious sometimes 😛

  12. OUCH!!! stoopid straightener!

    ok-this is a great solve for the lettuce wrap that breaks. I hate that! Collards! Thanks for the lunch idea!

  13. Ooh, I’m loving your eats! I’ve never tried collard greens raw. Are they bitter at all? I need to try using them for wraps soon!

  14. Love your costume 😉 And those wraps look deeeelish!

  15. Wow, your pancakes look awesome!! I really don’t fuss with my hair. It’s naturally wavy and I don’t style it at all – just brush the top layer haha

  16. Those pancakes look perfect. Like, magazine quality. My favorite topping is syrup and blueberries.

    My hair is “wavy”… or really loose curls. I have that jewish-american hair, but I grow it really long so the curls fall. I really like my hair though 🙂

  17. I love your costume! Super easy and creative- the perfect combination. I want that jacket, by the way!
    Aww, your poor straightener! What brand was it? I use chi brand hair tools and (though they’re a little pricey) they work amazingly! And last forever. My hair is naturally super straight which I hated growing up. I cannot tell you how many times I almost permed it. But, thankfully my amazing hair stylist talked me out of doing that! Now I embrace it, and I’ve learned how to curl it without the curls falling out in 5 seconds.
    Making wraps with collard greens and tofu is one of my go-to lunch meals! And yours sound delicious. I’m glad you’re enjoying your weekly meat-free days! (:

    • I have gone through two chi’s already 😦 the best one I have ever had was a Paul Brown… heard of it before? This current one wasn’t too expensive. It was a fahrenheit.

      I am loving my meat free days 😀 I have them MORE than once a week too!

  18. I LOVE maple syrup. I LOVE berry compote and nut butter. I LOVE peanut butter, banana and honey. I also LOVE adding homemade granola to all of the previously listed pancake toppings!

    My hair is frizzy and wavy. I am in that in between stage. I see pictures of myself last year and I long for the shortish hair I had but at the same time I am so fond of having longer hair. Sigh. Sigh.

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