Give Me a Challenge

Hey everyone!! Smile Is it just me or does it feel like it should be Thursday already? WEIRD, but I actually had to tell myself multiple times that it was actually Tuesday today, not Thursday.

So today, is a follow up post from yesterday Smile I really did stick with what I said and I made changes today that I have been wanting to make for a while now Smile 

What are these changes you ask?

Well, as I said yesterday, I wanted to get out of my bed time snack rut! It all began when I considered starting Jamie Eason’s LiveFit Trainer at the beginning of September. She has provided the world, literally, with a free program that includes a meal plan and a workout schedule for a full 12 weeks! Previous to September, I was struggling with having snacks before bed, but once I read over Jamie’s program I took note of her meal plan and that she suggested everyone on the program and following the meal plan eat 5 – 6 egg whites and an unlimited amount of vegetables before bed or for an evening snack. I began to think to myself that I should really start having a snack before bed. I told myself that it was far too long for my body to go without eating if my last meal was at dinner time (which I usually have around 6:00). My current routine, no evening snack at all, was not meshing with my goals; increasing muscle mass.

How could I possibly gain muscle mass if my body was deprived for such a long time? 6:00 pm until 7:00 am the next morning!? I had to be crazy to think my body wasn’t entering a catabolic state while I was sleeping.

So, I made a challenge for myself much like the one I made myself last night. I decided that every night I was going to have egg whites before bed; and I did just that Smile Even though I did not and am not following Jamie Eason’s meal plan because I eat healthy anyways, I incorporated her evening snack into my diet and was grateful for it Smile I accomplished something that I had been avoiding for a long time which resulted in a very proud Meg Winking smile

However, as September went on, the bed time snack of egg whites no longer satisfied these muscles…



Just kidding! We all know I don’t look like that Winking smile But, in a way I did… I was outrageously hungry come morning time (he looks scary hungry if you ask me Winking smile) So, since I was at the point of wanting to eat an entire cow come morning time, I knew it was time for a new challenge.

The challenge? Tonight I made myself a bowl of protein yogurt Smile

new bedtime snack 009

– Greek yogurt

– chocolate protein powder

– handful of instant decaf coffee

This was my new challenge Smile And I am incredibly happy (more like overly enthused) to announce that I ate the entire bowl of this goodness with complete confidence Smile 

new bedtime snack 012

One thing I made sure I did while I ate this tonight was not to rush! Often times when I try something new that I have been avoiding, I tend to devour the food without enjoying it at all. It’s like a just want to get it over with or something?

Tonight was different, I made it different. (yet another accomplishment, go me!)

I put my spoon down between spoonful’s and made sure I enjoyed the entire bowl at a reasonable pace Smile

I even used my finger (as per usual) to get every last bit of yogurt remaining Open-mouthed smile It’s something that just has to be done when it comes to protein yogurt! Winking smile

new bedtime snack 017

Taking note of the finger swipes? Winking smile I didn’t lie. I always use my finger to get the last bits.

Now for the remaining of the night I will be relaxing because I pumped up these babies in the gym today Winking smile


When I started at my new gym, there was a free package that came with it which included three personal consultant sessions and one 1 hour session with a personal trainer. My day with the personal trainer was today Open-mouthed smile We did a full body workout today which was entirely new to me because I am currently doing a 5 day split. I absolutely loved working my entire body in a single workout! Open-mouthed smile I am actually considering going from my 5 day split to a 3 or 4 day split once I do my current program for a month or so. We’ll see what happens Winking smile I will keep you all updated.

My personal trainer introduced me to a few new exercises that I have seen before, but never attempted. She had me super setting a lot of the exercises which definitely got my sweat on Winking smile She gave me confidence boosters (by commenting on my upper body strength), but also helped me with proper form (on my seated narrow grip rows).

The workout took me an hour to do and it was so much fun! I had a smile glued to my face all day Smile I think I stood taller too Winking smile It had to be all of those compliments she gave me Winking smile (she actually just emailed me and told me I made her day!) *blushing*

The workout I did today with my trainer looked like this:

Warm up:
Elliptical 5 – 7 mins. at a pace where it was difficult to keep up a conversation
Dynamic walking lunges

Exercise Sets Reps
DB walking lunges 3 20 paces
Overhead barbell bench squat 3 12
Superset 1    
Assisted pull ups 3 8
DB squat press 3 8
Superset 2    
Seated narrow grip row 3 10
Triceps push up 3 12
Overhead medicine ball slams 3 12
Elevated bench dips 3 15
Forearm plank 3 1 minute

To be honest, I didn’t know how much I would enjoy having someone standing beside me while I worked out, but it was an awesome experience Smile She could see my limits and knew when to push me even though we just met for the first time today Smile She was such a cool person, too! She wrestles! Like, actually wrestles! She has been to Japan for competitions! I thought that was pretty neat-o Winking smile

After my workout I chatted with my trainer for a few minutes and she told me I could email her with any questions at anytime Smile She was honestly such a sweetheart! After a quick chat, I ran to the change room and refuelled with a new post workout meal I created Winking smile Recipe to come!! Be excited.

