Halloween Traditions and a Restaurant Worthy Recipe

Good Saturday evening loves Smile How is everyone celebrating their Halloween weekend? Smile It’s Saturday, so I am sure quite a few of you are enjoying a night out, but maybe some of you are being equally cool as me and just chillin’ at home enjoying some traditional Halloween movies? Winking smile

I really had no plans for this weekend other than studying. Lame, I know, but seriously I get slaughtered with exams this coming week and they are all going to be tough!

Advanced Food Science Tuesday, Food Science Friday, and Biochemistry Saturday. Yeah, you can definitely conclude that this coming week is going to be pure torture, but hey… at least I have something to look forward to, right?

Daddy comes November 10th Open-mouthed smile I don’t know if I am more excited for exams to be over or for him to come? No, I am definitely more excited for him to come.
Remember, even though that it seems all I do it study 24/7 that I do find everything that I study (except biochemistry) completely interesting and I could read, learn, and talk about it forever. Literally. So all and all, it really doesn’t feel like I am “studying” (unless, it is biochemistry of course).

Despite my terrifying exam schedule, I am just so not in the mood tonight for any studying what so ever. Not ideal, but what can you do. My “just do it” mantra isn’t even working on me tonight.

So what am I doing you ask? Winking smile

Oh, just being super cool and watching one of my favourite Halloween movies of all time! Open-mouthed smile

No, it’s not Double, Double, Toil and Trouble Sad smile (which is unfortunate because I am in love with that movie)


(Weren’t their movies fantastic!?)

However, I am watching The Addams Family Smile A Halloween classic and a yearly tradition of mine.


This movie always seems to play on my TV around Halloween every year (wonder why!? haha) and year after year I still look forward to watching it Smile

I was Wednesday for Halloween one year you know? Winking smile


I made a good Wednesday. Maybe I’ll get a hold of a picture from way back when and share it with you all Smile A group of friends and I actually dressed up as the entire Addams family and won the award for “best group costume”.

Back in the day I was pretty into dressing up, but that was before all of my friends started dressing with minimal clothing. Once that stage hit, Halloween lost it’s fun in my opinion. I’m really not a fan of walking around in a short skirt all night pretending to be someone I’m not.

I was more like Cady off of Mean Girls (another all time favourite movie of mine; I have every single line memorized thank you very much)
I was definitely the girl showing up to the party in a scary costume while the other girls were dressed in… well let’s just say… a little bit more “revealing” costumes.


I can promise you that my Wednesday Addams costume did not look like this!


Now that is just frightening.

Even though I am not interested in dressing up for Halloween this year, I will probably throw together something for tomorrow. Tomorrow I will be attending a student council event known as BOOM day. BOOM day is a day that all student council members must attend in order to “bond” with each other. I am a huge student council nerd and am actually looking forward to this day, but definitely not looking forward to the amount of hours it is stealing away from my precious study time Sad smile

On a happier and more delicious note Winking smile I have a recipe for you all to try out Open-mouthed smile And I seriously hope that you do actually try this one! It was so tasty I had it two nights in a row! Smile

This recipe was inspired by nothing. Haha, seriously. The idea just popped into my head and I used Michaels Smith’s famous quote:

“My secret recipe? Cooking without a recipe!”

Oh Michael, you are so wise…


So, this is my new restaurant worthy recipe! Enjoy and please tell me what you think because I think I died and went to heaven while eating this; it was that good.

wowtilapia 029

Parmesan and Pepita Crusted Tilapia

Tilapia fillets

Greek yogurt

Garlic powder

Black pepper, freshly ground

Parmesan (I used Vegan rice parmesan topping)

Pepitas (pumpkin seeds)

Heat oven to 425 degrees. Begin preparing tilapia by spreading greek yogurt over fillets. Season with garlic powder and pepper.

wowtilapia 004

Bake for 10 minutes or until cooked. Meanwhile, pulse pepita’s in magic bullet or chop with knife. Combine crushed pepita’s with parmesan (pepita’s should be roughly chopped; not too small). Remove tilapia from oven and sprinkle with pepita mixture.

wowtilapia 020

Broil tilapia for another few minutes until parmesan and pepita’s brown (the pepita’s become nice and toasty!)

wowtilapia 027

The combination of parmesan and pepita’s is amazing. I love the fact that the nuts became toasted which created an even better flavour! Oh, and by the way, your kitchen will possess an aroma that is out of this world!

