Dreaming of Pumpkin

Yep, I definitely needed it to be the weekend. Today has just been a great day all around Smile 

How was your Saturday friends!? Smile I hope you are enjoying it whatever you may be doing Smile 

This morning I woke up from a wonderful dream Smile A dream full of pumpkin lovin’ Winking smile No word of a lie, I dreamt of pumpkin Smile Craziness? Or was I appropriately excited for this!? Open-mouthed smile

turk chili 004

This would be my pumpkin pie mousse which I created a recipe for this summer Winking smile 
Last night, I knew I was going to be having it for breakfast this morning, so I think it may be the culprit for such delicious dreams…

Pumpkin Pie Mousse

1/2 cup cottage cheese

1/3 cup pure pumpkin puree

1/2 scoop vanilla protein powder



Blend all ingredients together (you may want to add some liquid if not blending easily).

I love topping this mousse with granola Smile Today I used this granola

protein granola 002

It was the perfect addition Smile 

turk chili 008

Huge clusters of crunchy peanut buttery goodness Winking smile

Under my pumpkin pie mousse was a pool of greek yogurt which I flavoured with white chocolate sugar free syrup Smile

turk chili 013

After breakfast, I went to the gym where I hit a new PR Open-mouthed smile This was the most exciting PR yet because it was for my DB shoulder presses which I have been quite disappointed with lately… I had been feeling as though I hit a plateau with my shoulder training, but today proved me wrong Open-mouthed smile I was either increasing my weights or my reps throughout todays routine, so I must be doing something right Winking smile Once I hit that new PR I was so pumped, so the rest of my workout was just fabulous Open-mouthed smile I had so much energy to let out!

After the gym, I picked up a friend and went to a coffee shop for a lovely study session Smile 

turk chili 015

I ordered an asian green tea

turk chili 016

And studied for my dietary and nutritional assessment exam

Surprisingly, we did more studying than talking; however, we did do some major people watching… We noticed a girl from one of our classes and tried to figure out who she was there with haha. The friend I studied with today is one of those friends that I can actually study with which is awesome because some major studying needed to take place today.

I was home by lunch time and had a new creation that will have you drooling all over your keyboard Winking smile Just warning you…

turk chili 029

I created a Turkey and Pumpkin Chili Smile I was inspired by the recipes linked here, here, and here.

Since I wanted to make a single serving and have some fun of my own, I played with the amounts and ratios of ingredients. One thing I wanted to make sure of was that there was enough pumpkin and that it was not being over powered by the tomatoes which I definitely managed to achieve Smile

Turkey and Pumpkin Chili

2 tsp olive oil

1 garlic clove, minced

1/3 orange bell pepper, chopped

1/2 cup diced tomatoes

1/2 cup pumpkin

1/4 cup black beans

130 g extra lean ground turkey

chili powder

freshly ground black pepper

Sautee garlic and bell pepper in sauce pan. Meanwhile, cook turkey in separate frying pan and season with chili powder. Once meat is cooked, drain and add to garlic and pepper. Add remaining ingredients. Heat through. I like my chili thick, but I added approximately a Tbsp of water to thin it out just a bit, but you can add more or less to achieve desired consistency. I also added approximately 1/2 tsp of chili powder and at least 7 grinds of black pepper.

Honestly, I have never been a chili fan, but right after lunch I had to make more of this chili, so I can enjoy it several times throughout the week Open-mouthed smile It was truly that fabulous! I hope you all give it a try Open-mouthed smile If you need more than one serving, it will be pretty easy for you to multiply measurements!

The rest of my day was occupied with studying since my midterm is on Monday…
But don’t worry! I wasn’t slaving over the books all day… Gosh no! I know taking breaks are extremely important Winking smile 

Ok, you guys are going to start thinking I have a problem…

Take a look at this…

newpurchase 002

One, two, THREE About Time protein powders now! I couldn’t help myself Embarrassed smile 

Last night I tested out the Caramel Latte. It was fantastic, but at the same time I was kind of disappointed. Overall, I am really happy with it because About Time protein powder’s are fabulous (see more here for a full review), but the flavour specifically wasn’t really caramely or latte-ish. Unfortunate, I know. There was a very, very slight caramel flavour, but if I didn’t know that it was Caramel Latte flavoured, I probably would have assumed that it was just vanilla.

