Mornings Are Always Brighter

Hey friends Smile Happy Hump Day to each and everyone of you! Smile

The first full day living on my own went smoothly, very smoothly; however, that cannot be said about last night. Unfortunately, last night i got completely overwhelmed with everything I had to do in order to be ready for my classes today. I was so worked up and stressing about absolutely everything. It seems as though, I have an easier time overwhelming myself in the evening. Can anyone else relate to this?

Thanks to my wonderful parents, I was able to look at things in a more positive light and became less frazzled over all of my “to-do’s” Smile I must say, a new friend of mine also helped me very much throughout this time. A special thanks goes out to her Smile 

Even though I was extremely worked up last night about getting to school on time, packing three meals for throughout the day and all of my binders and textbooks I had a wonderful morning Smile I wonder if things always look brighter in the morning because of we get to indulge in the best meal of the day? Smile 

first day alone 001

– oats

– almond milk

– chocolate protein powder

– strawberries

Yup, she was a tasty bowl of oats Winking smile 

Despite the hours I spent freaking out about having to deal with crazy traffic in the morning on my way to school and worrying about if I would be able to make it to my 8:30 AM class on time, I arrived at school at 7:35 AM. Such a typical Meg event, just so you all know. Oh well, lesson learnt. I do not need to leave an hour before my class begins Smile Simple as that Smile My early arrival gave me time to hit up the library though! So I was productive during this time Winking smile

Since it is only the first week of classes, some classes aren’t running for their full time because they are more of an “introduction” to the class. My 8:30 AM class ended at 9:30 AM today. It is scheduled to end at 11:30! Luckily I am a morning person Smile I wasn’t complaining! The long break between this class and my next class allowed me to roam around campus, buy the textbooks I still needed, and go to the gym.

My workout ended over the lunch hour, so I decided I wouldn’t go with my usual post-workout (protein powder and banana shake) because I thought I would want something more “lunchy” Open-mouthed smile This decision had me develop a new and amazing post workout meal ideal for lunch! Smile


– tuna mixed with dried cranberries and Greek yogurt

– 1 slice Ezekiel bread


(sorry for the lame pictures. I had to use my phone.)

I spread the mixture on the bread and devoured Winking smile Oh it was a good combo. I highly recommend it Open-mouthed smile

My day was definitely a productive one! I found a library close to my afternoon class where I will be doing my studying on Wednesday after I finish at the gym. I also had a meeting with my student council portfolio holder about my upcoming event – Homecoming! I am in charge of the float that we enter into the parade Open-mouthed smile I am really excited because we discussed our ideas in detail today and really got the ball rolling Winking smile Homecoming is the first of October, so it is going to sneak up on us very soon!

I am busy doing random student council stuff, filling out my agenda, food prep for tomorrow, and packing my oh so heavy back pack. I am much more confident in how the day will unfold tomorrow which makes my night much more smiley tonight Open-mouthed smile

I haven’t talked to my parents on the phone today and I usually have a chat with them daily, so that is my plan now! Smile

Have a wonderful night lovelies!



What is your go-to post workout meal? Do you like having whole foods or a protein shake?

For those of you living away from home, how often do you talk with your parents? I am constantly texting my Mom all day Smile It is like she is getting a play by play of my every move Smile I actually just finished telling her I have a blister on my foot. She knows everything whether she wants to or not Winking smile


About Meg (A Dash of Meg)

Hello, my name is Meg. I am a 20-year-old passionate Foods & Nutrition student on my way to becoming a Registered Dietitian who loves food, cooking, fitness, seafood, and a nice cup of tea.

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  1. Woo! Loved hearing all about your awesome day, sounds like you rocked it! 🙂 And I’m totally trying that lunch combo tomorrow mmm 😀
    I’m living away from home, but I talk to my parents every night too! I’m an only child, so I’m oober close with my parents, I can’t imagine going a day without calling them haha And I think my all time favorite post workout meal is a sweet potato, protein powder smoothie! 😀
    Have a great night!

  2. i am a mommy’s girl but the odd time i call home just to talk to dad him and i bond on a deeper level. my mom is truly a huge part of my life but dad is more of my texting buddy. 🙂 i call home a lot more then i think i do even if it is just for a random fact from my day. I also make sure i call my grandma once a week without her level head i dont know where i would be, she is that one person that just listens.

  3. I talk to my mom pretty much every day, somedays it’s on the phone for hours, others it’s just a quick hi and by and we also text and use heytell messages & FB a lot as well. Glad you had a great day & the tuna looks super good! Favorite post workout snack, usually a protein rich lunch or if it’s an early or late workout something a banana with peanut butter! 🙂

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