Women, Beautiful Women

Hello beautiful people!! Open-mouthed smile Is everyone out partaking in fun Friday festivities or are you chillin’ at your pad like me? Winking smile Either or is great, but my nights usually consist of some meal prep for the upcoming day, blog reading, studying for classes, and a long chat on the phone with my Mom and Dad Smile I can’t go a day without even a quick little chat with them!

Yesterday was such a fun and mouth watering post all about the beauty of food Open-mouthed smile I could talk about food forever, so I am extremely thankful for all of the comments that were happening after my post Smile I really appreciate everyone sharing their thoughts and expressing their love for the beauty of food Smile I see I am not the only one who takes time in meal prep and presentation Winking smile I know it takes time, so it doesn’t always happen, but it sure is nice when we can make a tasty dish tasty for the eyes as well Smile My breakfast definitely included both of these characteristics…

womenbeautifulwomen 005

I whipped up some of Gina’s Perfect Protein Pancakes for my breakfast and topped them with my special fruit sauce Winking smile Truthfully, it’s not that special; it’s the same recipe as my Sugarless Blueberry Syrup, but I just used raspberries instead Smile

Gina’s Perfect Protein Pancakes are a go-to protein pancake of mine. Quick, easy, and always tasty.

womenbeautifulwomen 007

Beautiful too, right?

Last night, I left you with a statement saying: “Food makes us beautiful, too!”

What did I mean by this?

I wasn’t implying that I was going to discuss the topic of foods that contain vitamins and nutrients that may be able to reduce the sign of acne (zinc), prevent aging (vitamin A, C, and E), or provide us with shiny silky hair (vitamin A, B, C, and E); instead, I was implying that women who I find the most beautiful love food and eat to fuel their beautiful bodies.

Take Jamie Eason for example…

Jamie Eason navigating_the_supermarket_page_main_photo


or Tabitha Klausen-Leandri…



or Jessica Landstrom…



or Anouk Hoogendijk…



All of these women are athletes of some sort, but that’s not what makes them beautiful to me. I love these beautiful women because they are real and truly beautiful. All of these women know the importance of nutrition and their beautiful bodies are models of their lifestyle.

Years ago, I looked up to actresses and models flaunting beautiful clothes draped over their boney bodies…





Luckily, protruding collar bones, or any protruding bones for that matter, are not attractive to me anymore.

The women that catch my eye now are healthy and beautiful. Their bones are covered with muscle and body fat. I much rather have muscle and fat covering my bone frame than nothing at all.

I no longer pick up magazines with models on the cover like the two above. My lifestyle has changed for the better and I read magazines with women who show off their muscles, not their bones.

womenbeautifulwomen 035

womenbeautifulwomen 036

Aren’t these women much more beautiful?

Today, when I look in the mirror or at other women, I look for muscle definition instead of visible hip bones…


I notice women’s back muscles rather than their shoulder blades…


Aren’t these women much more beautiful than the two models shown previously?

Food makes these women beautiful. All of the women of proper weight shown throughout this post would not be capable of the sports they preform, let alone their daily activities, if it wasn’t for proper nutrition. It is amazing what these athletes consume on a daily basis. We learnt in my Dietary and Nutritional Assessment class the other day that the body mass index (BMI) calculation cannot even be applied to athletes or bodybuilders because the answer results in an incorrect one due to their high percentage of muscle mass!

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a high BMI due to your muscle mass? I think that is much more attractive than a BMI that is considered too low.

Even though I may never be a Jamie Eason or a Jessica Landstrom, I can still set goals for myself and strive to achieve each one I implement.

I think it is amazing the amount of fuel my body needs since I have began to lift. Some days it’s almost like I can’t keep up! Smile But I do, so I can continue to do the things I love like lifting, going for walks with my friends, bike rides with my family, or simply stand to do dishes. If I didn’t provide my body with the fuel it needs I wouldn’t be able to do the things I love; yes, even washing the dishes.

I know nutrition and getting my daily requirements is crucial for gaining the muscle mass I want in order to achieve many of my goals, so why did it take me so long to leave my ritual of egg whites at bed time? I am not sure why exactly, but ever since I have left them behind and stepped up to a better way to satisfy my nutritional needs at night I have never looked back Smile Having a larger meal before bed time has done great things for me Smile

1. I am not such a monster in the morning Winking smile (I get grumpy when I get hungry! Grumpy may even be an understatement!)

2. I have a better nights sleep

3. I get to enjoy one of my all time favourite snacks before I end a perfect day

4. I am proud of myself each time I finish my bowl

5. I am fuelling my body for another great day Smile

I just wanted to update you all with my progress on my new bedtime snack, so now you know Winking smile

Have you made changes in your life lately?
What was the last change you made in your life?
Did you ever find thin models beautiful?

