Positivity is the Source of Happiness

Hello lovelies Open-mouthed smile How was everyone’s day today!? Can you believe it’s Thursday tomorrow!?
I definitely cannot get over the fact that this week is almost over! Not like I have anything incredibly fascinating planned for over the weekend (besides for studying), but I am still looking forward to the weekend Smile 

But who doesn’t? Winking smile


All I can hear right now in my head is The Weekenders theme song… Oh I loved that cartoon.

So today was an incredible day Smile Why? Not sure because it seemed as though a lot of unusual, embarrassing, or frustrating things took place today, but I couldn’t wipe the smile off of my face Smile 

I definitely believe that smiling can make anyone happy Smile 
I’ll let you in on a little secret of mine… on any given day when I walk to class, around the grocery store, school, or mall I try to smile at everyone I see Smile It’s really fun to see if people will smile back at you or not. It’s fascinating and quite sad to say that maybe 2 out of 50 people that I smile at actually smile back at me. Don’t worry, I’m not giving out big creepy smiles wide enough to scare people away! I just flash a nice friendly smile while passing another person Smile I wish more people were smiley to strangers. What would be wrong with that?

Anyway, getting back to my slightly unusual, embarrassing, and frustrating day…
It seemed as though whatever took place today, I thought of something that made me let go of whatever went wrong Smile

My computer froze this morning while trying to send an email to the professor I am volunteering for. It froze at such an inappropriate time. I was needing to leave for school ASAP, since I slept until 6:30 today instead of my usual 6:00, but my computer decided to freeze and, once again, lose the typing I had done. I kept chill despite the fact that is was 20 minutes later than the usual time I leave my house and waited patiently until my email sent Smile 
I learnt that leaving an entire 20 minutes later than when I usual do, which is 10 minutes to 8, actually gets me to school on time! Now I know that I don’t need to rush through my mornings at home Winking smile 

It’s the worst time to have a BlackBerry right now because, as I am sure each and everyone of you know, barely any messages are being sent or received today. Instead of being all upset and gloomy that I barely got to talk to my Mom or Dad today (I usually text or email them throughout the entire day), I just thought positive and grew more excited for our nightly phone call! Smile 
Why complain about something you can’t change? I’m sure no one appreciates what is going on with their BlackBerry’s, but hey, nothin’ you can do about it so don’t complain because a billion other people are experiencing the exact same thing as you.

I’m not the best at creating spur of the moment workouts, so I always have my routine written out before I go to the gym. If I make one up at the gym I feel like I am just doing random stuff and I tend to not enjoy my workout as much. I had a really exciting workout planned for my leg day today which focussed on my quads, but when I arrived at the gym, a chick was using the squat rack I planned on using for my first exercise and said “I’m going to be here for a while”. That she was. She occupied the thing for my entire workout! Oh well, my positivity killed the cat?? Winking smile Instead of being upset or overwhelmed with the change in plans, I shuffled up my routine and used different equipment throughout my gym Smile And you know what? I had one of the best leg workouts ever Smile 

Here’s what I did:

Exercise Sets Reps
Superset 1    
Walking lunges 4 16 paces
Jump squats 4 failure
Barbell RDL’s 4 6
Box squats 4 12, 10, 8, 6 (increasing weight)
Leg extensions 3 8 (perform last set as a drop set)
Superset 2    
Standing calf raises w/ barbell 4 15
Burpees 4 10
Ab Circuit    
SB crunch w/ knee tuck 3 24 (12 each leg)
Plank 3 1 min.
Reverse Crunch 3 15

I was really happy with how it all played out Smile After a hard workout a PWO meal tastes incredible Winking smile I crushed the first chicken breast and most of the sweet potato in the change room, but then it got busy and the elderly women were looking at me strangely, so I finished up the rest in my car while jamming out to T Swift Winking smile I can’t get enough of her lately!

