Healthy Eats and a New Leg Routine

Good Evening friends Smile How are all of you tonight? It is approaching my bed time, so I thought I should post before I got too tired and was unable to make sense Winking smile My brain pretty much turns off after 7:00 pm which is really unfortunate when it comes to exam time… No late night studying for this girl!

I feel like I am getting back into my groove Smile Which makes me ultra happy and a lot less overwhelmed with the whole summer to school transition. The transition always takes a while, so I just need to enjoy the ride and be OK with not being totally sure of things yet Smile

I have been doing food prep the night before I leave for a day of classes. Prepping a days worth of food really helps me know that I will be able to eat everything I need to be eating rather than relying on random cafeteria food. Last night I packed three meals for my time on campus today Smile A post workout meal, lunch, and an afternoon snack Smile Of course my David’s Tea Travel Mug was present as well Winking smile

the perfect meals 005

I have an awesome insulated Built lunch bag, but it only held two of the three containers Sad smile So, I just put my post workout meal in my gym bag Winking smile

the perfect meals 007

Breakfast was fab as per usual; my eggs were fluffy and oh so tasty, but my oats need a special mention because they were a gorgeous purple colour and yummy too Smile

the perfect meals 003

– oats

– blackberries

– almond milk

– water

– pinch of stevia

I met one of my sweetest friends at the gym this morning and did a leg workout that I found in my September Oxygen mag Smile



I absolutely love Oxygen. It is the one fitness magazine that I feel I can trust; it doesn’t feed you a bunch of phoney baloney information and actually provides you with great workouts that make you work hard! Of course I still think critically when reading this magazine because no matter which magazine it is, there can be false information. One thing I never follow from the Oxygen magazines is their meal plans. Personally, I find that the meal plans do not provide enough calories for my lifestyle.

The workout I did today was an isolated leg workout which I will be doing once a week; every Thursday. I am wanting to gain leg muscle, so I will be doing another leg day on Sundays that will incorporate more compound exercises.

This is the workout I did today (I followed it to a T).

Exercise Sets Reps
Seated leg press 3 8 – 10
Standing leg curl 3 10 – 12 each leg
Standing hip flexion 3 – 4 12 – 15 each leg
Seated leg extension 3 12

My gym buddy and I decided that it would be a good idea to through in a calf exercise, so we did 45 degree calf raises when we finished the Oxygen workout.

I warmed up before the leg workout with a high intensity interval (HIIT) circuit that I made up this summer and fell in love with. You can totally feel your abs burning throughout this entire circuit Winking smile It’s a wonderful feeling Smile

Exercise Time
High knees 30 sec.
Rest 10 sec.
Hanging leg raises 30 sec.
Rest 10 sec.

Repeat this circuit 4 times

My wonderful post workout meal greeted me when my shaky legs led me downstairs to the change room Smile I totally took a picture of my meal in the change room while other girls stared at me strangely Winking smile Whatevs.

the perfect meals 009

This is another excellent combo of protein and carbs post workout that I will be adding to my recipe page Smile

Oatified Chocolate Protein Pudding Banana Bowl

– 3/4 cup Greek yogurt

– 1 scoop chocolate protein powder

– 1 banana

– rolled oats

Mix protein powder and yogurt together. Top with banana and oats. Devour like a mad woman Winking smile

Even though I had a non-stop 6 hours of class today, I needed to fuel the fire and this little treat did just that Winking smile


I took this picture sitting right at my desk Smile I didn’t feel silly about it though, my desk neighbours were commenting how delicious it smelt Winking smile

– spinach

– red pepper

– Greek yogurt

– tuna (in a tomato & onion sauce)

– chopped almonds

My last 3 hour class felt like it went on forever! The classroom was so cold. I actually think I tweeted about how cold I was multiple times Winking smile Oops!

Dinner was a delightful combo that I created on the spot Smile I felt like something spicy after all of the spicy food talk over at Gina’s Winking smile So I went with a curry theme…

the perfect meals 011

I sautéed broccoli, mushrooms, and shrimp in almond milk and curry. Once the veggies and shrimp were ready to go, I shovelled it on top of a bowl of sprouted brown rice. I thought it needed a little something else, so I chopped some almonds and threw them on top Winking smile

Thanks for letting me know how often you talk to your parents after my post last night Smile It’s so interesting to hear how others communicate while they are away for school Smile

Speaking of communication, I am awaiting a phone call from my parents right now, so I better be on my way Winking smile

Sweet dreams friends!


When do you do your best studying? Morning? Afternoon? Evening?

Have you ever bought an Oxygen magazine? What are your thoughts about the content?


About Meg (A Dash of Meg)

Hello, my name is Meg. I am a 20-year-old passionate Foods & Nutrition student on my way to becoming a Registered Dietitian who loves food, cooking, fitness, seafood, and a nice cup of tea.

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  1. Dang girl all of your eats look amazing! And that leg routine? Awesome! 😀 So glad your day rocked, that’s ultimately what its all about eh? 🙂
    I do my best studying in the morning, my brain shuts off at night too haha And I like Oxygen magazine too! Sometimes it’s hard for me to relate to some of the meal plans since I eat a ton more than them, but I love the workouts 🙂
    PS– I tried the tuna Greek yogurt ezekiel combo today and almost died, it was freakin delicious!!!

    • ALEX! I am so honored that you tried the tuna craisin sandwich 😀 That makes me so happy girl! YAY! I am smiling so big right now 🙂 And I feel the exact same about the Oxygen meal plans too… I guess I should have mentioned that in my post…
      I am happy you like this leg routine 🙂 I thought it was good, but would love feedback from other girls who lift heavy 😉

    • ALEX! You made me smile the biggest smile right now 😀 Awe girl, I am so honored you tried it 🙂 And you loving it is even better 😀 I feel the exact same about the Oxygen meal plans too… I should have mentioned that in my post!!! Gee! I am happy you like the leg workout. I thought it was good, but I alway like hearing feed back from girls who lift heavy 😉 ❤

  2. I’ve only read oxygen a handful of times, but I think that’s because the women on the front don’t look realistic to me. I’ve tried to get abs like those, but each time I do, either I get really veiny arms with them, or don’t get anything at all because I’m trying too hard to keep my arms from showing my veins =P Maybe I’m just one of those girls who holds fat on her tummy hahaha

    I’m Ellie by the way and I’ve been loving your blog! I have a question for yah though that I don’t want to post. Do you have email?

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