Hairy Eye Ball

Hey hey Smile Happy Friday! Time for the weekend! Finally! Who else thinks this week was crazy long? So nice to know that I have two days at home Smile Even though it will be full of homework, I am looking forward to just being here and enjoying my place Smile I haven’t really got the time to just chill here yet, so I am pretty excited Smile 

So,this post is a little rant about the experience I had at the gym this afternoon. Let me say, it was not a good one and I was soon reminded exactly why I rarely went to the gym alone last year!

Number one issue: I went over lunch hour. Why on Earth did I do this to myself? Everyone knows not to go to a university gym over lunch hour if you rather not waste all of your time waiting around for machines. Big mistake on my part, but, hey, it was the only time I could fit it into my schedule today. I’m not a fan of waiting around for machines that I need to use. I like doing my program as I have it written in my trusty notebook and getting the heck outta there Winking smile (especially if there are tons of other people swarming around me). To solve this problem, I will no longer be going to the gym over the lunch hour.

I was sure spoiled this summer; the gym back home, Forever Fit, was never busy. Ten people max? It was awwwesome. There also weren’t as many creepy guys staring at you as you try to work out… which brings me to my next issue…

Second issue: People need to mind their own business at the gym. Sorry guys, but I rather not talk to you while I am trying to have a good workout, especially if you try to give my tips, pointers, or any type of suggestions. Yeah, this happened today.

Picture this:

– Scrawny noodle man lifting less than me

– Me busting out some straight arm pulldowns with proper form

Scrawny noodle man thinks he’d give me a pointer and suggests I “bed my arms 90 degrees”!!!!! So then comes the “hairy eye ball” (hairy eye ball, verb, Meg’s deadliest glare that leaves you shaking). I reply in a very sassy manner, “I am doing straight arm pull downs”.

The story ends with the scrawny noodle man who can’t mind his own beeswax finishing his wimpy triceps pushdowns in a scurry and running off. I think the hairy eye ball freaked him out.

Point of the story, people need to mind their own business. After this incident, I was super annoyed and just wanted to leave the gym and, frankly, never come back. The campus gym is way too busy for my liking, guys are constantly checking you out, I am always waiting for a machine, the machines are incredibly ancient, and I over hear way too many stories about how much so-and-so drank last night.

I have a dilemma. Do I live with it and still use the campus gym or get a membership elsewhere? Where do you workout? Do you have a gym membership?

Enough with the rant; there definitely was positives in my day Smile There always is Winking smile

It all started with a new recipe (more like a combination?) that I came up with Smile

Back in the day, oatmeal or any hot cereal made my cringe. I know, what was wrong with me? Now, I can’t get enough oats! But today, I had my oats raw with cold milk Smile It was exactly what I was craving! The perfect combination! It is always nice to switch things up Smile

sami date 008

Fresh Fruit and Pepita Muesli

– 1 cup fresh berries (I used blueberries and blackberries)

– 1/2 cup rolled oats

– 2 Tbsp. raw pepita

Combine all ingredients and serve with cold milk.

School was also fabuloso! I am loving my classes Smile Even though I am overwhelmed with the oodles of homework, I love it and know this is what I want and need to be doing! Open-mouthed smile

This little guy was definitely another highlight of my day Winking smile

hummus 002

Best hummus ever. I picked up these wonderful snack-sized hummus packets at Costco and fell in love at first taste. I brought the hummus along with red and yellow pepper strips for dipping to munch on while in Biochem class, but the hummus was so amazing that I decided to eat the pepper strips plain and savour the hummus by the finger full Winking smile I saved the hummus for last of course. The best is always saved for last.

I had my first visitor (friend-wise) over tonight for a lovely supper Smile 

sami date 009

It is so nice to have my own place, so I can entertain and cook whatever I want. So much better than living in residence Open-mouthed smile

After our dinner date, we met up with two other friends to see Lion King 3D which absolutely amazing Open-mouthed smile I was a 3D movie virgin up until tonight and am so glad Lion King was my first Winking smile I sure forgot how cute Simba is! Aren’t Disney movies the best?

simba (1)


All in all, today was a great day Smile Even though my rant took up most of this post, my day was filled with yummy food (once again) and great friends Smile I am so happy to be back in London Smile 

sami date 011

Is there a food that you once despised, but now love?

Have you been to a 3D movie before or am I the only newbie?

What is your favourite Disney movie?

Sleepy time!




About Meg (A Dash of Meg)

Hello, my name is Meg. I am a 20-year-old passionate Foods & Nutrition student on my way to becoming a Registered Dietitian who loves food, cooking, fitness, seafood, and a nice cup of tea.

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  1. That scrawny dude did need to mind his own beeswax, that can be so annoying! But I think you handled it really well! 🙂
    Mmm pepitas are amazing, it’s so hard to find them in groceries around here, I want some now really bad haha
    Ahhh I wanna see lion king 3D so bad! 3D makes any movie like 50 billion times better haha 😉
    Glad you had a great day!

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