Speaking of refuelling… check out how pro I am at getting it to the exact dollar Winking smile Don’t say that’s not talent Winking smile


My Dad would be so impressed, haha!

It’s bedtime here guys and gals! (I wonder if there are actually any guys who read my blog besides my Dad?) It’s early to bed tonight; I had the world’s most awful sleep last night that I should win an award. I was surprised I had such a successful work out because it was truly that horrible.

Goodnight loves,


Do you have a personal trainer or have you ever had one?
What’s your favourite exercise at the time?
I always love the burn I get doing bench dips!
What’s the newest exercise you have tried? Medicine ball slams! Those things are awesome! I will definitely be incorporating them in workouts to come Smile


About Meg (A Dash of Meg)

Hello, my name is Meg. I am a 20-year-old passionate Foods & Nutrition student on my way to becoming a Registered Dietitian who loves food, cooking, fitness, seafood, and a nice cup of tea.

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  1. Yay!! Man your snack bowl looks fab! 🙂 I too use my finger to get every last morsel of yumminess haha 😀
    That workout looks awesome too, so glad you had success with the trainer! I’ve never used a trainer before, but I would love to one day for sure!
    Hope you get a good night sleep girly!

  2. You are such an inspiration Meg! Really.. I can’t express how much joy and hope it gives me reading your blog posts. Thank you!

  3. Oh gosh…you would think me horrible. Last night for example I had yogurt with cereal, a big bowl of fruit, more dry cereal, nuts and more nuts, 1.5 oz of dark chocolate..all between 9 pm and 11 pm.

    Yipes. I eat a lot I think!

    Do you have any thoughts on people underweight, not exercising, …I feel like I’m doing everything wrong. Gaining too fast maybe. Eating too much of certain things, etc. You seem pretty smart and super fit, its aspiring!

    • definitely don’t think you are horrible! everyone is different and has different routines and things that work for them 🙂 you are your own person 🙂

      but to answer your question about underweight and exercising, I do not recommend it.You won’t reach your goals to put it harshly. I was not allowed to work out until I was of a proper body weight and when I am a dietitian I will encourage my clients not to do so as well just like mine did to me. She saved my life and I thank her for it.

  4. Sounds like you got an awesome trainer! I’ve never had a personal trainer but I would love to one day! Sometimes you need someone to give you a good kick in the butt when you don’t feel like working out! 🙂

    Favorite exercise of all time? Thats HARD. It’s between barbell curls and dead lifts. I love them both!

  5. First of all: instant coffee in yogurt=sheer genius.
    Second of all: I always need an evening snack! I wake up pretty early, so all my meals are on the early side, but I definitely need that 4th meal before bed (usually oatmeal!).

  6. survivingcandyland

    Uhhh why have I not known about this Jamie Eason program. I feel like I have been living in the bat cave too long. Oh wait, no wonder I have cobwebs on me. I need to learn how to eat slow. It’s a problem. I was wired to just shove a bunch of food in my mouth and get up to go. Bad Jewish grandmothers (I usually tend to just blame mine for all my weird problems).

  7. Yumm your snack bowl looks great! And it sounds like you have an awesome trainer…that makes such a difference with how successful a session is or not
    Favorite exercise? Running!

  8. I really admire that you had a good relationship with a dietitian. I’m 30 years old now and once upon a time was a bigtime competitive runner. I lost weight due to things like anxiety, depression, some eating issues. The last 3 years I haven’t run…no yoga…life has crashed. But gaining is — hard. I feel full 24-7 and I feel i eat all wrong. I’ve seen dietitians over the years and they either made me confused or obsessive or drove me nuts…like i don’t know how to eat anymore u know? I have a lot of gas buildup in my body and bowel “issues” (sorry tmi) and i don’t even know cause vs. effect anymore. I think I might overdo the dairy and nuts…and maybe too much cereal , etc…so tired of forcing myself to eat. So tired of sitting and being useless.

    • gaining IS hard! I am with you on that! but, you are doing the right things; exercising will just make gaining that much harder! I have been through it too – the full feeling absolutely 24/7, but you just need to tell yourself you are doing the right thing 🙂 ❤ easier said than done, but you ARE doing all of the right things!

  9. Delts look awesome!!!

  10. Thanks Meg…
    How do I know about calories though? I’m 30 years old and my metabolism is shot after being up and down at opposite extremes…I feel like I eat all the wrong stuff. I feel guilt for grains cause I don’t exercise. I see and know peopel smaller than me that never gave up exercise and they gained “naturally” or this or that. Like, my body is really filled with gas build-up and I experience a lot of ibs-like symptoms fluctuating with C or this “mush”. So SO sorry TMI…its confusing. I feel I could talk and ask so many questions…know of websites, books, antyhing with sample plans? I never do follow them cause I’m so stubborn …but i don’t know the guilt and confusion is profound.

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