Check it out!
With all of this talk about beautiful women, I have to mention another beautiful woman who is near and dear to my heart Smile


Meg! She is the writer behind one of my all time favourite blogs, Sunshine n’ Spice! Today, she was sweet enough to feature me in her Friday Feature Blogger Post! Thank you Meg! Open-mouthed smile

Good night friends,







About Meg (A Dash of Meg)

Hello, my name is Meg. I am a 20-year-old passionate Foods & Nutrition student on my way to becoming a Registered Dietitian who loves food, cooking, fitness, seafood, and a nice cup of tea.

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  1. How did you know what I needed to hear? (Psychic much)! It still upsets me when I see collar bones protruding and hipbones shining through lululemon pants. I see a lot of girls on campus and I just want to run up to them and hug them. This is EXACTLY what I needed to hear because my mind sometimes wanders and retreats to these photos as “inspiration”. Thank you!!

    On a side note, could you do a post (or just message me) about protein powder? I am not a big gym rat (yet.. I hope i become one soon but the UWO gym is just WAYYY to busy for me right now) so i’ve never felt that i burn enough to compensate for adding it it (and i don’t lift enough weights to need it for my muscle)? Is this silly distorted thinking? Let me know!!

    Oh my nighttime to do list is ALWAYS read your blog- It is seriously the only blog i religiously read because it is humorous, fun and down to earth. THANK you!

    • So happy this post came for you at the right time Molly 🙂 it’s funny how things work out like that some times!! 🙂

      I would love to do a post about protein powders. I am no professional, but I can explain what I did when I was in your situation 😀 I hate how busy Western Rec is too 😦 It’s overwhelming and not enjoyable.


  2. Love love love this post!!! All of these women are so inspirational, and gorgeous! Muscle is so much better than bones 🙂 You and I soo totally achieve those kind of physiques with time, I know we can! 🙂
    Yay for strong, healthy women!!

  3. Those ladies are smokin’! I completely agree that having muscles showing is awesome and beautiful. A lot of times being slim is equated with being in shape, when that is not always the case!
    Obviously no one body type or shape is “better” than another, but it’s empowering for me to see STRONG women who work hard for that strength!

  4. Hey Meg! I saw the other Meg’s featured post on you and popped over to say hi because I realized you’re in my program at school. What a small world!!! 😀

    I totally agree with this post – I can’t believe I used to aspire to look like the models on magazines. Looking healthy is definitely way more beautiful than looking emaciated.

    Have a great Homecoming weekend! 🙂

  5. I did a post like this a while back too!! I am so glad you have started looking towards healthier woman for inspiration. And they deserve to be role models, because they work HARD. They train and put forth so much effot, they truly deserve to be admired!!

  6. I couldn’t agree more. Women with muscle are beautiful.

  7. ohmgee. I love this post. It’s true too! I always used to want to be bone skinny- now I actually think looking bone skinny is gross. I want to be muscular and healthy like all those women you posted about! I’m so happy that you focus on fueling your body properly and wanting to be healthy- not skinny 😀 LOVE THIS!

  8. I wish I we could sit and chat. I’d love to know more of your “story”. I’m just so lost and confused you know? Unsure of calories, how and what to eat. Its mesmerizing.

    You must be so busy as a student and blogger and everything, and yet your so positive. WOw!

    I saw your guest post on Meg’s. I go through 4-5 tubs of yogurt and stuff a week too. Major problem! What kind of cottage cheese do you buy? The organic yogurts and cottage cheese are way way way too expensive. I feel bad not buying organic dairy…but the price is too tremendous for me.

  9. great post! I agree, I think huge sexy muscles on a girl are way more beautiful than skinny arms and bones protruding everywhere. Wish others could see the real beauty in these gorgeous athletes instead of models.

  10. survivingcandyland

    Awesome post. Couldn’t have said it better myself. Although I also like curves on a woman besides just muscle. Like Christina Hendricks on mad men. I’m like daaamn that girl is hot, and I love men. Haha. Who wants to be a stick when you can be strong and beautiful.

    • I definitely agree. It’s not like I meant the ONLY beautiful women in the world have muscle, not at all. I just wanted to say that instead of looking and ladies with bones like I used to, I know look at ladies with figure, tone, definition, and even curves!! ❤

  11. Those perfect protein pancakes are pretty much my favorite breakfast ever lately! 🙂 I used to envy those bony models and strive to look like them but I am totally with you lady. I don’t want to be that way anymore. I want to be STRONG and CONFIDENT…even if it means I can’t wear a size 0 anymore. Great post lady!

  12. Your are brilliant.

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