A Rockin’ Monday

Hey friends Smile How was everyone’s Monday? Did you have a good kick start to your week with some fun happenings or was it one of those mellow Mondays that we all appreciate after a crazy weekend? Winking smile

Well my Monday was definitely far from mellow Smile It was filled with tasty eats, new and exciting classes, tons of hugs from long lost friends, and more fun with my Mom Smile My day also ended with a bang Winking smile

I have to give a mention to my breakfast Smile It was a fab breakfast and left me satisfied until morning snack came along Winking smile I am loving being back in routine with my six meals a day Smile It makes me feel more energized and I know it is providing my body with great nourishment Smile

My tasty breakfast consisted of one of my favourite scrambled egg combo’s

keith 001

– asparagus

– sliced mushrooms

– rice parmesan topping

keith 004

– chia goodness

– vanilla almond milk

The best part of the day; however, was when I was surprised with these babies…


Not a bad surprise eh? Winking smile My Mom claims she “found” them in the laundry room. I wonder where she got this little idea from? My Dad perhaps? He is the trickster in the family Winking smile 

So my Mom and I got to spend our last night together listening to one of our favourite country singers of all time, Keith Urban Smile 

keith 012

keith 014

He put on the best concert I have ever been to and trust me, I have been to a fair share of concerts Smile It was absolutely amazing. I would love to see him again Smile He opened with my Mom’s favourite song, Put You In A Song and ended with my current favourite, You Look Good In My Shirt. He came back for an encore and played another two songs which so happened to be my old-time fav’s Winking smile But then I started to think, heck, all of his songs are my favourites Winking smile Keith Urban is an amazing entertainer and really has a way with involving the audience Smile I loved his performance tonight and can’t wait until I have the chance to see him again Smile

The Band Perry opened for Keith and were also fabulous Smile I love every single song of theirs, too! I was so pumped to find out that they were the opening band for Keith Smile

Now some pictures of the night…

keith 017

keith 025

keith 032

keith 044

Tomorrow will be an emotional day since my Mom leaves Sad smile But I suppose I have to get back to reality sooner or later… The fun can only last so long Winking smile 

My schedule for school tomorrow is good though, Mom and I will get to spend the entire morning together until her flight which leaves after lunch. My classes begin at 2:30, so I am happy I can spend the whole morning with my best friend Smile School isn’t stealing me away from her tomorrow Winking smile 

Time for bed for this girl! Talk to you tomorrow Open-mouthed smile


Do you like country music?

Have you ever seen Keith Urban in concert?

How do you deal with your emotions when a loved one leaves you to go back home?


About Meg (A Dash of Meg)

Hello, my name is Meg. I am a 20-year-old passionate Foods & Nutrition student on my way to becoming a Registered Dietitian who loves food, cooking, fitness, seafood, and a nice cup of tea.

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  1. Hello Hottie Keith!!! I think he’s so cute 🙂 I used to listen to country a lot when I was in high school and the Dixie Chicks and Shania Twain just came out 😉 Loved them!!


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