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Good evening friends! Open-mouthed smile Aren’t Sundays wonderful when spent with family? Sundays have been tough for me lately as I have been away for school, but today was just like the Sundays I am used to! Smile Perfection. It was spent with my family, just the way I like it Smile

I love these two Smile

flying 004

My parents are wonderful Smile I’m sad I have to leave tomorrow, but a few days spent with my parents are better than no days!
Yesterday, my Mom and I went to the gym together Smile Usually, Saturdays are my beloved shoulder day, but my arms weren’t feeling too strong after that amazing workout on Thursday Winking smile, so I changed things up and made it a leg day Smile I like to do two leg workouts per week. One workout focusing on quads and the other focusing on hamstrings and glutes Smile I trained quads on Wednesday, so it was my favourite of the two – hamstring day! Smile 
After training my hamstrings last weekend, I wasn’t totally loving the workout, so I developed a new one Smile I need to love the workouts I am doing or I just don’t push myself like I should.
I loved this workout because I started with my favourite, deadlifts, and mixed in plyo moves throughout! Smile I can definitely feel those hams today Winking smile 

Exercise Sets Reps
Straight Leg Deadlifts 5 5
Superset 1    
Walking Lunges 4 24 paces
Jump Squats 4 10
Reverse Lunges 4 10 (complete all reps on one leg before switching)
Barbell Hip Thrusts 4 10
Plie Squat 4 12
Superset 2    
Burpees 4 10
SB Hamstring Curl 4 12

Let me know if you try this out Smile I think I will do it again next weekend Smile

Not only did I get to spend time with my Mom at the gym, but we also hit up a sale at one of my favourite clothing stores in Yorkton Winking smile They had a 99% off sale. Have you heard of a 99% off sale before!? 50% off, sure. 75% off, yeah sometimes. But 99% off, I have never experienced such a wonderful thing before Winking smile 
Mom and I both found some clothes Smile I found a dress and two tops and Mom found one top Smile Our total bill was hilarious. A dress for 67 cents and a top for 54 cents!? You can’t beat that Winking smile 
If you have, let me know.

thanksgiving 001

My Dad was a little jealous of my gym date with Mom Winking smile So today my Dad and I had a gym date together Smile Since I didn’t do shoulders yesterday, I trained them today Smile I am always pumped for shoulder training. I did my usual shoulder workout today, but changed it up by doing lighter weights with higher reps. It felt amazing. I was really fatigued after this workout. I also added in 3 reps of 30 sec. plate holds. Those really burned and were a great way to finish off my shoulder routine Smile The routine took me about 30 minutes to complete, so I finished off with these ab moves:

Cable crunches (4 x 10)

High knees (30 sec.) superset with hanging leg raises (30 sec.)

V-sit medicine ball throws (4 x failure)

Dad is still going on about how much fun he had with me at the gym Smile It makes me so happy Smile I am really looking forward to his trip to London in November! He will love my gym Smile 

The rest of my day was filled with visiting with family. We had a lot of relatives over at our house during the afternoon while we prepared dishes for Thanksgiving dinner #2, but dinner was hosted at my Aunts house Smile 

My Aunt asked me to make my famous quinoa dish for dinner, so I did just that Open-mouthed smile I seriously can’t believe I haven’t shared this recipe with you guys yet! It’s super easy and always turns out Smile It’s a guaranteed hit. Let me know if you try it out Open-mouthed smile

thanksgiving 029

The majority of the time when I create a recipe, (especially salad recipes) I don’t really measure anything. I am more of an “eyeball it” cook, so all measurements are approximate.

Summer Lemon Dill Quinoa Salad
1 – 2 cups uncooked quinoa
2 cups chopped cucumber
2 cups chopped tomato
2 handfuls chopped fresh dill
2 Tbsp lemon juice
2 Tbsp olive oil
Pepper to taste

Cook quinoa according to package directions. Once quinoa is cooked, let cool. Meanwhile, toss all ingredients together. Add quinoa once full cooled. Serve room temp.

My salad was a hit Smile Always is Winking smile (not to brag or anything…) My cousin (who was at dinner tonight) has Celiac, so he always looks forward to my salad Open-mouthed smile 

Even though I don’t drink (and if I do, it’ll only be once or twice a year) I made a Sangria for the adults Smile I saw this recipe tweeted on Twitter and had to make it Smile It smelt amazing and it was gone at the beginning of the night. This was also a hit.

thanksgiving 033

Simmer 1 bottle of merlot with:
1 cup sugar
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1/4 tsp nutmeg
1/4 tsp cloves
Simmer until sugar is dissolved.

