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Hey beautiful friends! Open-mouthed smile How was everyone’s Halloween weekend? Smile 
Mine wasn’t really “Halloween-ish”, but if you read my post from last night, you all know that I did get to enjoy a favourite Halloween movie of mine Smile It was a lazy kind of night. I actually ended up falling asleep on my couch… I have no problem with this though. My couch is like heaven. Literally, you would think that you are sleeping on a big fluffy cloud Smile It’s pretty amazing. Actually, the first night that I ever spent in my apartment was on my couch Open-mouthed smile One of the best sleeps ever Winking smile

couch 019

Pure comfort right there!

After waking up from the most lovely sleep on my wonderful couch, I enjoyed an amazing breakfast of oats, blackberries, and eggs which was followed by a sweaty and beastly workout Open-mouthed smile I love my Sunday workouts Open-mouthed smile They are all about hammies and glutes! I did this workout and left the gym with jellified legs Open-mouthed smile Always a great feeling after a heavy leg workout. Today, I was able to increase my weights for the kneeling cable kick backs and plié squats which made me feel very happy Open-mouthed smile I always love moving up the weights! I seriously think this is my favourite workout of my entire week!

Once I got back from the gym, I jumped into the shower and began to get ready for student council’s BOOM day!

Since I would be attending BOOM day from 12:00 pm until 6:00 pm, I made sure to pack two meals to take along with me Smile 


So, I made a tofu wrap for lunch (yay, meatless meal!) and a ginormous chicken salad for snack time which I typically have around 3:00 pm Smile 

Since I have upped my cals, my meals sometimes seem quite large and overwhelming, but it’s just something I gotta do to reach the goals I have in mind Winking smile

Personally, I love doing meal prep for upcoming days. Often, I hear people commenting on the fact that meal prep is “time consuming” and that they simply “do not have enough time”, but personally, I think doing meal prep is totally worth it. By doing meal prep for days that I won’t be at home makes me feel confident that I will be eating in a way that is consistent with my goals and compliments my lifestyle Smile 

Sometimes, I get the odd look from people around me when I carry around my cooler bag from class to class, but I just remind myself that I am living how I want to live and doing what works best for me Smile 

Being confident in how you life your life is definitely a key to happiness.

I’ll admit, I am not always confident in everything I do. I am still figuring things out and learning what works for me, but I think that we all need to trust ourselves and believe that it will all work out in the end Smile 

Everyone’s body is different. Remember that. What works for one person, may not work for you.

There is no perfect formula for life that we can get our hands on that will allow us to achieve the perfect life, physique, grades in school, etc. Like I said, we just need to experiment and learn what works for us because each of us are unique. Each of us have different personalities, likes, dislikes, work habits, schedules, etc., so the best way to live your life with complete happiness is to accept who you are and value all of your unique characteristics.

Appreciate the person God created you to be and embrace the life he has given you Smile

I love the word embrace. There’s something about it that empowers me to accept what has been given to me.

“In the end, life lived to its fullest
is its own ultimate gift”

– Jim Stovall

I hope you enjoyed my post and continue living that wonderful life God has granted you with positivity and appreciation! Open-mouthed smile We are sure lucky people!

What is a unique characteristic of yours that you adore?
Is there characteristic of yours should you give more appreciation towards?
Do you do meal prep?

I am off to study! Only two sleeps until my Advanced Food Science exam and I am freaking. But, I must trust that everything will work out in the end, right? Smile

Looking forward to chatting with you all tomorrow! Meatless Monday Winking smile 

Good night sweeties!



About Meg (A Dash of Meg)

Hello, my name is Meg. I am a 20-year-old passionate Foods & Nutrition student on my way to becoming a Registered Dietitian who loves food, cooking, fitness, seafood, and a nice cup of tea.

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  1. Your meal plans sound interesting. Though I do not work out, I do need to gain, and I think something like you follow could help. Any advice on this? I continue to garner either low calorie by the day end, or fail to meet potential needs. At times, I even go crazy at night (eating a bag of rice cakes after an already large bedtime snack). I don’t like doing this since I’m not working out and worry about how this will affect me.

  2. I love doing meal prep too! There’s something so fun about gathering all the goods for the upcoming week 🙂
    Hmm characteristic I like about myself…probably my intelligence. Sometimes I’m way to hard on myself, I should really appreciate my brain more haha

  3. good question! I adore lots of stuff about me especially the fact that I am unique and that noone is like me in every way! I love this post! Did you hear I got accepted into culinary school?