So, today… I snuck off to the market so I could test out the Cinnamon Swirl flavour Winking smile (updates on that flavour tomorrow!) The trip to the market today was a lot less exciting than yesterday. Don’t get me wrong, the market was fabulous! I love the market! But today, I was actually able to contain myself and make sense when talking to the cashier (which, by the way, was a different one from yesterday thank GOODNESS!)

P.s. I am pretty happy that most of you had a good chuckle over my troubles speaking properly yesterday when trying to buy my protein powder Winking smile It’s always good to know I can contribute to a laugh or two Open-mouthed smile 

Have a wonderful evening!

“See” you all tomorrow with… MORE RECIPES! Love me.


How many protein powders do you have on hand at one time? I usually have three, so this is typical…
What is your favourite protein flavour? The best one I have had so far would probably be white chocolate.
What is your favourite ingredient in chili? Least favourite ingredient? When I was younger I would pick out every single bean… what a crazy child. Now, I love beans! Definitely my favourite ingredient now Smile


About Meg (A Dash of Meg)

Hello, my name is Meg. I am a 20-year-old passionate Foods & Nutrition student on my way to becoming a Registered Dietitian who loves food, cooking, fitness, seafood, and a nice cup of tea.

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  1. Both of these recipes look amazing! I can’t wait to hear your opinion on the cinnamon flavor 🙂

  2. So glad you had such an amazing day!! I currently have 4 different protein powders…it’s an addiction haha I think my favorite flavor is Myofusion chocolate peanut butter mmmmm 😀
    I’ve never seen that kind of protein granola before, but anything with peanut butter flavor sounds insanely good. I definitely wanna get my hands on that stuff! 🙂
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend friend!

  3. I currently have two protein powders.. a chocolate and a vanilla. I totally would have more but I’m trying to control my impulse buying since I have no income right now 😦 (being a student sucks, doesn’t it?)

    Honestly don’t have a favourite flavour since all I have tried is chocolate and vanilla. (boring, I know.)

    Chili: I LOVE the flavours that are combined together but I still have a very hard time eating the beans. I usually pick them out 😉 The pumpkin pie mousse would have been tomorrow’s breakfast if I would have known to pick up cottage cheese grocery shopping today 😦 Will have to wait another day I suppose. ps: that granola looks AMAZING!

  4. I wonder if I can find that protein powder in Toronto? Right now I am using Vega shake and go smoothies. I have it in Vanilla Almondilla and Tropical Tango. They are both pretty good but I’m not going to lie, your flavours sound better! I’ve only got two on hand so far 😉

    I want to try you pumpkin pie mousse! Looks delicious. I love that all of your dishes are very high in protein (even your granola!!).

    • The granola is fab 🙂 And guess where I found it? WINNERS! hahahaha. Hmmmm, I would definitely send you some protein if you wanted? Next time I am at the market I should ask if it is available in Toronto!

  5. Congratulations on your PR, girl! That is awesome. I did weights today, as well and it kicked my butt! (Literally, my butt is on fiiiire)
    Your chili recipe sounds so delicious! I’m definitely going to try it with crumbled tempeh, rather than turkey. Mmmm…I can’t wait. And I’m a protein powder fiend. I currently have 4- but, after reading your posts that number will probably be growing.
    I definitely wish we lived closer to one another! I feel like we’d get along so well in real life. haha (:

  6. That pumpkin mousse sounds delicious! And your chili looks great too :D. I only ever have 1 protein powder on hand…I just can’t spend the money on more than one at once haha.

  7. Ahaha, I love to dream about food 😀 And I do it quite often too 😛
    That pumpkin mousse looks wonderful!
    I lovelovelove people watching 😀 I do it all the time, anywere! I went out yesterday with somne friends, and we ended up at a place that really wasnt “my kind” of place at all! But still, I had such a great time because I was just people watching 😉 So much fun!
    Look forward to new recipes from you 🙂

  8. Pumpkin is my FAVORITE THING EVER! seriously it makes me wish fall were all year round. And I kind of plan on eating it until January (I have trouble letting go….). I’ve been craving chilli like mad lately, but I haven’t made any yet – this is one that my family will love too I think! I’m pretty sure my favorite ingredient in chilli is the turkey haha.