Once wine mixture has cooled, add to 5 chopped apples and 5 cinnamon sticks in a large bowl or pitcher. Serve chilled.

thanksgiving 034

The Thanksgiving dinner at my Aunts was amazing. My Dad did the turkey which stole the show Smile

thanksgiving 038

He injects the turkey with a homemade marinade then smokes and barbeques it Smile I am taking some on the plane with me tomorrow Winking smile Mwahahahahaha. I am so not turkey’d out yet. I could eat my Dad’s turkey forever and ever.

thanksgiving 035

I seriously wish there was a smell app or something? You guys would be drooling all over your keyboards if you could have smelt this… I guess you will just have to use your imaginations Winking smile

Unfortunately, I have to start packing now. I hate packing. Especially when I am leaving my Mom and Dad behind. My Dad suggested he should hide in one of my suitcases Winking smile What a goofball. Gotta love him! Before I go though, I must thank all of you for your wonderful feedback on last nights post Open-mouthed smile You have no idea how amazing all of your compliments made me feel Smile It’s sad that so many people can relate to my thoughts, feelings, etc., but it truly is amazing that we are able to come together and support one another Smile Since counselling those with anorexia is one of my future goals, I am always willing to share my knowledge from past experiences with others in order to help them reach recovery. I want all of my readers to know that you can consider me a friend to confide in.
Honestly, that you for sharing your thoughts and feelings after last night’s post. It was amazing to read all of your comments. Smile
By the way, I try to comment back to each comment, but I do not have the wordpress widget that notifies my readers when I reply to their comment, so if you comment on a post, you might want to check back because there is most likely a reply waiting for you Open-mouthed smile

Quads or Hamstrings? What’s your favourite to train?
Do you have gym dates with your parents?
If you were to invent an app what would it be?

Good night friends! Love you all!



About Meg (A Dash of Meg)

Hello, my name is Meg. I am a 20-year-old passionate Foods & Nutrition student on my way to becoming a Registered Dietitian who loves food, cooking, fitness, seafood, and a nice cup of tea.

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  1. I am jealous of your Canadian Thanksgiving! November is too long to wait until, haha. I love that both your parents like to work out with you…so much fun!

  2. I love to work out with my mom! It’s much more fun to have a work out buddy than working out by yourself 🙂
    Wow, those prices are amazing! For some reason, I never find good sales! The best sale I’ve ever gotten was a $15 book that ended up getting marked down to 98 cents. It doesn’t beet getting a dress for 67 cents 😉
    That quinoa salad looks so yummy and refreshing!
    ❤ ❤

  3. A 99% off sale?! That’s crazy! 😀 I would’ve been buying everything haha
    So glad you had an amazing weekend, all of the food looks delicious 🙂
    I like training my hamstrings too, deadlifts are my ultimate favorite exercise!

  4. I WISH i could have gym dates with my parents, but we all have our own sport of choice – my dad bikes, my mom is a gym-goer/treadmill run-walker, my sister figure skates, and I run/train outside and lift weights – my dad lifts too obviously but he prefers to work out in the evening and I’m more of a morning person – maybe one day i’ll have a gym date hahah!
    I do like running with people, though, but nobody in my family runs with me…oh well!
    PS loving your outfit – very cute dress and boots!!!

  5. I am so proud of you for being in a place where others can confide in you without fearing that it will trigger you emotions. That is so nice of you to give back in support of those who helped you. You will make a wonderful RD someday!

    As for the quinoa salad, i make one very similar. Sometimes i add a bit of onion but generally it’s exactly the same 🙂 Nom nom nom. I never would have thought to serve it at thanksgiving.

    The food looks delightful Megs. I don’t drink either but I might have to make an exception (my first) to try that Sangria- or an alcohol free version! 🙂 The flavours sound delicious.

  6. Oh and.. 67 cents really. I would have wanted the entire store. In Montreal there is a store that sells EVERYTHING in it for $10.00 and usually the items are worth around $100.00. The catch is you can’t try anything on!

    If the outfit you are wearing was the 67cent purchase, you made a GREAT buy!

  7. I can’t wait for Thanksgiving 🙂

  8. survivingcandyland

    Sounds like you had an amazing weekend. I love going to the gym with my mom. It always ends in laughs. Usually some creepy old man hits on my mom, and she tries to pawn him off on me.

  9. Mmm the food looks so great! Sangria looks awesome, too. I can’t wait for Thanksgiving (in America) now!

  10. Was this the workout you were referring to? Honestly, it looks solid to me!! Deadlifts, hip thrusts, lunges… can’t really go wrong with those, heh.

    For your ‘quad day’, have you ever tried box squats? I heart them.

    • Thanks Juliet 🙂 This really makes me happy 🙂 Thanks for checking it out 🙂 So, for deadlifts, how do I ‘count’ the weight I am doing. Do you include the weight of the bar? Haha… I am just starting to use much heavier weights than I did this summer, so I am wanting to know more 🙂

      I haven’t tried box squats before! I should include those tomorrow!? 😀 ahhhh thanks for the suggestion 😉

      • Oh definitely include the bar. If you’re using an olympic bar (your standard, big metal iron ones seen in squat racks :D), the total load is 45 lbs + whatever weight you tack on. So if you add, for example, a 25 lb plate on each side, the total load is 25+25+45. AKA 95 lbs LOL

        Box squats are a lot harder (in my opinion) so you might need to knock the weight down a tidbit for ’em, but they’ve been helping me improve my form for sure. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XZ7v3CvEhEM

        You can do them with the bar loaded in the front or back, but I’ve never tried the front (as demonstrated in the video)

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