When I got back to school (I worked out during my lunch break) it was pouring rain outside! Luckily, the TOMS that the rain destroyed a month ago were still in my car Smile I am having a really hard time throwing them out (despite their crunchiness and holes in the toes!) My feet got soaked, but yet again, I couldn’t help but be positive!? Smile Yes, my toes were soaked chilly, but they’d dry Smile I actually stepped in a few puddles on purpose Winking smile It was fun Smile

The intentional puddle stepping made my TOMS absolutely soaked, so when I entered the building for my class I wiped out on my a** in front of a ton of people! My umbrella went flailing in the air and I was left there… sprawled out on the floor.

I give you permission to laugh.

I did.

Seriously! I laughed! Typically, I would turn tomato red and feel like the biggest klutz in the world, but not today? Smile My dramatic fall, umbrella and all, was witnessed by at least twenty other students and that didn’t even get me down today! Smile

My point is…

Maybe we should just think more positively each day to experience a more positive life? Smile 

When I was going through recovery, my Mom taught me something that still sticks with me and can be applied to any circumstance:

“Fake it ‘til you feel it.”

By “faking it until we feel it” we can “fake” a smile, a laugh, a positive thought, or whatever it may be until the feeling or emotion is true and real.

Throughout recovery, I would “fake” being confident. I had horrible body image issues, so I would literally pretend I thought I didn’t think this way. Yes, it was a hard task to do all of the time, but the more you “fake” it, the easier it is.

Today, if something upsetting, disappointing, embarrassing, or frustrating happens to me I try to use my Mom’s “fake it ‘til you feel it” phrase and it works Smile 
Mom’s are so wise aren’t they?

What’s the best piece of advice your Mom has offered to you?
Have you heard faking it until you feel it before?
Do you ever smile at strangers just to see if they will smile back?

Something to try:
Try repeating these positive affirmations to yourself! I want everyone to live as happily as they can Open-mouthed smile

When I believe in myself, so do others

I am my own person; unique, special, and beautiful

My thoughts are under my control

I radiate love and happiness

Sorry for the lack of pictures tonight guys! All of the ones I took for my post today are on my BlackBerry and, well, we know how that ends…

Be ready for recipes tomorrow!

Lots of love,



About Meg (A Dash of Meg)

Hello, my name is Meg. I am a 20-year-old passionate Foods & Nutrition student on my way to becoming a Registered Dietitian who loves food, cooking, fitness, seafood, and a nice cup of tea.

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  1. I love your positivity in this post! Way to look at the bright side of things 🙂 I think I’m going to try smiling at strangers and see what happens!

  2. Positivity is for sure the source of happiness! I have been trying to have a more positive view on everything lately and it’s crazy how different I feel 🙂 I love it!

    Cannot wait for new recipes tomorrow!! 😀

  3. Thanks Meg! 🙂
    Your posts always make me smile! 🙂
    Keep smiling my girl!
    Love you!
    Mom 🙂

  4. How many chicken breasts do you eat post-workout?? I thought I ate a lot!

  5. Omg I used to LOVE that show the weekenders! 😀
    Girl I am crazy for your optimism I this post, it really made me smile. Looking at the bright side is so much better than being sown in the dumps 🙂
    Love the positive affirmations too, I’m gonna repeat those this morning before class!

  6. I’m glad you tried the box squats!! How’d they go?!

  7. It is weird how sometimes your mood and the events of the day don’t really match up! If you’ve got an unshakeable positive attitude, then just keep it up!

    I do need to remind myself to smile. I think I have angryface usually and don’t realize it. It’s just my neutral face! Haha

  8. LOve positivity

  9. I love this post!! those kinds of days are just awesome – everything goes wrong but you keep on smiling! every time I have one of those, there’s always a point where I stop and I’m like “wait…why on earth am I so HAPPY? today’s such a crappy day, but….”. And I dunno, I don’t have the answer!

    But I definitely think real happiness doesn’t come from what happens to you, it comes from inside. I’m definitely working on trying to be conscious about that and try not to let the big bad world affect me so much – and honestly the fake it till you make it thing is the main thing I’m doing! (and it so works!)

  10. I love your positive affirmations. I truly believe that our attitude defines our life and those sayings are a great way to live every day.

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