PWO Fuel and Recipes!

Oh Saturday, how I have been longing your presence…

Hello lovely friends of mine and Happy October 1st! (A special shout out to my parents today on their anniversary! I love you both more than anything in the world!) Smile So, is everyone enjoying their Saturday? I am extremely grateful for this day! Even though it was a crazy day that caused my stress levels to rise a little higher than I like them too, it was a successful day. Winking smile

The Homecoming parade took place this morning and arrived on site at 7:00 am this morning. Mornings are always easy for me as I am a morning person, but last night was a stressful one and ran later than I would have liked, so I was a tad bit more tired than usual this morning Sad smile Ok, a lot more tired…

Here is a glance of one of the things I had to deal with last night while driving to the total opposite side of London than my house to pick up a generator I ordered last week, but never arrived! Inconvenient? Yes, but you just have to roll with it.


My poor Jetta Sad smile She needs a good washing…

So to say the least, last night was pretty much a nightmare, but I managed and made my way to school this morning with some tired puppy eyes!


Today was the windiest and coldest day of the school year so far which made float assembly a challenge, but, once again, we managed and had a successful float and a fun time throughout the parade! I couldn’t believe the amount of people watching this year! Last year, London had a huge rain storm, HUGE, so the crowd was lacking, but this year there were so many spectators! It gave me energy to keep on moving and look beyond my aching cold fingers and toes!

Of course, the clouds totally disappeared, the sky turned blue, and the sun came out within half an hour of the parade being done. It’s funny how things work that way Smile 

I am currently driving around with 40 + balloons in the bar of my car… The wind was much to strong to attach all of the balloons before the parade started.


You’d be surprised how difficult it is to find a large garbage bin in this city…

The Homecoming parade is the only Homecoming event I am taking part in this year. I feel extremely exhausted, so I know that I wouldn’t enjoy myself if I went out with some friends later tonight. Unfortunate in a way, but I love my time at home as well Smile It’s been a movie day around here for me (yeah, yeah, I’ll get to my homework later…)

I have also started to read my new magazines Smile I am currently reading the September/October issue of Muscle and Fitness featuring Mona Muresan on the cover (I posted a picture of this magazine in last night’s post).

Speaking of last night’s post, I am so thankful for all of your supportive comments! It is nice to hear that many of my readers appreciate the bodies of healthy women. It was a hard post to write and I knew it may become upsetting for some, but I was willing to take the risk.
I am sorry if the topic or any of the pictures I posted offended anyone, but the point of my post was to share the women who I find inspirational, attractive, and model-like. I wanted to distinguish my old opinions from my new ones. I didn’t state that the two models who were noticeably thin were unhealthy because I do not have any proof to back that statement; I only stated that I found the women with more mass to their frame as being more attractive. I didn’t mean to compare one to the other, all individuals are beautiful in their own way, but personally I wanted to share the women that personally give me inspiration and motivation Smile


I love Tabitha Klausen-Leandri Smile I follow her on Twitter and we often have chats!

I was asked a question by a reader last night regarding consuming protein powder after a workout:

“On a side note, could you do a post (or just message me) about protein powder? I am not a big gym rat (yet.. I hope i become one soon but the UWO gym is just WAYYY to busy for me right now) so i’ve never felt that i burn enough to compensate for adding it it (and i don’t lift enough weights to need it for my muscle)? Is this silly distorted thinking? Let me know!!”

Since I am not a personal trainer, RD, or training consultant of any type, I will answer this question by providing you with my own experiences, what has worked for me, and why I did what I did.

When I reached my ideal body weight after my ED, I was given permission to begin physical activity again. I was not resuming physical activity in order to burn calories and please ED because I was done with making bad and harmful decisions; instead I began physical activity, such as lifting, in order to promote a healthy lifestyle, gain confidence in myself, and pursue a passion. Striving for a healthy lifestyle was definitely first on my list because I was very concerned about my health after the years of abuse.

My activity began very light. I did not do anymore cardio than a walk around the block with my Mom, but I enjoyed pilates, so I would do my favourite pilates DVD. I gained balance, abdominal, arm, and leg strength from this DVD and began feeling much more confident in myself as well Smile After the 50 minute DVD I would have a glass of chocolate milk because I needed to maintain the weight I was at.

Slowly, I put on more body weight and was able to do more exercising if I wanted to. I went to the gym, but not frequently. At the gym, I would do mainly ab workouts and a few leg exercises. After a gym session such as this, I would still have a glass of chocolate milk. I knew it was important to refuel after any type of exercise that I did because I couldn’t afford to lose any weight.

Protein powder was added into my diet in the summer before I began lifting heavier weights. I started doing more research and learnt about daily protein requirements. At minimum, individuals should be consuming 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight. Since, I was looking to gain muscle, my body required more energy, so I increased my carbohydrate, protein, and fat needs in order to achieve my goal of muscle gain.

Protein powder is not necessary in order to gain muscle; however, protein is. So, any type of protein whether it be poultry, fish, egg, red meat, whey, soy, etc. provides the protein needed to build muscle, as long as you are consuming enough of it. I have many friends with amazing muscle definition and tone who do not consume protein powder after their workouts; however, they do consume a post workout meal involving both carbohydrates and protein. It is important to fuel your body after a workout, but it is not crucial to consume protein powder. Any type of protein can meet your needs as long as you are consuming enough. The reason there is so much attention paid to whey protein powders is because of whey protein’s ability to quickly digest. It is said that after a workout, one should consume a protein that digests quickly; however, it is not necessary.