    CONGRATS on the shoulder PR!!!!!!! That’ll definitely make you feel pretty bada$$ for a few workouts! 😀

    Protein powders….well, I’m constantly looking for one that doesn’t mess up my stomach. currently my pantry houses 1. plain brown rice protein (doesn’t taste like anything so it’s good to bake with) 2. vanilla brown rice protein (tastes kinda fake :-/) and 3. a few packets of Vega vanilla recovery drink – these are actually pretty good, but I like to save them for after my toughest workouts and longest runs – special occasion protein lol!

  9. I just realized I have all the ingredients to make that chili! Hmmmm… 😉

    So happy it’s the weekend! Enjoy the rest of yours!!

  10. Those recipes both sound SO good girly! 🙂 Luckily, I have all of the ingredients/something similar on hand that I can make that chili!

    I usually just have one protein powder on hand. I usually just stick with vanilla Sunwarrior because it is pretty versatile to add your own flavors to it.

    Honestly, I love everything about chili. I would eat it nearly every day if I could! lol.

  11. Mmm that pumpkin pie mousse sounds fabulous! And same with the chili. I love that you came up with a single serving recipe – I prefer to make just one serving at a time because I like to eating different meals every day. I get bored eating leftover chili all week long! 😛

    Haha I can’t believe you bought another protein powder. You nut! 😉

    Good luck studying today!

  12. I usually just keep chocolate and vanilla on hand. I’m sort of scared to try the special flavors! They’re so expensive and I don’t want to risk not liking them. I can’t wait to hear your review of the cinnamon swirl – I’ve never tried about time but everyone seems to love them!

  13. I used to have like 4 or 5 flavors on hand, but I kinda got burned out on that brand and I’m currently trying to find one that I really love. I think sample packets are great because you can try a bunch of flavors without committing to just one. But the best flavor I’ve ever had was cappuccino. It actually tasted like coffee!

    I think I’m going to make that pumpkin mousse–it looks divine! Do you think it would work with Greek yogurt instead of cottage cheese?

  14. I wish I could buy more protein powder. My doctor wants me to because I’m trying to gain weight but I just have no money. Its really hard financially for me and I struggle with just getting basic groceries. I can’t stand the constant worry, not to mention I can’t gain the weight easily when I’m constantly trying to “stretch” things out. I shouldn’t complain, I should be grateful for what I go. But man, I wish it were different.

  15. That pumpkin mousse looks DELICIOUS! 🙂 And I love that you had a pumpkin dream hah!!

    I have MULTIPLE flavors on hand – all the time, I’m a protein powder addict 😀

    My favorite about time protein powders are chocolate, cinnamon swirl, & mocha mint. The banana rocks too.

    My favorite other protein powder flavors are chocolate & cookies and cream. YUMMM-O!!

    Have a rockin’ Sunday Meg 🙂

  16. Those recipes look fantastic! Especially the chilli one, because I LOVE chilli 😀 You set a PR today too?!?! AWESOME- CONGRATS! I also set a PR and I was so stoked this morning!

    I usually only have one protein powder on hand because 1- its expensive, and 2, I live at home so my parents buy it for me so I refuse to ask them to bust out another $15 for a protein powder container! It’d just be rude of me. 😛

  17. What brand of white chocolate protein do you have??? Sounds amazing!!

  18. First time reader and going through your recipes! You have some great stuff….this chili looks amazing! I’ll be following so I can keep up with all of the stuff you make! 🙂

  19. So made this mouse but now that I reread it I messed it up I added half the cottage cheese/protein mixture to the pumpkin and layered the other half on top of the pumpkin! Missed the Greek yogurt line! Ha and used cashi puffed wheat on top(never had granola) was delicious and sprinkled cinnamon on top!

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