I hope you all enjoyed the recipe and my mini Halloween rant Winking smile Something I just had to get off of my chest I guess?

Have a great weekend everyone Open-mouthed smile Be safe if you are going out! Expect an uplifting post tomorrow evening!


Do you cook with a recipe or without?
What was the best thing you ate today?
Did you and your friends ever do group costumes?
Have you ever won an award for one of your Halloween costumes?


About Meg (A Dash of Meg)

Hello, my name is Meg. I am a 20-year-old passionate Foods & Nutrition student on my way to becoming a Registered Dietitian who loves food, cooking, fitness, seafood, and a nice cup of tea.

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  1. Oh my goodness that Tilpia recipe is one I need to try. For sure! I cook with a guideline but it often becomes something completely different by the time I’m done. And I did win an award for my tinkerbell costume at a church party when I was like 6 years old haha

  2. No recipes.
    I keep eating way way way too much carbs…rice cakes galore…especially at night …with chocolate…help!
    I did group costumes i..n university . Ridiculous stuff.
    No awards here.

    Movies: Hocus Pocus, Beetlejuice, The Haunted Masion, Monster House, Coraline,

    Where/how do you get your cool pics? If I put up (cut and paste) photos/images from the internet I get viruses or unsure if they should be credited and how. Do you use a particular “safe” site. Your pictures are cool.

  3. Halloween is just starting to become big here in Australia, as we become more Americanised! When I was younger nobody even mentioned it, but now it seems like there are more parties and kids are actually starting to go trick or treating (although not in my neighbourhood!). I think it is just a bit of an excuse to dress up in very little clothing!

    • I think so too! I remember learning about Australia when I was in elementary school… I was completely obsessed with your country and actually did research of my own haha! So, I definitely knew that Halloween was not a holiday like we have here even when I was in elementary school! Haha! I have always been a bit of a nerd 😉

  4. This recipe looks FANTASTIC. Thanks so much for sharing it!

  5. I definitely agree with not wanting to be the “sexy” (i.e. slutty) version of a Halloween costume. Like, a sexy bee? Really people?

    Mean Girls is such a classic, totally want to watch it right now!

  6. great post! when i discover new recipes i usually use them as inspiration and “try” to follow them. They always end up with a special Alexia twist 🙂

  7. Wow what a great recipe! Such wonderful additions you made 🙂 Thank you for the ideas Meg! And I agree about Double Trouble, GREAT movie!

  8. you are a gourmet fish chef! this recipe looks incredible, especially because tilapia is by far my favorite thing that comes out of the sea 🙂

    I totally agree on the skanky costumes, it makes me really sad. For some reason, though, at my college people were way more appreciative of clever & hilarious costumes (thank goodness!) My junior year, I went as a unicorn and I think that was my most awesome costume of all time – white full-body unitard, a silver glitter horn, and matching pink-purple-glittery mane and tail hahaha. Oh and some pink and purple and silver face paint just because I could 😛 I looked pretty ridiculous, it’s definitely something I’d repeat!

  9. i almost always cook without a real recipe. it’s easier that way 🙂

  10. That tilapia recipe looks fantastic!
    I also just posted about this today- but the halloween costumes..what is wrong with them??!! 😛 I’d like to not have my boobs and butt hanging out for the whole world to see, you know?? Like, give me some fabric to cover up because most womens costumes consist of no fabric 😛

    Have a great Sunday!

  11. Yummmmm! I have to try this!!! I hope you have a fun time with your dady! I am back from my trip 🙂

  12. Biochem saturday? Saaaame here! Hope studying’s going well with ya, and here’s to chill out/study weekends… student life!

  13. Kim @ Eat, Live, and Blog

    I love tilapia and I love this recipe!! I definitely need to try it out! 🙂

  14. I would just like to say I have an INSANE secret mad crush on Chef Michael Smith…OK it’s not so secret…My husband knows…Actually I think he too has a crush on him!!!

    That’s not the only thing I wanted to say but I saw a picture of him and my mind went blank…except for naughty kitchen thoughts revolving around Michael 😉

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