  4. First of all, you’re absolutely gorgeous. I can’t get over it – beautiful picture Meg!

    I LOVE meal prepping too! And I love that you’re so on top of it all – and increasing your cals some will definitely help gain that muscle and strength you’re looking to gain 🙂

    Figuring out what works for your body is a trial and error process. I’d definitely suggest writing it all down and seeing how you respond – it makes a big difference.

    LOVE your blog Meg – and so excited for you. You’re doing things right and I love that you’re embracing your life and living it for yourself, not enough people do that, so proud of you!

  5. Thanks Yes, I did and I am on cloud nine about about it! Get ready to hear about lots of Culinary adventures next year 😆

  6. good luck this week! i’ll be thinking of you!

  7. There is nothing wrong with food preparation! After all.. you need to bring a lunch 🙂 I still prefer packing my own meals because that way I know I will be receiving proper and adequate nutrition! With allergies and preferences its just easier than showing up unprepared. Good on you 🙂 I sometimes wish I lived with you because your meals are always so healthy and yummy. Jealous! Have you always been into cooking and healthy living? I can’t picture you NOT being so cute, tiny and “healthy nutty” 🙂

  8. Great post, girl. Be patient, don’t give up and everything will eventually fall into place!! Your posts always make me want to say so much, but I think the most important thing is your couch looks soooooo comfortable! Mines like a rock but yours does look like a cloud 🙂

  9. Kudos to you for living how you want to live 🙂 We are all so different if we were the same life would just be boring!
    Good Luck with your upcoming exams!! I’m you’ll do well.

  10. I love this post! We’re all still in the process of discovering things about ourselves and gaining confidence- it takes time. But, it’s so awesome that you take pride in everything that makes you unique.
    I ALWAYS pack my meals up ahead of time to take with me- especially on days when I’m filming and spending the day on set. The catering they have isn’t usually the healthiest, and doesn’t always include vegan options, so having my own food is so important! Your tofu wrap sounds delicious, by the way! (Yay for meatless!)
    “Since I have upped my cals, my meals sometimes seem quite large and overwhelming, but it’s just something I gotta do to reach the goals I have in mind.” I’m in the exact same boat, girl! It feels like I’m eating 24/7, but I know it’s important to help me reach my goals. I’m glad you’re sticking to it! 🙂

  11. I love doing meal prep! grocery shopping is fun for me (esp. when I get a special trip to whole foods – or if I find something new and interesting that I have to try!). And I really do enjoy spending a few hours in the kitchen cleaning, chopping, baking and cooking in bulk – I always either catch up on TV on my laptop or do some new-music exploration on you-tube at the same time 🙂 jamming out to music + cooking, i mean….need I say more?

    And +10000000 to the rest of this. Just live your own life, nevermind what haters say (or the looks they give you – for you, at least, they’re probs just hungry and jealous of your delicious food!!). A unique characteristic of mine? My sense of humor is really…heightened I guess? I see little things everywhere that make me laugh (inwardly or out loud) – maybe they’re ironic, or ridiculous, or stupid, but I tend to notice that stuff much more than the people I’m with. It just means I get to laugh more often – no complaints there! 🙂

  12. I plan all my meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) out for 2 week periods at a time and post it on the fridge. People see it and make fun of me all the time for being so neurotic but once I explain to them that this way when I go to grocery store I know what to buy and then every day I have something planned to eat so I can stay away from garbage food they’re like ohhh wow that’s a good idea. That’s not to say that I stick to it 100%, I don’t but I am more likely to eat well if I plan ahead! Plus it literally takes 30 minutes to do every 2 weeks!

  13. Amen girl!! We are all different and need to embrace that!! God doesn’t make mistakes, so the flaws we see are all in our head. God made us exactly how He meant too 🙂

  14. “there is no formula for a perfect life” <– say it loud girl!! So true. It's important to do the best with what we've got, and to even love what we got!
    I can't stand meal prep! I have to do it everyday though… wanna come do it for me? A tofu wrap sounds awesome 🙂

  15. Hi meg: Just sitting at your mom and dads collecting all the Halloween stuff for Danika of course. Love the Blog!!!! Always looking for new meal ideas, especially with trying to maintain a running routine finding the energy to keep up the pace!!!! Danika says HI with hugs and kisses, and from me too!!!!!! Talk soon, Love Danika and Shelley

  16. Good for you! Confidence is key, and I’m still sort of struggling with it but post like these are so encouraging 🙂

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