In my opinion, protein powders should be used more or less for convenience purposes. They are perfect for taking when traveling! It is very important to be prepared throughout the day with snacks that consist of some source of protein Smile 
I also like the taste of some protein powders and many of the high protein recipes you are able to make with them which is why I use them, but I am currently concentrating on consuming more whole foods than a liquid meal such as a protein shake.

Take one my new favourite post workout (PWO) meals for an example:

I like to call it, High Protein Apple Crisp Winking smile

Start by chopping up your favourite apple and placing it in a microwave safe bowl…

womenbeautifulwomen 020

Sprinkle with cinnamon…

womenbeautifulwomen 027

Top with rolled oats…

womenbeautifulwomen 032

And heat in the microwave until the apples are nice and soft Smile (you will be getting a great aroma at this point, too! yum!)

hoco2011 015

Add 1 scoop vanilla protein powder and Greek yogurt…

hoco2011 016

Stir, stir, stir, and you will be left with a delicious PWO meal that contains carbohydrates and protein (both necessary for proper muscle recovery!) Smile

hoco2011 021

YUM! I have been enjoying this after my workouts lately and am loving it Open-mouthed smile

Another snack that I have been loving lately is my overnight chia pudding. I have been making this the night before school and enjoy it while I am in class Smile It is so satisfying and incredibly tasty. It’s also quite the conversation starter Winking smile Not too many people I sit beside have tried chia seeds before! They are one of my favourite things Smile Definitely a staple in my diet!

Combine the following into a bowl:

1 oz. chia seeds

1 Tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder or 1/2 scoop protein powder

1/2 cup milk (I have been using almond)

1/2 cup Greek yogurt

foodbeautifulfood 038

Stir and place in the refrigerator over night…

foodbeautifulfood 042

In the morning you will be greeted with a high-volume bowl of chia pudding Open-mouthed smile

womenbeautifulwomen 016

Definitely a current obsession of mine right now Smile

More recipes coming for you tomorrow friends! Smile 

Lots of love,


Are you loving anything in particular lately?
Have you tried chia seeds before? How do you use them?
I love to add them into my oatmeal Open-mouthed smile
Have you had a “movie day” lately?


About Meg (A Dash of Meg)

Hello, my name is Meg. I am a 20-year-old passionate Foods & Nutrition student on my way to becoming a Registered Dietitian who loves food, cooking, fitness, seafood, and a nice cup of tea.

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  1. I bet that was awesome having all those balloons, I get excited like a 5 year old whenever I’m around decorations like that haha
    Oh my gosh I’m CRAZY for the apple recipe, I need that in my belly now! 😀 totally gonna try that when it gets colder outside 😉
    I love putting chia seeds in my smoothies to thicken them up yummmm 🙂

  2. Hi,
    If I need to gain but do NO exercise, are protein powders okay?

    Also, how many tbsps is one ounce of chia? Will they be good or bad for someone with a topsy turvy tummy?

    I have a couple more questions. I might email you tonight; maybe you can get back to me? Just a quick question cause I realize you are busy Meg.

    Also how many grams is one scoop? half a scoop?

    If you do pilates or yoga is it important to have completely hardwood floor. I’m moving to a new place and have 2 choices. One place is very spotless, utterly brand new, brand new kitchen, etc; but it has less natural light and the living room is all carpet (but it is solid, brand new carpet); the kitchen is also set away a bit ; so if i want to eat and watch tv, i’d probably put my eating table on the carpeted living room.
    the other place is more nautral light, all hardwood; slightly less “cozy” though.

    I’m so indecisive!

  3. I like using chia seeds as a replacement for eggs in baking. It works really well! Better than flax in my opinion. I’m lovin’ all the selfies – you are so pretty!! I’m also lovin’ that high protein apple crisp. Can you say delicious?

  4. i love chia seeds! i use them instead of eggs in vegan baking and love them in my oatmeal too! 🙂

  5. I adore chia seeds! And flax. Flax is a little easier to find so it usually wins 😉

    Love your protein recipes — the apple one is pretty similar to something I make and call protein cookie dough haha.

  6. Hello my dear! Just wanted to congratulate you on another great post. Thanks for the prompt reply. I am hoping to get on track this week (FINALLY) with the gym because it is dying down in popularity and I have pretty well figured out the best times to go for ME and my SCHEDULE.

    I am going to consider protein powder but would like to experiment more with high protein foods first I think… i’ll keep you posted 🙂

  7. i love chia seeds. i use them all the time to make protein pudding and layer them into my oats. so delicious! I’ve driven with a bunch of balloons in my car before and it is NOT easy!

  8. That apple recipe looks AH-MAZING. I’m going to have to try this when I get some greek yogurt…I wonder if it’d work with cottage cheese….. hmmmm.
    I have not had a “movie” day lately and I really want to have one! I want to just sit on my butt and watch Disney movies all day (I really want to watch Beauty and the Beast, Lady and the Tramp, Lion King, and a Toy Story movie…. 😛 )

    Hope you’re having a great weekend!

  9. I am a big fan of protein powder for a quick shake in the morning when I’m on the go. I also find that having one about an hour before I go to the gym helps my energy without feeling like I have rocks in my stomach.

    I like your protein apples recipe, great idea! Have you heard of greek yogurt ice cream? It’s amazing!

  10. Can you eat this for your dinner snack, the pudding?

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